24 December 2015

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This blog (stuff you look) is basically started for CEED, later UCEED topics were added. Now that I went through NID DAT syllabus and analysed the pattern, I found that fortunately most of the CEED/UCEED topics are similar to that of NID DAT pattern. So, in this page, I have gathered all those useful topics which are relevant to NID under separate headings as listed in the sample paper (A1,A2 and A3). Also, I have included all those mock tests, which are directly helpful to your preparation. Although bit late, but hopefully you will find these page useful.

Although bit late, but hopefully you will find these page useful. Please note that since the entire syllabus is not known, these collections are based on my pure observation/analysis and need not necessarily covers everything or might cover topics that may/may not appear directly in your exam. So, please co-operate.

This page serves as a collection of links from around the web pages that helps you study relevant topics; including topics and guide materials that I prepared. As of know, I'm just including those topics/NID-related resources that I have with me. I will update with newly found topics whenever time permits. So, keep watching ......

Downloadable PDF - A complete list of SYL links for NID-DAT exam (sitemap) 

A1. Knowledge-based questions test the candidate's ability to remember and recall factual/general knowledge.

Indian cultural GA

More Painting Resources : on wiki pagemost popular painting styles

Check more - 20 famous architectures of the world
Also for reference - 100 greatest paintings of all time 
Artistic Media used - Artistic media on Wikipedia
Here's - a good guide for art movements
Check more about famous designers - famous designers here 

A very good facts blog about famous persons around the world

Go through this wiki page in free time about Art movement
  • A list of famous Indian authors - here
  • All about Prime ministers of India - here
  • A very good list of Indian Bank Logo's - here
  • Past to present logo evolution for some famous brands - here

List of famous personalities, designers (updated on 25.12.2015)

More Topics
Free time reference study

Materials and manufacturing related

I had detailed and categorized materials as well as manufacturing process with examples of day-to-day products. Don't spend much time on this topic ! Just give a brief overview.

  1. Every day materials - here >>
  2. Plastic materials and manufacturing process - A very good guide for household plastic materials and their manufacturing process. You may not go through manufacturing process, just note for what material, what particular manufacturing process is employed - here >>
  3. Tips for selecting plastic materials - here >>
  4. Top Indian stone and rock carvings - here >>
Color Selection

Let us now see some pdf files, which may help you choose color at different occasions

Signs, symbols and their interpretations

A very lengthy but useful pdf file about signs in design context. Just have a quick glance for now. Later, if you are interest you may go deeply into this book - Signs and symbols with design

A2. Comprehension based questions test the candidates’ ability to understand, explain, compare, infer, summarize, classify, exemplify or interpret.

Inference from Paragraph and pictures

Verbal Reasoning

Data Interpretation
Word/Pictogram puzzles (Rebus puzzles)

Leisure time study - material 1

Paragraph summary

Para summary material - 1
Para summary material - 2

Leisure time study - material 3

English comprehension

Comprehension material 1
Very good exercise with answer key

leisure time study - TOEFL material

A3. Analytical and Reasoning based questions test the candidates’ ability to select, compare, separate, distinguish or differentiate, de construct.

General, Mechanical and Verbal Reasoning questions

Here is a very good online website, where several free PDF files for practicing verbal, non verbal and psychometric tests are available in each page  that you can download and use for your practice - Free PDF's from assessmentday.com

(Detailed Reasoning topics will be added soon)
Most of the sample test papers (PDF files) that I've included here (below) has been taken from Job Test Prep website. Big thanks to the web owner for including free PDF files!

