28 August 2016

Answer key with solutions to UCEED 2016 previous paper

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It's been a while since I gave solutions since I myself have been busy with my works. Anyway I managed time once in every three/four days to compose the answers and finally it's here - the complete explanation/solutions to official UCEED 2016 previous paper.

You can download the question paper - UCEED 2016 question paper here

Hope you enjoy the explanations that I gave :)

Section A: NAT 

1) 19

We know that a pyramid has a base and triangles connecting the base sides and a common point. Usually the base is square. In the given question, pyramid base size (7cm) is greater than the size of the cube (5cm). So, some part of the pyramid will protrude out. Picture below shows the pre step of adding the shapes.

Below image shows the 3D view of the solid formed after joining. Sorry for the poor drawing, but hope you can visualize that. Note that the top portion is also a small sized pyramid shape. As can be seen the shape is in symmetry.

No. of faces in front direction = 2 (not considering the slant portion)
No. of faces in other three directions (right, back and left) = 2*3 = 6

Surfaces from top = 9
Surfaces from bottom = 2

Total = 2+6+9+2 = 19

2) 26

In the below image, I've marked the different symbols with the letter '1' in red.

3) 8
Couldn't spend much on this coz of time and this one is really tough, have been scratching my head on how to solve. Will check this again during free time and update about the way of solving this question.

4) 11
Below figure shows one possibility. We can have similar possibilities.

5) 50

Before cloning the shapes, we will count the no. of triangles so that we can just multiply the number of triangles after cloning by the number of clones. Below image shows the same image in two separate forms. Number of triangles are 6. Now, since we are cloning to the left and then to the right, and finally the whole (3 patterns) to the bottom, we will have six such patterns.

Now, after cloning, we can count the following 4 triangles as shown below.

The following two images shows further number of triangles as 8.

Finally, the below image shows 2 triangles formed.

Total no. of triangles = 6*6+4+8+2 = 50

6) 26.17

Net profit of the company = 68799-2456-4789 = 61554
Now, operating Profit Ratio = 61554/Sales = 61554/235126 = 0.2617
So, 26.17 %

7) 12

The several possibility ways are

8) 85

The problem can be solved as follows.

8 men and four women shook hands with same gender. So, it mean there are 4 groups of 2 men each, whom shook their hands with each other, totaling to 4 hand shook consisting of 8 men. Similarly since 4 women found that they shook with same gender, it mean there are 2 groups of 2 women each which counts to two hand shakes. Got it.
So, outting it like
MM + MM + MM + MM + MM = 8 men and 4 shakes
WW + WW = 4 women and 2 shakes
counting to total 4+2 =6 hand shakes,
Given, total hand shakes is 87, so the left (87-4-2 = 81) hand shakes has to be done by a group consisting of one men and one women each that is MW.
Adding these 81W from the 81 groups to the 4 women earlier we get 85 women as total.

9) 65*(25/60) minutes

It's obvious,

For every 60 ticks of the minute hand, the hour hand would have ticked 5 times.
put it like

60 ticks of minute hand = 5 ticks of hour hand

1 tick of minute hand = 5/60 ticks of hour hand

5 ticks of minute hand = 5*5/60 ticks of hour hand

Now, after the 12 o' clock, they will meet somewhere after an hour, i.e. when the hour hand is near to 1 hr and the minute hand also at the same location.

That is, the minute hand had to travel an whole round (60 ticks) when the hour hand travels to 1'o clock. But still they haven't met. The minute hand has to travel further to 5 minutes, adding to a total ticks of 60+5 = 65 minutes.

But by the time the minute hand reaches the 5 min zone (number 1 on the clock), the hour hand would have moved 5*5/60 = 25/60 past number 1 (5 min) - check above for how 5*5/60 came). So, approax, they meet at 65 + 25/60 minutes

10) 12

Similar question has been solved already in my solutions to previous papers.
If it's just circles, then around a coin/circle, we can place 6 circles, but now the situation has spheres, so apart from this 6 spheres on the same horizontal plane, 3 spheres can be placed above and 3 spheres below. So, total 12 spheres. Hope you got it. If not, I can draw and explain you!

11) 99

Given Tank dimensions = 20X5X10

Volume of water that can fill the tank = 20*5*10 = 1000 cc

Given volume of water already in it = 307 cc

So, balance volume to be filled with bricks = 1000-307 = 693
Volume of brick = 5*2*1 = 10 cc

but, given that the brick absorbs 30% of its own volume, which will be = 10*30/100 = 3 cc

so, it mean if we place one brick in the water, it will consume 3 cc of water apart from displacing the water.

