9 September 2013

Working with Illusions

Illusions are pictures which will trick your eyes to perceive images in different form than the actual. Here I gave the preview form of some general illusions.

Download this file (Pdf) - here

Download this file (Pdf) - here

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  1. thank u for your guidance!
    stuff that you have provided has helped me a lot to prepare for u-ceed!!

  2. hi Bhanu!
    can u please explain ponzo illusion and mullerliner, zollner and pogendroff illusions? Didint undersstand it

    1. In Ponzo illusion as explained above, the two horizontal parallel lines are of equal lengths, but because of the the two slant lines on the sides, we will get illusioned that the teo horizontal lines are of difff. lengths.What u can do is try covering the slant lines with say paper, or with ur two hands n u can see the equal lengths.

      In Zollner illusion, we visualize small lines as being apart, in the sense, they assume like a step on given slant line. But, they are indeed straight.

      In Pogendroff illusion, the slant single line on the top of the rectangle assumes that it is inline (along the line) with the right slant line on the bottom of the rectangle, but, in actual, it's inline with the bottom left line' because our eyes can't distinguish properly. This is similar to the zollner illusion.

    2. Hi bhanu sir,i recently came to know about Uceed exam .Your website is great for this.But i have a suggestion for u .It will be great if u could compile all this material in a systematic book like form and make it available as a pdf file.Otherwise it is very difficult to access the entire material.


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