23 May 2015

Model Aptitude and Numerical questions for UCEED

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In this post, I have covered the type of numerical questions (design aptitude) that might probably appear in UCEED, CEED or any other design exams. Instead of giving the list/names of the (aptitude) topics, I just thought of giving samples so that you would understand the relation of these questions to the design exams. I have taken questions from this blogs mock tests. You might already have gone though them. If so skip this post. I will update the answers for these questions very soon!

Here's - Solutions with explanations for aptitude sample questions


Suppose a water tank is in the shape of a right circular cylinder is 20 meter long and 10 meter in diameter. How much sheet metal will be used in its construction. Picture shown below

A piece of wire of 42 cm long is bent into the shape of a rectangle whose width is twice its length. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

A 10 meter pole casts a shadow of 5 meter. How tall is a tree with a shadow of 12 meter ?

A man runs round a circular field of radius 14 meter at the speed of 88 m/hr. What is the time taken by the man to take twenty rounds of the field ? (take PI = 22/7)

A wire can be bent in the form of a circle of radius 7cm. If it is bent in the form of a square, then its area will be ? (take PI = 22/7)

A building of height 6 meter casts a shadow of 5 meter, then what will be the length of the stand post which casts 10 meter shadow

A rectangular plot measuring 90 meters by 50 meters is to be enclosed by wire fencing. If the poles of the fence are kept 5 meters apart. How many poles will be needed for that ?

If one side of a square is doubled in length and the adjacent side is decreased by two centimeters, the area of the resulting rectangle is 96 square centimeters larger than that of the original square. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

Next 2 numbers in the series 4,8,9,27 .....

A metallic sphere of radius 3 cm is melted and recast into the shape of a cylinder of radius 3 cm, Find the height of the cylinder.

Metallic spheres of radii 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm are melted to form a single solid sphere. Find the radius of the resulting sphere

A 20m deep well with diameter 7 m is dug and the earth from digging is evenly spread out to form a platform 22m by 14m. Find the height of the platform
(You may use calculator for this particular question, the main thing you need to understand is the concept )

A rectangular sheet of dimensions 44 cm X 18 cm is rolled along its length and a cylinder is formed. Find the volume of the cylinder.

An ant crawls from one corner of a room to a diametrically opposite corner along the shortest possible path. If the dimensions of a room are 3X3X3, what distance does the ant cover ?

There are 2 trees in a garden (say A and B) and on both the trees, there are some birds. The birds of tree A says to the bird of tree B that if one of you comes to our tree, then our population will be the double of yours. The birds of tree B tell to the birds on tree A that if one of you comes here, then our population will be equal to that of yours. How many birds are there in trees A and B ?

A cylinder 108 cm high has a circumference of 24 cm. A string makes exactly 6 complete turns round the cylinder while its two ends touch the cylinder's top and bottom. How long is the string in cm? 

A creeper plant is climbing up and around a cylindrical tree trunk in a helical manner. The tree trunk has a height of 720 cm and a circumference of 48 cm.
If the creeper covers a vertical distance of 90 cm in one complete twist around the tree trunk, what is the total length of the creeper? (You may use calculator for now, concept is important)

There are 6 people in a room. They shake each other's hands once and only once. How many handshakes are there altogether?

Your teacher has a total of 16 chalks. When a chalk reduces to 1/4 of its original size, it gets too small for her to hold for writing and hence she keeps it aside. But your teacher hates wasting things and so, when she realizes that she has enough of these small pieces to join and make another chalk of the same size, she joins them and uses the new chalk stick. If she uses one chalk each day, how many days would the 16 chalks last?

A snail can crawl 5 meters in 5 min, what will be the total distance covered by a group of 5 snails starting at the same time in 5 min ? 

Somu and Bhanu each have a collection of tennis balls. Somu said that if Bhanu would give him 4 of his balls they would have an equal number; but, if Somu would give Bhanu 4 of his balls, Bhanu would have 2 times as many balls as Somu. How many balls does Bhanu have?

A tennis championship is played on a knock-out basis, i.e., a player is out of the tournament when he loses a match.
  • How many players participate in the tournament if 85 matches are totally played ?
  • How many matches are played in the tournament if 17 players totally participate?
There are five different houses A to E. A is to the is to the right of B and E is to the left of C and right of A. B is to the right of D. Which of the houses is in the middle ?

Ram noticed in a cycle stand that there were a total of 14 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 35, how many tricycles were there?

Suppose 6 monkeys take 6 minutes to eat 6 bananas, how many minutes would it take
  • 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas
  • 24 monkeys to eat 24 bananas

A snail creeps 8 ft up a wall during the daytime. After all the labor it does throughout the day, it stops to rest a while... but falls asleep!! The next morning it wakes up and discovers that it has slipped down 5 ft while sleeping. If this happens every day, how many days will the snail take to reach the top of a wall 29 ft in height?

A 24 cm x 24 cm square metal plate needs to be fixed by a carpenter on to a wooden board. The carpenter uses nails all along the edges of the square such that there are 25 nails on each side of the square. Each nail is at the same distance from the neighbouring nails. How many nails does the carpenter use?

A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 6cm × 4cm × 4cm has all its six faces painted pink. If the wooden block is cut into 96 cubes of 1cm × 1cm × 1cm, how many of these would have pink paint on them?

Note :
A Very good website for practice on "Unfolded solid geometry" (Net) type of questions shared with me by Ashita Jain in this link - here

Here's - Solutions with explanations for aptitude sample questions

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      Solutions to sample aptitude questions - 1

  2. do you think it's enough if i prepare for CEED aptitiude using R S aggarwal's verbal and non verbal reasoning and lucents gk ?

    I am preparing for art history, indian architecture, photography and design principles from other sources.

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