So, it's better t oassume that the volume of water displaced by each brick will be = it's own volume - volume consumed by it
= 10 - 3 = 7 cc

So, the required no. of bricks = 693/7 = 99 no's

12) 12

check the below image

13) 1068

Given dimension is 48m X 1.2m,
converting to centimeters, we observe dimension as 4800 X 120 cm

Now, the below picture shows one best possible arrangement. As can be seen, arrange two sheets in a row, such that 25 side is vertical and 21cm side is horizontal (shown as two sheets) in the left bottom. And also arrange three other sheets such that 25cm side is horizontal and 21cm side is vertical. Three of such sheets can be placed.

Now consider the bottom left most sheet, similar sheets when placed vertical will occupy 4800/25 = 192 sheets.
Since there are two such sheets, we have 192*2 = 384

Now, consider the sheet placed such that 21cm side is vertical, placing such sheets one above other, we can get 4800/21 =  228
Three such columns are there, so, 228*3 = 684

So, total no. = 684+384 = 1068

14) 22

Most of you might get 21 as answer, but let me show the hidden tree branch which you might count as 2 instead of 3. This is the right most part of the given image.

15) 33

Instead of drawing the whole image, let me show the part given by them with illustration of what happens when we join sides. As can be seen, the semi circle at 1 will form a circle, similarly the triangle at 2 forms a rhombus. Similarly the cut at 3 forma a square. Neglecting the shapes at 1,2,3, let us count the number of shapes as 6. Since there are four such patterns. So, total number neglecting 1,2,3 is 6*4 = 24.
Now, total no. of 1's = 2*2
total no. of 2's = 2*2
total no. of 3's = 1

SO, total no. of holes = 24+4+4+1 = 33

16) 26

Below I've identified the faces with glasses for your benefit. But, remember, during exam, you have the face questions on the computer and not on paper, so, you need to do this mentally. So, use your concentration for figuring out the required.

17) 810000

The best possible combination is in order below
 1) press 9
 2) press 00
 3) press X
 4) press 9
 5) press 00
 6) Press =
So, the largest number = 900*900 = 810000

18) 10

I'm not pretty confident about this. But I tried my best to figure out. Below image shows my findings. Correct me if i'm wrong.

19) 451

20) 0.82

Probability that only one of them finds a parking space = prob. that either one of them finds a park
= (prob that car finds a space AND prob. that bike doesn't finds a space) OR (prob that car doesn't finds a space AND prob. that bike finds a space)

In probability, AND is denoted by '*' and OR is denoted by '+'

So, probability = 0.1*0.1 + (1-0.1)*(1-0.1) = 0.01 + 0.81 = 0.82

Scetion B: MSQ

21) B,C

(I don't think explanation is required for paragraph related questions)
For more on paragraph related questions, check Resource page of UCEED

22) A,D

23) A,D

24) B,D

25) A,B,D

26) A,B,C,D

27) C

Check this on how to deal with unfolding of solids - 3D Manipulation

28) A,B,D
By observation

29) B,C

30) A,C

31) A,B,C

32) B,C

Check the below images for explanation. I followed the following numbering for explanation

33) A,D

Check this on how to deal with unfolding of solids - 3D Manipulation

34) D

Unless there are sliding joint in the first three mechanisms, it cannot be folded. Mechanism in figure 4 is the standard four bar mechanism, and it can easily be folded.

35) A,C,D
By observation

36) A,B,C,D

In figure one, curve is bulging at the top, it means more aged people are there compared to infants and teens. Second graph has steady rate for all age groups. In graph 3, infants are more in no. than aged people. Remember that in developed nations, population of infants has been controlled, compared to adult and age groups or at least equal.

So, all four options apply.

37)  C

The answer is simple. Find the number of alphabets and repetitions in it. There are total 7 alphabets with two repeated (A is appearing twice).  In the options check the pattern that has this feature - that is two repetitions and total 7 items. Option C has that feature by using colors.

38) D
The questions seems to be tricky with no clue. But, the first and best check that one can do is check the number boxes in the five segments in each option, since they have mentioned that they should be continuous and have equal no. of families. Fortunately, only option D satisfies!

