27 May 2014

Step-by-step sketching examples

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I have included some basic step-by-step sketching examples from around the web to let you learn 'How to sketch as a beginner'. Understand how the images/cartoons are sketched from simple basic line sketches. Just go through and understand the process.

(Source - thedrawbot)

(Source - thedrawbot)

(Source - thedrawbot)

(Source - howtodrawrealistic)

(Source - howtodrawrealistic)

(Source - kurohika)

(Source - blazedent)

These are some simple basic sketches illustrating how by following basic steps can we sketch any figure. These pictures are not meant for practice. Of course, as time moves and as you move on to intermediate level of sketching, you will find this easy and in fact you might skip starting from line drawing.

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  1. Hi Bhanu,
    Now I'm working in private company as Design Engineer.I am in confusion whether move on my job or Higher degree.

    1. I've answered the same question recently, reply is simple
      'If you're being paid good in design domain and your growth is reasonable in your company, and if u find that u can switch to diff company also without much struggle, then continue with ur present work. Experience teach us better than studies, at least to some extent. So, think before leaving.'

      'If the case is like you want to switch to new design field, n ur job is providing satisfaction to u both in terms of work and salary and if u find less scope for the work being doe, then yes, u can think of doing higher studies.'


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