Free time study
Check the details in downloadable (Pdf) from working with geometry objects >>

Learn a way of Solving number of faces on complex objects >>

My solution for tetrahedron tessellation problem - Tetrahedron Tessellation problem solving here>>

Geometry representations by Malati - here>>

Leisure time works

  • A detailed instructions on how to draw a tessellation by David B Sullivan -  here
  • Best tessellations work by Escher from teacherweb - here

General Topics

Standard ISO paper sizes
Go through this link to learn about famous books and others
Check all the image formats list
Learn more about - Pica in wiki page
Learn more drawing terminology here - quizlet blog for drawing terminology
Very good collection of - perspective and non-perspective images

Relevant Mock tests

Although these practice tests are designed for UCEED, practising them is helpful for NID to the fullest. Like I said, the pattern matches to a greater extent to UCEED. So, take time in taking these questions. Also solving CEED Part-A mock tests and previous papers are very helpful. Remember NID subjective questions matches some what to CEED Part-B questions. I will try to group those questions and guide materials too ...... soon.

NID Subjective help

NID-DAT 2015 Prelims Subjective ideas(Latest)

- Superb book for learning sketching techniques and different facets of design (including perspective, shadowing, shading, texture, architectural facts etc) - Design drawing by Francis D.K.Ching

- A (very famous) complete pdf book "Basic Rendering" from Robert W.Gill, which covers most of the rendering topics including perspective projections (For those wishing to learn sketching/rendering)

You can find more materials related to sketching/rendering - Resources/materials for CEED 


Answers to 2015 NID-DAT subjective sample paper by Vaishnavi Boradwar

Ideas for NID Strategic Design Management 

The above pdf file is just an attempt (of questions) to give you an idea of the type of questions that could possibly be asked in NID subjective part for SDM stream. Although I don't have idea, hopefully this is worth sharing for your reference. 


Also check - JEE Mains Paper-2 (Arch) resource and study materials

Hope this page is useful, Like I said, I will keep updating this page whenever I find time or come across useful/relevant materials.

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  1. Thank You !! Thank You !!! Thank you sooooooooooo ,much I'm giving NID on 10th and i was freaking out as they changed the paper oather 1 month before the exam. this blog is a life saver and has helped me a lot!!! even for UCEED Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. welcome, NID DAT subjective guide will soon follow.

  2. What topics one should necessarily cover in quantitative aptitude?

    1. Especially those topics which are related to design like -

      proportions, ratios, profit and loss
      problems on age
      chain rule
      simple interest partnerships
      pipes and cisterns
      odd man out ad series
      height and distance

    2. Thank you so much !!
      This blog is of great help :)

      I was going through the GA portion and I did not found Sayed Haider Raza's name,he is an Indian artist and he got french civilian Honor legion of Honour award this year.

  3. Sir,
    can you please guide us for Nid 2016 (m.des)
    or can upload some mock papers according to new pattern for the same

    1. This page itself contains materials for at least 60% of NID DAT! Also for mock test, you can refer to uceed or ceed mock tests as well as previous paper solutions as the pattern of NID this time are matching to that of the above two exams. You can get those mock tests here

      NID Page - SYL

  4. http://www.reading.org/Libraries/books/bk506-5-Zwiers.pdf
    this link is not working...

  5. Hey nice job
    I just thought you could include some prize winners recent and famous ones Bharat rata Nobel prize Magasay awards etc

    1. well, yes, will consider them in next updates, thnks

  6. Replies
    1. Once you click the link and once it gets opened in a new tab, you can see a small down arrow symbol at the top centre of that opened page, click it and your download will starts!

  7. Can u post something relates to the direction of sun at diff time of the day and the shadow formed

  8. Get previous year question papers & SAMPLE PAPERS ACCORDING TO NEW PATTERN for NID 2016 from http://desizncircle.com/sample-papers/

    1. That link is really resourceful, thanks for sharing ....

  9. YOU R THE ULTIMATE ENCYCLOPEDIA SIR.Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful material at such a crucial juncture of time.waiting for it from long time.i had taken your refrences and i am very sure that this will help me in my NID examination.thank you once again

  10. Very very useful informative study materials u provided for my sister. Wit the help of tis, she is going to attend NID exam on coming sunday. Likewise, she need study material for preparing JEE PAPER 2 (ARCH). Pls guide her for tat too..