Checking that with the above simple way, we get two options that satisfy it. I therefore discuss with you the actual procedure for solving this problem. Considering the five patterns in option D, we try to arrange it such that the whole combination forms the rectangular grid shape as given in the actual picture, which when joined will be as shown below.

As you can see, I've marked the separate parts with numbers from 1 to 5. I've also marked the parts which according to the ques are blue (to the left of section line) and red (to the right of the section line).

Now the next image shows my explanation, showing the parts sepearately and the count of Blue and red parties according to the above image division.

As you can see, for the first part (of 10 families/boxes) 6 families/boxes are blue while the rest 4 are red, so blue won, likewise

II pattern - red won
III - Blue won
IV - Red won
V - Blue won

So, overall, blue won the election in three divisions while red only in two, so that will be the answer, Now, I hope you can check for others too.

39) A,B,C

Option A is the top view of the given image in the box. You don't have to check the whole lines initially, start with the bottom two squares formed by four different colors, observe the order in which they are arranged. Like in the below image (left pattern in the box), one of the square base has been numbered as 1,2,3,4 for red, yellow, blue and green colors respectively. Observe similar arrangement for the other base square. Now, in the options, observe these 1,2,3,4 sequence for coincidence (for both the base squares). Once you screened the appropriate options, you can now check the triangles joining the base to the top vertex for the pattern.

Note that option C is the bottom view of the given pattern n the box. So, all the color order are just reversed.

40) Water flows out through A,B,D holes

It's bit difficult to explain this in paper. But the only clue I can give is, cheek for the tunnels which are either in the same row from top or a row adjacent to the water flowing row. Because, water will find way to flow in both cases. Other than the tunnel numbered 8 in front face (tunnel numbered 8 in the front face middle, 4th row from top), water will flow in all other holes.

Section C: Multiple Choice Questions

41)  B

The answer is simple. Consider the donut shaped circle with plus/cross (+) sign as highlihted in the beliw first picture. Now, the circle has moved to the top of the center circle as shown in the second image. Let's consider it is turning clockwise and the rotation is thus 180 degrees. Now i nthe third image, the same circle is rotate di nthe same direction (clockwise) but with angle 180+90 = 270. In the fourth image, rotate the ciecle in the same direction (clockwise) but with angle 180+90+90 = 360 degree. So, obviously in the firth sequence, the ciecle has to be rotated clockwise in 180+90+90+90 = 450 degree. Got it ? all the four circled symbols inside the pattern follow the same proceedure. Now, check the option that represnets 450 degree rotated view (of inner 4 circles) rotated from the fourth sequences. Option B and D matches. Now, observe the center circle. In the first image it's a circle with dot inside, in the second image it's a donut (empty shape inside a black circle). follow the pattern
first - circle with inner dot
second - donut
third - circle with inner dot
fourth - donut

So, obviously, the next pattern should have 'circle with inner dot'. Thus option B suits

For more on how to solve this question, check the mental ability part of the resource page.

42) D

All the options have same color, so let's forget about the color criteria given in the conditions.

As given in the grid form with numbers, and following the arrow-ed directions, we get

(Grid No.) - (no. of sides of polygon)
start - 5 sides (since it's pentagon shown in red color)
4 -> 5 + 1(rule i) +1 (rule iii) = 7
9 -> 7 - 2(rule ii) - 1 (rule iv) = 4
8 -> 4 + 1(rule i) +1 (rule iii) = 6
5 -> 6 - 2(rule ii) = 4
2 -> 4 + 1(rule i) +1 (rule iii) = 6
7 -> 6 - 2(rule ii) = 4
6 -> 4 + 1(rule i) +1 (rule iii) - 1 (rule iv) = 5
1 -> 5 - 2(rule ii)  = 3
2 -> 3 + 1(rule i) +1 (rule iii) = 5

So, the final shape is again five sided, i.e. pentagon

43) C

By careful observation, this can be solved. If you're not confident, then better draw the pattern by linking similar sides.

44) C

It's obvious that the other shoe sole should be the mirror image of the given shoe. All the options might look similar but there's difference in the wave like lines at the c=middle of all the soles. Only option C is proper.

