13 August 2014

Rock cut - Monolithic Architecture in India

Rock cut architecture is the creation of structures, buildings, statues and by excavating solid rock where it naturally occurs. Monolithic architecture refers to making of structures, sculptures and buildings - from a single piece of material (particularly rock). Go through the famous rock cut and monolithic sculptures, caves and structures of India.

Ajanta Caves - Maharashtra

Badami caves - Karnataka

Bojjana Konda caves - Andhra Pradesh

Borra caves - Andhra Pardesh

Khandagiri cave monastery - Odhisha

Ellora Caves - Maharashtra

Guntupalle temple - Andhra Pardesh

Kanheri - Borivali - Mumbai


Vsvaraha cave - Mahabalipuram

Mauryan - Barbara caves - Bihar

Masroor - Himachal Pradesh

Pandavleni caves - Nashik

Ranigumpa - Udayagiri - Bhubaneswar

Ravana Phadi - Aihole - Karnataka

Udayagiri caves - Madhya Pradesh

Udayagiri caves - Bhubaneswar

Undavalli caves - Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Hi Bhanu, Khandagiri & Udayagiri caves are in Odisha.


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