  11. Hi Bhanu! I am really amazed to see the work you've done and big thanks for providing with so much guidance. Nothing can be better then this and you doing a fantastic job! Thumbs up :)

  12. nid part II questions...
    1.Three things were given, that is, a glass, a circle and a little girl and different problems/statements were given in which aspirants had to provide design solutions.
    i.a circle woke up one day to find it had no option but to share same space with a triangle.
    ii.an empty glass itlself had to go in search of water to fill itself.
    2.Make a poster using a burger and a tortoise and give a heading/title for the same to promote healthy diet among youth.

    3.Make a creature using an endangered species (plant/animal), human and automobile. This creature should be drawn in such a way that it is unable to decide whether to go for the past or the future.

    1. Thank u very much for sharing the latest ques (quickly!) with everyone here. It will be very helpful.

    2. Pl clear, are these ques for NID-UG or NID-PG?

    3. these are NID PG part II questions..

  13. Part 2:question paper set T.
    Ur wash basin tap is leaking , u have to suggest 5ways to stop the leakage.
    Q2:"once elephant has small nose and monkey has a small tail,but one day.."complete the story in 5 steps how their nose and tail became long?
    Q3.draw a poster on anyone topic: illiteracy, two other topics were there.

    1. Thank you very much Naman, But Pl clear, are these ques for NID-UG or NID-PG? for others reference

    2. woman education infant mortality

  14. Part 1 set T uG
    What is the color of black box?
    Full form of EMI?
    CARTOGRAPHY is related to?
    Madhubani and warli painting are of which state?

    1. This helps, Thanks. These ques are pretty much similar to uceed like I forecasted. Now, I can think more deeper into getting NID resources too!

    2. Part 1 set R ug
      who is the author of amar chitra katha?
      -Anant Pai
      jataka tales were originated from?
      Who first proposed that the sun was the center of the universe and that all the planets and earth revolve around it?
      -Nicolas Copernicus
      Who is known as the father of the Indian nuclear programme?
      Homi J. Bhabha

  15. Thank you so much! Your website links were of great help and many of these resources really came to use for this time's paper!
    And as for the above "Part 2: question paper set T", those are NID-UG questions.
    The other two topics on poster making were on "infant mortality" and "rainwater harvesting" :)

    1. Great to hear that many ques from this blog came in exam! That motivates me to move forward as I was thinking whether the stuff shared here is efficient enough or not. Thanks for the info :)
      Based on the subjective ques u stated above, seems like those ques are more or less similar to CEED Part B. That now gave me idea for covering NID subjective to, thanks again:)

  16. nid objective questions.
    1.26/11,9/11 dates are associated with?
    2.country to experience earthquake,nuclear accident and tsunami in march 2011 was?
    3.cartography is art of making _____?
    4.commercial black box colour is?
    5.author of amar chitra katha,?
    6.emi full form
    7. paintings of madhubani amd warli are of which state
    8.logos of asian paints,hindustan unilever,sbi,tata motors are associated with?

    1. mem, pls give the answer of ques 8 logos of asian paints,hindustan unilever,sbi,tata motors are associated with?

    2. asian paints :home decor
      hindustan unilever : consumer products
      tata motors:automobile sector

    3. Thnks a lot Aditi, u r really a great helping hand to others

  17. part 1 set p ug
    Q:colour of cabbage and corriender?
    b)split contemporary
    Q:what is the meaning of symbol cinside a circle?
    Q:origin of air pollution ?
    a)natural origin
    b)man made origin
    c)both a and b
    d)none of these

  18. 1.terrorists attack
    5.it was given various
    6.equated montly installments
    7.bihar and maharatrea
    8.hindustan unilever
    how did u do ur exam?

  19. Which country export waste from European countries?

  20. http://media2.intoday.in/indiatoday/images/stories/doodle-647_102415095241.jpg . to whom this tribute was paid for (by google)

  21. Thanx Bhanu sir.
    I had qualified for second stage.

    1. Congrats Naman and what actually is the cutoff for NID

  22. Sir Please can you tell exactly about mdes in NID that are there no department specific questions in the paper. Also there is no exact format specified above for the paper of mdes in NID please can you tell. What part A contains waht part B contains.