45) D

The colors are analysed as follows

For the top part of the circles
Yellow + Blue (yields) -> Dark Green
Dark green (yields) -> light green

For the left part of the circles
Blue + Red -> bright violet
bright violet + yellow -> dark brown

For the right part of the circles

Red + yellow -> dark orange
orange + yellow -> light orange

For more about color combination - check Resource page of UCEED

46) A
Obviously it should rotate in the opposite direction as the rotation when the water is sprinkled through the nozzles, which will be in clockwise direction for the given shape of the sprinkler.

47) C
It will not be sphere, since the question needs the portion that is common to all the four spheres. So, the sphere part is cut a bit to a shape something similar to C.

48) A

The first impression that I got after reading the question gave me a shock! was wondering whether something like hammer is used for any instrument that too musical ? then later realized that it's the kind of mechanism that they wanted. Hammering here they mean the technique of hitting the string rather than sliding (as in violin) or picking (like in guitar).


I'm not sure about this question

50) A

I don't know whether there is any such mathematics existing to use parameters to construct a shape or not (I think there isn't any standard in math literature), but I do see some pattern from the given images. The values of R and r will give us an idea of how many sides the shape is having. Like R/r is the no. of sides of the shape.
For the first image, R/r = 5, so, it has five sides, (all formed by 5 circles intersecting one another)
For the second image, R/r = 5, so therea re 5 sides
For the third image, R/r = 16/4 = 4, so there are 4 sides
For the second image, R/r = 108/4 = 27, so there are 27 sides, all formed with circles.
 Now, 'c' might represent the amount of bulge of the circle used to construct the shape, in other words the curvature or radius of the circle used for constructing.
As can be observed, when c i more, the intersection is more, as compared to when c is less.

So, in the required shape, which ahd three sides, the best combination is R/r = 3 (24/8 in option) and since the shapes are bulges out, the value of c might be the least. So, option A fits.

51) C
I don't think explanation is required for this

You can check more paragraph related question here - check Resource page of UCEED

52)  D

Obtained by following the procedure that they gave.
Below image shows the step by step change made for the given sequence. Green symbols (and arrows) indicate the change that has been made for the given pair of symbol.

53) D

Solution is simple, but bit of observation is needed.
As can be seen in the below picture, it's obvious that we don;t have to bother about circles as all the squares have two circles each. Now, observe the first and third numbered square in the below image. As can be seen. Shape A of 4 sides/peaks has been transformed to A' of three sides/peaks (with difference 1). Similarly shape B of 9 sides/peaks has been transformed to shape B' of 10 sides (with difference 1). And note that A+B = 13, as well as A'+B' = 13.

Keeping this pattern in mind, shapes in square numbered 2, viz. C and D (C+D = 13 sides) should be transformed to shapes C' and D', such that C'+D' = 13, and difference should only be 1 between them, the possible combinations as are as shown in image, i.e C' can be either 6 or 5, and D' can be either 7 or 8. Now, check the options which best matches this pattern. Option D suits I guess.

54) B

It's really tough (at least for me) to exactly figure out the pattern. However, as always, we can derive some pattern out of given sequence. So, here is what I observed. As can be seen in the below image, wherever circles are appearing in the main image (highlighted in red color), then we can see a dark water drop symbol accompanying it (highlighted in blue color).

Similarly when there is unbound lines (lines that are not closed to form a shape) as highlighted in the below image, we see the shape of two zigzag short lines accompanying that as highlighted in blue color.

Now, in Fig.1. since we can see both circles as well as lines (not rectangles), we can assume that the two symbols (water drop and zigzag) must also exist. So, option B seems to be correct. Although this might not be a correct interpretation, but this is how I solve.

55) C

Below image shows the construction. I've numbered the parts for your convenience. Note that the parts numbered 3 and 4 has to be rotated 90 degree clockwise for the final assembly and the final assembly is a flipped E. We can just flip it to get the actual shape as in Fig.1.

56) D

57) C

Dip your toe in the water -> tentative step
Come hell or high water -> Persistent in the face of difficulty
Mout hwatering -> tasty
head above water -> survive

58) B

In downward to-and-fro position, we tend to bend bit and try to push and pull the hack saw. So, keeping the handle either horizontally or vertically will only cause strain to hands and will not function well as there will be bending possibly between every to-and-fro motion . Posture in option D will separate the blade frame from the material in downward f=direction (because of handle direction being 45 degree outer), which is one inefficient way. Keeping handle as in option B works fine, and will always ensure that the tool (hack saw blade) is in contact with the material all the time.


