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I consider this blog as a complete encyclopedia for CEED exam. This blog is basically developed to help you with self-study and also to let you familiarize with the below listed topics. I underwent many sleepless weeks and painful days just to gather info, frame strategies and learning methods as well as cover topics from start/scratch to end; related to CEED exam process; that would also stand as a help/tool for other similar design exams. I have also started including useful materials and collections for UCEED and NID DAT exams !

I'm into IIT Madras and because of pursuing academic courses, unfortunately, it's almost impossible for me to carry out and interact with you the same way I did the previous two years. Anyway, I would confidently say that this blog carries all the details and is self explanatory. So, if you have any doubts and requires any clarifications, please go through this blog posts (also go through my Q&A doubts post, forums as well as comments at the end of each post, instead of leaving your own comment or contacting me in my social networks.

Topics that has been covered in this blog are 
  • CEED exam
  • what next after CEED
  • Details of Masters in Design (M.Des)
  • Design departments/streams 
  • Institutions for this course
  • Tips and tricks for preparation
  • Resources and books 
  • Solutions to previous years CEED question papers
  • Everyday design and Part-A practice exercises
  • Creativity and Lateral thinking & Design guide
  • Forums and suggestions
  • Portfolio guide and interview tips
  • UCEED exam model test papers, guide, resources
  • NID Resources and tests

Masters in Design (M.Des) is a Post Graduate program in India; generally done after clearing CEED Exam. Common Entrance Examination for Design usually called as CEED is conducted by IIT Bombay on behalf of Human Resources Development of India (MHRD) for selecting students aspiring for Masters in Design (M.Des) at IIT's, IISc and few other leading institutes.

After doing M.Des, graduates might choose career in the fields of design, teaching, training and many more. A designer can also become a entrepreneur; only if he/she have immense passion towards professional design.

Of course there is a difference between M.Des and M.Tech (Masters in Technology). Before going to and attempting CEED, I would sincerely suggest you to check the difference between the two and make a decision based on your interests and knowledge (especially if you are an engineer graduate). You can check the basic difference between M.Des and M.Tech in the below link. At the end of this article, I have given some detailed guides on 'How to improve creativity and Lateral thinking'

All CEED related Stuff You Look blog links collections - PDF download  
(Nov 2017 update)

Weekly timetable for CEED Exam preparation(Latest)

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Details of CEED and M.Des

  1. CEED exam 2015 Details and Dates 
  2. CEED exam 2014 Details and Dates
  3. All about M.Des Design streams
  4. Preferred Institutions for M.Des
  5. How to start and what to practice for CEED (beginner guide) (New)
  6. Tips for CEED Exam Preparation (New)
  7. Common CEED questions and doubts answered (New)

General Resources (books and links) for CEED preparation

The above link will carry you to a page containing an overall collection of books and below links will help you download individual files (that was created by me)

Here is my latest post - Improve imagination, work with 3D solids and unfolding of solid shapes

Resources (books and links) for CEED Part - A

The above link will carry you to a page containing an overall collection of books and below links will help you download individual files (that was created by me)
  1. Photography guide
  2. Artistic tools, paintings and sculpture
  3. Animation study
  4. Indian State paintings and painters
  5. Indian musical Instruments
  6. Video and color technology
  7. Typography guide
  8. Illustration techniques
  9. Indian Automotive sector
  10. Signage : Signs and symbols
  11. Useful websites for CEED part-A
  12. Something about India and time

Solutions for CEED previous year question papers

Solution to 2016 CEED paper

   1.  CEED 2016 Part-A solutions

Solution for 2015 CEED papers
  1. PART - A 
Solution for 2014 CEED papers
  1. PART - A 
  2. PART - B 
  3. Story writing (image composition) for CEED 2014 design part
Solution for 2013 CEED papers
  1. PART - A
  2. PART - B 
Solution for 2012 CEED papers

Architecture guide for Part - A

>> Complete Architectural guide for Part - A (New)

The above link will carry you to a page containing an overall collection of books and below links will help you download individual files (that was created by me)

State-wise Architecture in India

Related Architecture in India

Problem Identification and Analysis

Observation and Visualization skills

Part-A and Part-B practice exercises (*)

Sketching Practice guide and exercises

Analysis for mistakes in design sketches

  1. Discussions for mistakes in Torch design sketch (deleted !)
  2. Mistakes in design sketches - 2 
  3. Mistakes in ATM design problem with some tips
  4.  Solutions for Everyday Design works from Sameer Sapre 

Some more tips for CEED exam

  1. Tips to be careful while writing CEED exam
  2. CEED 2014  Part-B pattern, questions and analysis 
  3. My experience with CEED Exam 
  4. M.Des/CEED interview pattern and tips (New)
  5.  Portfolio guide for CEED, NID and design students

Creativity and Lateral thinking

Like I said in my other posts, Creativity and lateral thinking is one of the most important requirement for a designer as well as a design aspirant like you (especially those aiming for CEED and NID exams). Even if you happened to be astonishingly good at sketching, and if you don't have at least basic creative ideas, then it's a waste ! 

In-depth ideas on "how to improve your creativity and lateral thinking" has been dealt in the following post links. 

How to improve creativity and Lateral thinking - behavioral practices 

How to improve creativity and Lateral thinking - Habitual practices  

Image Gallery (collections)

Let us see some of the art and creative works done by people (listed below). Going through this might give you a brief idea about sketching and art work that may help you with CEED exam as well as for your future as a designer. By understanding others ideas and concepts, it's likely that you may develop your own idea. That's why I included "Gallery" section for your benefit.

If you have any such works, you may send that to my mail or inform me about your works in Facebook; I will be including your work in this blog for others to look and learn.

Work by :

Some tips on NID Studio test and Interview

Resources and study materials for NID DAT (Latest)

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