    1. I already explained above, NID is basically split into two parts, first part comprises of three sections A1, A2, A3, topiucs of which are listed above, second part is subjective, which comprises drawing/sketching. From last year, exam is not stream specific and is common as far as I know. Only during studio test one has to prepare according to their design stream that they chose. Please check the NID last year brochure (link given below) for more details.


  23. Sir, could you tell that how many times can I give NID if i am within the age limit.
    Thank you.

    1. Just now our friend (Bhavika) left a comment regarding your query in NID tips. I'm copying it here
      "It depends on age. Till 20 you can give it as many times as you want. For UG. But for PG it's 30 years."

  24. hi bhanu , loved your blog ,it is very informative. can u please help me with study material for the preparation for NID PG exam .what are the best books to buy or if there is any pdf that i can download directly online ? You have shared some of the pdf in your blog that i have already downloaded . thanks

  25. I'm not sure about books and I've already shared what I've. There isn't any single pdf that covers all topics as such esp. since NID pattern has changed from 2016.

  26. Hello Sir
    Where can I find the previous year question papers of NID DAT?(for BDesign)

    1. It's not available any where as far as I know.

  27. hello sir,
    pls upload answer key of NID DAT(UG&PG) 2016 and CEED 2016 part A

    1. ceed 2016 part A solutions are already available in ceed page of this blog, I will try to solve NID soon.


  28. Hello sr,

    I wanted to know that if I should focus on practising maths questions for NID and CEED? As per what I know we get questions from only mensuration in Maths.

    1. Maths in NID is not required I guess, It can be safely neglected, better to leave one or to questions than spending so much time trying to prepare which many students feel can't. So, for NID, no need for math. Basic aptitude skills are sufficient. But yes, UCEED might require math parts, if not like the equations or formula kind, but at least the parts that are solved using common sense or logic, like mensuration, series etc.

  29. sir, what to do if we dont understand the question ...for any competative exam as a matter? ..sometimes the answer is so easy but we dont understand the question ...what do we do then ???..cant be skipping that because .it could be a very simple question!

    1. sometimes some ques assumes tough although they're quite simple and vice versa. But fortunately, design exam questions r straight forward that u can figure out the answer, except some ques of ucee (paragraph comprehension) which is bit twisted. Anyway, if u can't understand the ques, try to read it at the max three-four times; still unclear? skip n go to next, and at the last when u have time, comeback to the same ques n try to solve it.

  30. Hi sir please can you provide Anwer key for NID DAT.

  31. Hello Sir,
    Your blog has been really helpful. A big thankyou to your efforts.
    NID has released the answer keys although the test paper which they have uploaded is just of Series M. So it is kind of difficult to tally which questions did we get wrong. We can only access the answer key of series which we attempted in the exam. So is there a way in which you can maybe upload other the SERIES M question paper

  32. Hey guys, Somebdy please help me understand how do they determine the cut-off.

  33. Hello sir
    NID provided us with only the answer key so that we can challenge it but how are vwe supposed to challenge it if we are not provided with the question paper. If you have any idea about how please do share with me. I can't even calculate my score out of 70 because some of the questions were for 1 mark & others for 0.5 or 2.0. I got 57 answers right out of 75 in part 1. for clearing the prelims what are my chances ??
    Thank You

  34. hello,
    pl. don't answer my previous question I got the answer already the marking scheme was
    1 -26 is 0.5 marks
    27–63 is 1 mark
    64- 71 is 1.5 marks
    72–75 is 2 marks
    thanks anyway

  35. Hi sir,
    I wanted to know that do candidates have to give studio test and interview both irrespective of the marks in studio test or they have to clear studio test first?