I'm not pretty sure. Probably if I come across a pilot, I will ask him ;)

60) A

Tough to explain this in paper, but what you can do is speak yourself "welcome to uceed" very slowly and observe how your mouth is moving.

Refer these pages for more information on mouth shapes
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

61) B

Okay, here goes the convention :

  1. Whenever tail is included with the bubble, then it means converssation is happening either directly or through whisphering
  2. When the bubble is dashed with a tail, then it indocates whispering
  3. When the bubble is made of continuous line with a tail, then it is a direct conversation (speech)
  4. When the bubble is made of zigzag lines, it mean shouting/screeming etc
  5. When the bubble is followed by a circled dots at bottom as shown in the below picture, it indicates thinking process.
  6. When instead you see box, then it is just explanation of the situation (past or present or future) which is neither been spoken by anyone nor indicates thinking process but is just a narration of the situation.
  7. Below image should give you an idea.

For more details refer to - Link 1
wikipedia guide 

62) A

Refer this page for more on - color and video basics

63) C

64) A
For more on animation, refer this - Animation study

65) D

I was able to spot 6 differences

Below image shows the difference. Note that difference numbered 2 and 3 indicates the color change.

66) No answer!

I think, the options that they showed are wrong! They showed like the front two legs will go crossed while running which I suspect whill not happen, and the back hind legs will not be on the same line as far as I observed.

67) D

You can play with these online tool and learn about different combinations -

68) C

69) A

70) C

71) B

two reflections one each on the mirror surface and one reflection at the intersection of the two mirrors. If the ball was placed in between two parallel mirrors, then there would be infinity reflections!

72) D

COG lies at the mid way of the mass and not at the mid if the object. So, the top surface of the T shape contributes more weight and hence the COG should be somewhere around the border of the two surface intersections, but placed little distance away from the horizontal top T surface as shown in option D.

73) C

Option C is the correct rotated view

74) B

By observation

75) D

The Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty which extends the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that commits State Parties to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, based on the premise that (a) global warming exists and (b) man-made CO2 emissions have caused it.

The Ramsar Convention 1971 is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

The Vienna Convention 1981 on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) is a treaty concerning the international law on treaties between states.

Montreal Protocol 1989 on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (a protocol to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer) is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion

76) no answer!

i indicates ecofriendly disposable
ii indicates Hazard/warning/dangerous etc
iii indicates recyclable products
iv indicates caution

For more list of symbols check the following pages - wikipedia page

The best option could be B, if X-iii was used instead X-iV

77) D

78) A

I think so,

79) A,B

Pellagra is a vitamin deficiency disease most frequently caused by a chronic lack of niacin (vitamin B3 or synonym: vitamin PP (from: Pellagra Preventing factor)) in the diet. It can be caused by decreased intake of niacin or tryptophan, and possibly by excessive intake of leucine.
Anorexia - Eating disorders
(source: internet)

80) B

It's clearly identifiable by observation.


  1. can you give me explaination of ques 3

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    6. Hi Bhanuchander, My daughter have worked out solution for Ques number 3 of Uceed 2016.
      The solution is
      Ist row + 3rd row - 2nd row = 4th row. eg: 6849+4675-8659 = 2865. Similarly the last row if you apply the same rule the answer is 2nd row + 4th row - first row = 3rd row. ie., 4492+6844-3284 = '8'052. Hence answer is 8.

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    I wanted to ask you that why cant we have 7 triangles in the last row instead of one
    If we divide the length of one small triangle with 11.2 we get an approximate ans of 4 and so we can have 4 rows of trianles with 1,3,5 & 7 triangles resp.
    Sir please help clear the confusion

    1. That's the thing, if we divide 11.2 with 3, we will get <4 and not 4, had it been 4, then we can go with the counting like u did, but
      (11.2 - 3*3) = 2.2
      is the leftiver row height at the bottom as shown in the above and how can we fit a equilateral triangle of size 3 perfectly ? unless we tilt it and try to fix, which if we do, would allow us to fit only 2 triangles as shown in the pic. So the end row cannot accommodate 7 triangles but instead only 2 triangles.

    2. But sir why would we divide 11.2 by 3
      The length of an equilateral triangle with side 3 cm would be approx 2.6 by pythagoras theorem right?
      N when we divide 11.2 by 2.6 we get an ans slightly more than 4 which means we would have 4 rows.
      Sir thanks for such a responsive blog
      Please clear this confusion

    3. That's great Neelu,
      Yeah, 3cm is the side and not the height of the equilateral triangle, as I thought. I couldn't check that. So, you are right in saying that 3cm sided equilateral triangle will be approx. 2.6cm.

