13 September 2013

Solutions for Part-B CEED 2013 question paper

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For PART-B, some ideas were given so that you can work on your own. PART-B requires yourself to be involved and you need to practice sketching and design thinking skills with the help of guides that I gave in my other blogs.
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PART - B Answers

1) Sketching part depends on your practice of shading and perspective as well as line of quality

2) Using invisible liquid on daily life
  1. You can use invisible liquid on the stem of wrist watch, which will give a look of only time part attached to one's wrist; thus giving cool look.
  2. You can apply this for frames of spectacles (not on glass) which will give an awesome and funny look.
  3. For women, a chained type of two or three linked earrings can be assumed; making the ring (that is in touch with ear) invisible.
  4. We can make invisible cages of pets as well as fish aquarium to give magical look.
  5. Applying invisible liquid to tube lights will give a decorative look. 

3) Problems on college canteen

Problem 1: 
Quality of the visible plates, utensils and chairs seems unhygienic; for which replacement/maintenance on time basis need to be taken care.

Problem 2:
Lightening system is dim, thus giving unaesthetic feeling for dining on canteen.

Problem 3 :
Standing place on cashier counter was less making more crowded look; for this the freezer on the right side of the counter could be shifted to left side making more space for people to stand.

Problem 4:
Display of items that is sold by the canteen is not clear because of small board with unclear rates; for this proper table to table menu card as well as colored marking on the display boards may work (even digital display works well).

Problem 5:
The serving and packing table on the left is raised higher, thus making problem for easy transaction as well as communication; better it should be lowered.

Product Design

Five distinct factors essential for designing a mop
  1. The mop should let the user use the mop without bending most of the times.
  2. Number of times an user rubs the ground on a single area should be minimum; in other words it will be better mopping once to clean the most part of the floor.
  3. Mop should reach the edges of the room/floor.
  4. It should be flexible and adjustable with replaceable brushes. 
  5. Mop should be able to reach the floor under tables, sofas etc, without letting the user bend much.

Check my simple idea sketch regarding this question on mop below

Visual communication

For printing visual instructions on a medicine packet without text; check my idea below. It should probably convey that
  1. One tablet before breakfast at 7:00 AM.
  2. One tablet after lunch at 2:00 PM
  3. One and half tablets after dinner at 9:00 PM
  4. Not to be taken by pregnant women

Well, I didn't draw this seriously, Please don't mind. You may even give your views and ideas in the comments or just mail to be. I will make it appear in this page.

Animation Design

Crow autobiography
I just wrote my story thinking myself as a crow. You can think of your own in a similar fashion.

"Hi, My name is Kalia and I used to live near Qutub minar. When I was small, my father used to call me prince of qutub minar. As I started growing, I met with my best friends named kaka and kari, with whom I wandered around the place making fly races and also get food from what visitors left. We had seen many different kind of people all around world. Whenever I sit at the top of minar, I recap my fathers words and feel proud of being called 'king'." 

Please comment if you feel some ideas to be included for this questions.

Get the PDF format of this page - here



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  2. Problems on college canteen
    1)Ceiling fan are not at there correct position.
    -> 1st one should be above the cashier counter
    -> 2nd one should be above the crowded area

    2) Tube light above refrigerator is not necessary
    -> It should be above the crowded area so the proper illumination can be spread out using available light facility.

    3) The weighing machine placed at the centre of counter.
    -> It should be at one corner (electric board side) so there will be more place on counter for the costumers.

    1. Great to see that you shared your ideas too. It should be helping others and thanks for sharing.

      I would also expect readers to comment their ideas like Pankaj did for better grouping of ideas.

  3. I have a doubt on second question in partB , is it text answer enough for that question or we should represent in sketch , since we had drawing space given in answer sheet for that question

    1. Yes, you need to draw brief sketches for second question, you also need to show a short comic strip for crow autobiography discussed above, as it was asked in question.