9 November 2017

NID DAT Subjective sample practice questions (B.Des)

Hi there,

In this post, I've covered some sample questions that might be useful for your subjective practice. This is in specific to BDes paper and according to 2017 official sample paper available in NID official website. Please note that the questions are purely based on my analysis and have been shared with the intention that some of them might actually turn useful for your practice. Please also note that some of the questions may not fit well to the exam.  

1. Drawing exercises of scenarios

  1. Draw the scene of a school-boy studying a book, intensively, with no power but only candle light in the room, being seated on the floor
  2. Draw the scene of yourself sitting on your rooms sofa and taking selfie
  3. Draw the scene of a mother, feeding her 2 year child with a milk bottle
  4. Draw the scene of a grandfather narrating a story from a book to his grand-daughter of 9-12 years old during bedtime. Show the excited state of the grand-daughter.
  5. Draw a creature, upper half human and lower half a tree trunk with some branches, watering itself. 
  6. Assume you are sitting in front of a laptop or a desktop PC adjacent to a wall, draw how your eyes see the scene
  7. Draw different facial emotions of a human (boy or girl) - only face/portrait is sufficient. Maintain the same person in all the scenes
  8. Draw the scene of an artist making art in his/her living room.
  9. Draw the scene of a manager in his office room, in front of a system (Computer) with files piled on his desk.
  10. Draw the scenario of two kids competing for one another on video game
  11. raw the scene of a room with at least one person, dating back to early 40's, 1940-1950 time. The very look of the image should give the perception that the scene dates back to 40's
  12. Draw a gadget tab (iPad or big sized mobile phone) showing that video was running on the screen. No background, only the gadget and the view of the video
  13. Draw a villager preparing chappatis/rotis, sitting on the floor, rolling the dough while a pan/tava with a chappatis on top of a natural mud made stove, burning using wood/twigs. 
  14. Illustrate the last scene of the thirsty crow-pebbles story, the scene of crow drinking water while it had already dropped some pebbles up to the half of the jar.
  15. There was a power cut. Draw the scene of your father fanning you, while you're fast asleep at the comfort of the fanning. Your father being happy at that moment.
  16. Draw yourself with head over phones on, enjoying the music like anything
  17. Draw yourself in a superhero costume 
  18. Draw yourself sitting on a sofa exhibiting ur happiness in watching the winning match on TV

2. Human/Object sketching exercises

  1. Draw a portrait of a pretty girl with curly hairs, cheering up, with appropriate details in the background.
  2. Draw a 6 years kid weeping on his/her study table with some books. Show appropriate details including the background.
  3. Draw a 2-3 years child, just learnt to walk using the support of the adjacent wall. Show appropriate details including the background.
  4. Draw a portrait of a cheerful farmer with a turban and moustache, holding a plough. Show appropriate details including the background.
  5. Draw a girl kid (6-10 years old) with a puppy in her hand.
  6. Draw the sketch of a basket of vegetables on top of a table, visible in the dimness of a candle light. Show appropriate details, shades etc. 
Choose two Homonym of your choice and draw them. 

Note: Homonym is a word that is spelt the same or sounds the same as another word but is different in meaning.
(pray, prey), 
(sell ,cell)
this page has a very long list of Homonym
  1. Draw the two meanings of the word "Spring" and write a one-line explanation for the sketch.
  2. Draw the two meanings of the word "tire" and write a one-line explanation for the sketch.
  3. Draw the two meanings of the word "desert" and write a one-line explanation for the sketch.

3. Story writing exercise

Frame stories using the following set of words, don't exceed 7 lines 
  1. Iron box, doll, shirt, table
  2. Tiffen box, stove, wall clock, mother, cat
  3. grandma, shoes, car horn, TV
  4. Ants, Laptop, cookies, Sleep
  5. Water bottle, monkey, window grills, fridge
  6. Doctor, sweets, salt, grandma, 
  7. Bulb, plant, carpet, glass jar

If possible illustrate one frame of the story (pick any scene of your choice from the chosen story), which you've written. 