      But, we need to apply the same principle to the outer triangle of length/side 11.2 also, right? So the altitude or height of the big outer equi triangle will be (sqrt(3)/2)*side = (1.732/2)*11.2 = 9.7

      Now the above figure of 9.7 should justify u why only 11 is possible. 9.7/2.6 = 3.7 (approx) and so we could only fit 3 row of triangles with the fourth row having only two triangles again.

      That was an interesting coincidence from my side :D
      Probably you missed the length 11.2 part thinking that as height rather than side. I know it's not ur mistake as the ques should have been clear.

      Thanks for bringing this up and finding the mistake.

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    1. yes, If we tilt the triangles, height should increase. I think I've to recheck that in depth.

    2. no the answer is 11...check d official answer key !!

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  19. Figure image is not shown ......plz help to resolve this

  20. How are we supposed to solve it in exam hours if we even can't solve in with two days..

    1. It's all about math apti and visualizing. If u have some prior knowledge, then u will feel it as easy. Try ur best till the last day of ur practice and in exam, if u r not able to answer them i nshort time, JUST IGNORE THEM!

      coz it's better to spend time for some answerable ques rather than pondering on something which eats ur time leaving a 50-50 chance of being correct. So, just ignore those type of ques during exam, but make sure that u try ur best solving n understandung them until ur last day of prep!

  21. Like .... question1 is not shown and others also have same problem

  22. sir i couldn't understand question number 9.WHY DID YOU DO 5*5/60?.

    1. For every 60 ticks of the minute hand, the hour hand would tick 5 times right? in other words,
      60 ticks minute hand -> 5 ticks hour hand
      1 tick minute hand -> (5/60) ticks hour hand
      5*1 = 5 tick minute hand -> 5*(5/60) ticks hour hand

    2. my answer for this question came 720/11 minutes (don't know if it is correct or not). Here's the method:

      the minute hand rotates 360° in 60 minutes. so it will rotate 6° in one minute.
      the hour hand rotates 360° in 12 hours. so it will rotate 0.5° in one minute (simple math)

      now let us assume they meet after 't' minutes. so rotation by hour hand = 0.5t and by minute hand = 6t.

      it is easy to understand that the minute hand would complete one revolution by the time the hour hand rotates 30°. so they will meet sometime after an hour.

      6t = 0.5t + 360. on solving we get t = 360/5.5

      let me know if you find any errors in my method.

  23. I don't think than paper and pen is provided in uceed exam as its totally online. How are we supposed to do such tedious calculations!???????

    1. Even if it's online, I think u will be provided with a scribble pad by the invigilators, n u have to carry pens/pencils.

  24. hello sir,
    would you please explain how come the answer to Q.12 is 12 only. ( I found more than 12 diamonds in the figure. )

    1. I'm getting 12 again, I counted the four sided rhombus, can u tell how u got > 12 ?

  25. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/109444616011748889325/6365130182044754834?icm=false&authkey=CIrXw-msj42hrQE
    Here it is, please correct me if i'm wrong.

    1. good try,
      I've updated my sol. image above for reference.
      what I understood from ur sol is u r considering trapezium shapes too, apart from diamond shapes (rhombus) while u were asked to count black shapes in diamond form, so, although diamond shape assumes as a part of the trapezium shape, still they are doesn't in parts and represent a single shape. They shouldn't be counted.

  26. ohh, got it! thanks a lot for your time. :)
    and lastly i have been pondering over q.59 from past one hour and i think the answer should be blue or brown goggles as black and red would not be suitable for night vision.what's your opinion?

    1. Even I was not sure, that's y I didn't give correct option above. Ya I agree with ur opinion, probably red could also be considered.

    2. ohh,yes you're right. i just asked an air officer . the answer is ombre(red).

  27. sir please explain q33 its abit complicated then the link you have provided . if you have time. thanks :)

    1. will chk when i get time, but logic is same, it's just unwrapping in an order minding the pattern in option, probably u can give it a shot.

  28. Sir, shouldn't the question 49 have the answer as 360?

  29. in question number 16 what about the right side top corner fellow isnt he wearing spectacles?