    1. hello saurabh, I'm not pretty sure, but I believe that both have some weightage for final shortlisting, so regardless of studio test marks, u will be interviewed, anyway chk with others too.

    2. thanks a lot sir, any suggestions or links for transportation portfolios??

  36. Hi, Can you please tell me if different streams of PG exams will have different kind of questions DAT? For eg, if I want to apply for IxD, is there a chance I will get questions related to Product Design?

    1. Until coupe of years ago, for PG, it was different and stream specific but as far as I've heard, they made it common to all programs and streams. So, yes, there is a chance u will get PD too.

  37. Sir,
    I'm preparing for UCEED and NID-DAT 2018

    Can I get a weekly strategy and schedule/time table for NID-DAT like the one you gave for UCEED.
    thank you for all the resources till now.

    1. I Haven't prepared yet one. Actually I was in the perception that I made NID schedule too :D while it was for CEED. Anyway I will try to figure out a schedule for NID too. Thanks Paul.

  38. Hey last year you uploaded a PDF or a link related to textile design. I am unable to find it! Can you please paste it here???

    1. I haven't removed any link from this blog, I instead have added more! I think u must have seen that in some other post. May be in this -




  39. Do you have previous year's question paper til 2017 for NID M.des

  40. Sir what are your suggestions for DAT 2018 is the syllabus and material same please help me thank you

    1. cross chk this years syllabus with that of previous, if it turns out to be more or less same, then you know what to do, else look for the materials for those newly added syllabus. I assume the syllabus would be same!

  41. Hi Banu, thank you so much for all that you are doing. Could you please point me to a source for NID M.Des question papers? The papers that you have provided on your website are either GDPD or for B.Des. Do you have a source for M.Des question papers?

  42. hello there, great blog. The only thing is when I am clicking on the cultural tour of India link it is opening up some other page.

    1. oh ok, i think i've given wrong link, have modified, also chk the complete pdf list

  43. Sir my math is weak please what is weightage of math in NID dat exam please more scoring topic

  44. Bhanu sir can you tell about mdes syllabus 2018.i am in art field but I can't know about nid more information .

    1. http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2016/11/NID-DAT-exam-syllabus-2016.html
      This link is the syllabus and pattern for 2018 NID exam. I guess 2019 exam notification has not been released yet. But probably they will follow the same kind of syllabus.

  45. Bhanu sir can you tell about mdes syllabus 2018.i am in art field but I can't know about nid more information .

  46. Hi sir,

    I am unable to make in CEED & NID this year and any other govt. clg.
    So should i wait for the next year examination for CEED & NID or take admission in private clg (which is LPU) for M.des?
    LPU is not that good for M.des (like all other private universities its all depends on us) but i am afraid of year drop.
    What should i do?
    Please Suggest....!!!

  47. what an organized site.............Hats off to you dude

    can you update the current affair column (or any link) in reference to 2018 for the upcoming NID-DAT 2019?
    It might be really helpful

    1. hi, current affairs topics r vast and it's almost impractical for me to include them here. This will also load students with heavy stuff that might confuse them. I'm leaving that study as your homework :D

  49. bhanu sir i want to go for photography design in nid. please guide how to prepare for dat and studio test for speacially photography design ?? its remain same for every braches of d.a.t or any diffrence please guide?

    1. Hi,
      from this year, they seem to follow faculty wise pattern. That being said, the Q paper will not be the same for all the streams. I 've shared whatever I can until now. I will see if I can update for stream specific subjects too. Gud luk.

    2. This is applicable for MDes only.

  50. Hello! this time the exam pattern in the 2019 brochure says this: DAT prelims is a 2.5 hour exam that consists of CDAT and a domain specific test. Is this a new format?

    1. yes. This is new. Check the updates and tips for this new pattern change in nis main page of this blog.

  51. Hello sir,
    What type of questions one can expect in the Subjective Type(Part-2) of NID-DAT Prelims specifically for PRODUCT DESIGN?

  52. Hi Banu ,
    Can you give some pointers on Strategic design Mains


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