21 February 2014

Storyboard and poster making sites

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Storyboard writing

A similar concept to comic strip is "Storyboardwhich is useful for animation and film making. Story boards are made by a sequence of pictures (similar to comic strip), but the pics can be shown very rough to give the basic idea of what actually the story is. we can also use "stick figures" to represent in storyboards. Stick figures are kind of cartooning in single line formats. 

I forgot to give details about storyboard in any of my Resource page. Storyboard kind of design questions were appearing in CEED these days. So, I request you all to learn some basic rules for storyboard making by going through the below web pages that I searched for your convenience (more detailed guide about storyboard writing will be discussed soon).

After going through the websites, you may do the exercises given next to web links. You may just have an overview (insight) of the following webpages but please observe how stories have been conveyed through sketches.
  • A very good website for storyboard making - here
  • A starting guide to storyboard - here
  • Some examples of storyboard - here
After understanding the concept of storyboard, You are required to do a storyboard for the following by assuming yourself as a tiger.

Problem :

Due to deforestation, most part of the forest became plain including the tiger. The tiger came to village and the villagers caught hold of her and handed over to zoo department. By assuming yourself as a tiger, do the following
  1. Narrate your story (in an elaborated way) in written
  2. Make five sketches of yourself (tiger) in various moods/expressions
  3. Create a storyboard to describe your story in 8 frames
You may also design the storyboard using stick pictures. Stick pictures are a kind of sketching using plain/simple lines. For your reference a sample storyboard with stick picture is shown below. (The idea of allowing storyboard with stick picture for this particular exercise is just as a beginning and learning. 

I assume that it is important to understand "how to express your thoughts rather than simple sketching". But in exams, stick picture is not recommended because these type of questions usually carries 50 marks (If the marks were less say 15, then you may go for stick pictures). For now you try according to your convenience.     


If you find time, you may also write a story and design a storyboard for the crow question. (thirsty crow putting stones in pot to drink water)

Poster Design

After understanding Storyboard writing, let us also see something about poster design. You may check the below links/web pages that will help you give some basic procedure as well as tips. Please study this and do the the exercise.
  1. The basic procedure in making a simple poster by hand and PowerPoint - Link here,  (Just go through the hand procedure, PowerPoint posters are not required now)
  2. Tips for making a poster - Link here
  3. More tips about academic poster - Link here
Leisure time study

Elaborated tips for Poster making from creatibloq - Link here
Some tips from dzineblog about effective posters - Link here

Problem :

Child labor has became a major concern in India. Most of the children were not aware of the policies available under government or private organization like free education, development help by non-profit organizations. Today's children are tomorrows future. Child labor is also a crime. So, it's important to bring awareness about child labor. You have to do the following
  1. Identify at least five distinct factors essential for representing the issue of child labor. Write briefly the factors
  2. Generate three distinct concepts through pencil sketches based on the factors identified above. Present these pencil sketches along with brief notes.
  3. Create your final concept of the poster and present this through drawing
You may use images/graphics, typography/tests and even colors also to represent your poster. Remember the text should be very brief and short and please avoid unnecessary texts in the poster. (This is a basic rule for poster making, you may check the same in the tips provided above).  

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    1. U can find then in ceed part B resource page as well as the recent NID subjective guide post

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