13 August 2014

new 8 wonders & finalists of the world

Chichen Itza Castillo - mexico

Christ - the Redeemer - Brasil

Colosseum - Rome, italy

The Great Wall of China

Kheops Pyramid - Giza, Egypt

Machu Picchu - Peru

Petra - Jordan

Taj Mahal - India

Other finalists for the wonders of World

Acropolis of Athens - Greece

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Aya Sofya - Isthanbul - Turkey

Kiyomizu dera - Japan

Kremlin - Russia

Maoi - Chile

Neuschwanstein castle - Germany

Patio - Spain

Liberty statue - New York

Stonehenge - UK

Opera House - Sydney, Australia

Timbuktu Mosque - Sankore, Mali

Eiffel tower - Paris

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