4. Poster making exercise

(you may use colours, rulers or other media)
  1. Population reduction - a theme poster that shows the downside of population growth. Give appropriate title and caption
  2. Make a poster for avoiding food wastage showing at least one kid in hungry or starving mode
  3. Create a poster advertisement to promote 'Swachh Bharat' campaign, showing at least a kid involved in the activity, 
  4. Make a poster for bringing awareness of digital India. Include the key elements like e-payments, govt. apps, digishala, govt. digital services, prevention of corruption, reduction of documents, hence papers, fast services/processes, 
  5. Your college is organising a cultural festival, make a poster showing the details of events or diff. kind of cultural.
  6. Create a poster advertising men to join Indian armed forces for a minimum of one year. Use Indian flag, Indian emblem, a Soldier. Use the form of them (texture, pattern, outline etc) 
  7. Design a poster to bring awareness about education focused on the rural parts of India. Illustrate visually the benefits 

(Below is a Supplementary Exercise)

5. Replicate exercises

Exactly redraw/replicate the below images, giving form and details - as much as possible

(just replicate the front girl and the table, no need to draw other kid in the backdrop)


P.S.: I will update this page with more exercise and other variants of questions as soon as I finish next phase of previous paper analysis. Until then I hope the above exercise practice questions would come handy to during your preparation. 


  1. Dear Bhanu Sir,
    First of all, I want to thank you very much Sir for your selfless effort. We all have gained greatly from this.

    Please request you to update the M.Des Subjective portions too Sir?.

  2. Thank you for the guide. Can you please help with the M.Des Subjective part and human sketching

  3. well bhaniu sir i m not good at human figure drawing ..now what to do ..and only 3 days are left....plz give a suggestion

    1. drawing is not a 2-3 day practice thing, could have stated little earlier :|
      anyway, use the two days and try to redraw (copy by seeing) human figures starting with outline of human, learn the way of drawing parts including face, eyes, emotions etc if u get time. But, first try to learn the outline such that the whole human figure is in correct proportion.

  4. Hello sir, I have a question.. for B des creative ability part...do we have to colour everything we draw...or only the posters are to be coloured and others should be only sketching?

    1. no, no need to color all. If mentioned, then u need, else u can go with pencil only. Yes, posters, frames, etc might be beneficial to be made in color.

  5. Hello sir, I have a question.. for B des creative ability part...do we have to colour everything we draw...or only the posters are to be coloured and others should be only sketching?

  6. Can u give some tips for the situation test and preparation of portfolio for b des

    1. You can check the following links for situation test and for interview as well




  7. Hello sir ..I want to thank you for Ur help ..I have a gained a lot from this .. than you so much

  8. Sir how well do you need to draw for nid

    1. At least average and preferably above average. Drawing is important in NID compared to UCEED.

  9. Hey could you also specify the recommended time limits for each exercise? That would be a great help.

    1. the questions r based on previous papers. So, u can chk the time limits specified in the Q paper n assume the same timing for these too.

  10. can u tell us how to work on situational drawing questions like the one that came in 2018 for NID.

  11. Sir plzz post answer of these questions

  12. Sir can you discuss situation questions?

  13. Thank you so much for all this valuable information Sir, in few questions they are asking to draw faces/characters with expressions/emotions. the faces should be realistic or cartoons/caricature with same expressions/emotions is fine?

    1. It need not be realistic. Cartoon sketches are sufficient. Remember the marks and the time limit.

  14. Sir can u help me out with Uceed prep as very limited time is their, I wanted to ask that how to memorize the ancient history of mughal,harrapan civilization and questions based on paintings,'identify the paintings by whosoever?', help me out sir I am getting very nervous as my NID test is also on the way, plzz help me out.

  15. any last minute tips or advice you have on how to attempt the paper and about time management?

  16. Nice sir but and some problem i telling ask you to some questions


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