  30. i have got the solutions of Q.3...the number puzzle....the soln is as follows......first add the numbers from 1st and 3rd row and subtract the number from 2nd row...you will get answer as 4th row...this goes with every box,,,,...e.g....... (6 8 4 9 + 8 6 5 9)-4 6 7 4 = 2 8 6 5

    1. Thank you Bablu, already the same answer was given in the first comment by someone :)

  31. Sir are there any easy tricks for these for these diagrmatic questions?

    1. yes, they r available, chk the resource pg of uceed or ceed, u will find the links.

    2. Sir can u prepare a list of the main logos and their designers? i checked in net and iam not able to find.Also tell me a site where i can study about photography concepts..plzz sir :D

    3. sir i didnt get you resource page in the sense....?

    4. Bro, i think u r not exploring the blog,
      u will find everything that u asked, chk the three links below




      pls explore the blog for further topics since i cannot spend time sharing individual links with everyone.

  32. sir in question no. 9 how it is 25/60min sir i am not able to understand. please help me


  34. Ok, guys, I've rewritten the answer for Q9, which I hope will be clear. Hope u r doubts will get cleared.


    1. yes, it is,
      anything related to mechanical like mechanisms, mirroring, functioning of products, gears etc are comes in mech ability. Related material PDFs r available in uceed resource pg, u can chk them

  36. Sir can you explain Q.55, i think the answer can be option D too and here is how i got that.Moving from top to bottom pieces,piece 1 and 2 can be combined to make first part of the letter E,then 3rd part can be rotated 90degree to make the centre line of E.And pieces 4aand5 can be flipped to the left and merged to form the lower half.

    1. No, option D cannot come, actually their thickness are less and so, even if use all those parts, u will not get the complete E, but only something like C, with the ceeter extension - missing

  37. Hai sir their is NO IMAGE for Q55.Plz uplod the picture

  38. Sir in question 66 i found A be the most appropriate answer as when we run fast our opp. leg always land ahead of other

  39. Sir I have a query
    in Ques 33
    Option D can only be folded into the shape if the part in blue is joined to the part in red and orange (in the image I have linked)

    But from the image in the question paper it is not obvious that it is not joined :(

  40. Please draw and explain for question no 10.

    1. It will be no use even if I draw in 3D for that ques, as most spheres will be hidden, u have to imagine the situation,

      consider a cubic box of same dimensions all sides. Place a sphere in the center of the box. six spheres around the center spheres horizontally will surround the center sphere, 3 spheres above n 3 spheres below will cover the top and bottom portion. So, altogether 12

    2. actually, could you please link the page where you explain how six circles will completely surround a circle, as i dont quite get it, neither do i get how 3 spheres will cover the top and bottom

    3. http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2014/06/answer-key-for-ceed-2014-previous-paper.html

  41. I am a drop out 12thpassed.. for uceed exam verification id question is
    whether aadhar id card of me is enough for the id proof ..or i need to submit any thing extra?

    1. usually 1 id is enough, aadhar should do the job, anyway chk the brochure if they have any specific requirement of college id's, i don't think it's req, but still as safety chk the brochure

  42. Sir which book should be refered for the kind of question no's:21,70,75

    1. hello Akthar,
      thankfully this time u commented on the right page instead of asking somewhere else :D
      Well, Q21 is paragraph comprehension type and Q70 and Q71 are GA/GK which unfortunately are not available in any single as far as i know. I think manorama book mightcontain but u will be lost wondering how to cover the whole book, u can check those materials in the resource page. Don't roam around only on mock tests and previous papers, chk theory part, resources of which r available in

  43. In ques 18 i think that. .. worried and demarcate are of same fonts..... Pls hell me... With such ques..

    1. font related materials r available here - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2015/12/useful-webpages-for-uceed-exam.html



  44. plz further explain question 80, I don't understand what to observe

  45. hello sir,
    please help me to solve q.4
    how u draw 11 triangles of side 3 cm in equi.triangle of 11.2 cm

    1. they're tilted so that they can be placed in the available space, check the earlier comments (at the beginning) for further discussion already happened in this page.

  46. Sir I got question no 3

  47. hello sir...i can't understand last question and similar font question which was asked in 2015..could you please help?

