30 May 2018

NATA Exam - General Aptitude Free Study materials

1. Mathematics and Geometric Aptitude

The syllabus of NATA exam includes mathematics as well as Aptitude. Fortunately, you must note that the mathematics syllabus is actually your school/college textbooks. So, I'm not including mathematics topics here while I covered the General Aptitude part at length. I will try to cover Part B (drawing part) in future posts. But if you couldn't find materials or textbooks for maths, let me know in the comment, I will search and add a textbook.

Disclaimer: The materials shared here are collection of PDFs and online resources collected from the internet to ease your study process. The topics chosen are purely based on the analysis of the sample previous papers and may not include 100% topics. 

Graphics - Front, top, side views, Isometric projections etc

A very quick and good intro to Engineering Drawing

Check till Page 28 - Engineering Graphics basics

For further exercise and Practice

Some very good video tutorials that helps you with Solid transformations

source : Maths Online

source : Godcast

Orthographic projection examples

Isometric view tutorial

Other downloadable materials
Basic Geometry study (Just for reference) -

2. Nonverbal, Reasoning and Abstract Tests

Odd man out series exercises
Some more  odd man out series exercises

3. Architectural related General Aptitude

Roofing, Flooring, Tiling, Building Materials

Floor tiles types PDF

Floor types and treatments - 

With pictures - types of flooring and their advantages

Types of flooring and material uses 

Flooring types used in India 

Flooring materials

Roofing types and materials

7 best roofing materials 

Wikipedia list of roofing material 

Building materials for different climate conditions - 

Properties of Building materials 

Types of construction bonds 

Online - Choosing different building materials for different climate 

Famous Buildings, Architectural styles, constructions etc.

PDF - NCERT collection of state wise architecture in India 

PDF - A detailed list of temples, architectural styles with images 

List of famous temples in India 

Wikipedia detailed list of Hindu temples (overview during free time) -

Era wise Indian architecture (briefly go)

PDF of 100 famous landmarks around the world with images 

Most iconic buildings around the world 

100 most famous landmarks around the world

Another list of famous buildiings

The seven wonders of ancient, medieval, contemporary and modern worlds 

Wonders of the world

Architectural styles timeline (PDF) 

Classical order in Architecture 

20 famous historical sites in India

Free time study 

History of Architecture

Glossery of Architectural terms

Go in free time - 100 famous works of creative sculpture and statues around the world - 

Terms and Texture

Construction Materials - Quickly overview this book. Only study the part listed here - Timeline, Cultural and Material Context, Application, Grand Master

Texture in wikipedia 

Good guide on Texture in Architecture 

Slideshare presentation on Texture 

Color and pattern in Texture with basic terminology 

Important terms - Architecture Elements and Principles

Free time study and for future reference - Detailed Notes on Architecture

For a list of Famous Architects - check the end of this page to get the list

famous artists/painters with their pics 

Indian cultural GA

General Topics

Learn about - Indian epigraphy history

Learn about - Famous inscription in India

Learn more about - Pica in wiki page

4. English and Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal - Free PDF book

Download 1       or       Download 2 

In particular, go through the following topics of the book

  • Analogy
  • Synonyms (from page 48)
  • Antonyms (from page  109)
  • Odd man out series (page 191)
  • comprehension (page 209)
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence completion
Sentetnce Correction and Completions

Vocabulary Study Materials 

A good PDF on Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Reading comprehension, sentence completion, right word etc.) 

India GK online Practice

5. Sketching/Drawing

The following links might help you teach/learn on how to draw from memory/imagination

Here is a blog with few tips on how to draw from memory 

Leisure time study

Superb book for learning sketching techniques and different facets of design (including perspective, shadowing, shading, texture, architectural facts etc) - Design drawing by Francis D.K.Ching

A (very famous) complete pdf book "Basic Rendering" from Robert W.Gill, which covers most of the rendering topics including perspective projections (For those wishing to learn sketching/rendering)

(More drawing related materials would be added soon)


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