    1. we can identify font type based on certain pattern that each follow. Once u understand that pattern, then it's easy, there are some 4-5 basic font styles that one has to recognize, u can study more here -


  48. Sir please explain Q19 and Q03.I think this is the right time for Q03.Only FOUR DAYS are left over.PLZ PLZ explain these questions

    1. Q19 is GA type related to web design, i will try to share related matl. if possible very soon, nothing else to help in that coz they r standard things to be memorized and no shortcut. Solution for Q3 is given in first comment of this page by Mr.Muralidaran, pl chk abova

  49. Sir, can you please explain Q.28 and how did we observe such a pattern????

  50. In Q.no 16 you have circled a person who is not seeing through the spectaclesso he is not wearing them....also on the right top corner there is a person who is wearing spectacles but you have not circled him.

  51. In the 80th question option D looks similar to the word. can you explain why it is B ?

    1. for the given height of the alphabets in the given word, observe the width of the lines, especially vertical lines. In option D, the width for that small height seems comparatively more, if we zoom in to get to the same height as in the questioned word

  52. sir... in qno.18, the words u underlined.."worried" & "demarcate" are of same font...

    i spent observe all words much time.. and found that IF THE RIGHT ANSWER IS 10,
    then the following words are of same font..

    1. amazing, sandalwood, greetings
    2. discussion, patient, encourage
    3. worried, demarcate, lavender, fantastic
    4. sampled, happily, estate, temporary
    5. entrance, transfer, relinquish, delightful
    6. deployed, metal, wavelength
    7. canine
    8. cautiously, workable, safety
    9. karmic

    once more go through it and hope u wil improve the answer 4 evryone............ :)

  53. Bhanu chander bhai what is the minimum mark a person should get to qualify into uceed from the experience that you have

  54. Plz sir help me understand y not option C in q28?

  55. Hello sir I want to thank you for the solutions and papers you post for people like me preparing for different papers.. So thank you. ☺️ sir it would be kind if you could solve ceed 2006 paper to 2017's paper also.. Thank you waiting for the solutions..

    1. they r already available in this blog, check the solutions or CEED page.

  56. Plz sir help me in last question ( Q 80)?

  57. Here a solution of 49th question -
    First find the minimum length of the chord (perpendicularbto the centre) which is 24.18, then the maximum length that can pass through the point which is the diameter itself (34). Hence the lengths of chords are 25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34.
    Therefore the number of chords would be 9 + diameter + 9(on the other half of the circle)

  58. In q74 O is not in the nne of j. It is contradicting with the answer key. Please help!

  59. I think question 4 diagram is wrong

  60. Ans no. 4 is definitely wrong coz I have tried a lot and failed to mention 11 triangles in the figure. Plz check it out and give the correct way of doing it.

  61. Tysm sir your explanation are really Amazing Tysm once again...
    A small request can you send me the link of your blog. ...

  62. In question 65 one difference is in nose

  63. my answer in Q18 is amazing discussion worried sampled entrance deployed relinquish cautiously karmic greetings

  64. Can you draw the soultion of question no. 27

  65. Sir can you please explain the answer of question 28...please!

  66. Sir! There is a 7 differences in question no. 65. There is a difference in nose pin. You can check that...

  67. Sir can you please explain question no. 28? I can’t seem to distinguish the pattern of C. Where as the answer is ABD. Thank you sir. )

  68. hello sir!My name is srujan. Thanq for these solutions. Q.18 ANSWER IS 11. U MISSED THE WORD "greetings".

  69. thanq bhanu sir for these solutions! my name is srujan. Q.18 ANSWER IS 11. YOU MISSED THE WORD "greetings".

  70. helllooooo? anybody there. bhanu sir pls respond.my exam is tomorrow.

  71. Sir,please respond my exam is tomorrow.

  72. question no.1 the height of the pyramid is 7cm and base is 6cm. u took base as 7 and height as 6

  73. Sir iIam not Able to understand q 15 can you plz explain

  74. I didn't get question no. 41. Please explain.

  75. sir,
    In question 4, i am able to have 9 equilateral triangles only.
    i am not able to obtain 11 triangles from it even after tilting the last two,
    please help me clear this question

  76. can u pls help me out with question number 35

  77. thanks a lot sir .u helped a lot and the answer for 66 is A .just read carefully which pattern represent which foot print .its very easy ,they have just twisted the options to check our attention .and just see how a dog walks .

  78. Q37 : Number corresponding to the alphabet is fibonacci series and so is the number of sides of the shapes in option C

  79. Hello sir,
    Can you please explain question 35?

  80. hello sir, your solution for question 4 is wrong. can you send the correct one.


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