9 September 2013

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Most of the web pages and blogs claim that there are no preparation guide or materials for CEED Exam. It's true that CEED Exam depends mainly on your design-ability skills. You need to do in-person a lot of practice and sketching work - as CEED Exam is time bound. However, there are some exams and preparation tips that will guide you and probably help you improve your creative thinking abilities.

Let's go through some of the resources under separate headings. Most of these resources and materials are prepared by me for your smooth preparation. I tried in every respect to deliver almost all the requirements (resources and guides) for your CEED preparation. Some other external links and books can be found on internet, but it might be difficult for you to find them and gather together. I, therefore, grouped them in this page under different sub-headings for your convenience and better understanding.

You may also get CEED previous years question papers at the end of this page.

All CEED related Stuff You Look blog links collections - PDF download  
(Nov 2017 update)

Sketching and Perception drawing Skills

Sketching is the most important part of your CEED exam. Usually drawing is a mode of communicating your ideas in paper (visually).

Here is my complete guide on - How to learn sketching and what strategies to follow to improve drawing skills in CEED exam

Latest update: Tips for Exploded view drawing

Other than my guide. there are some good number of handful books for you to go through them to improve your drawing skills. check them below
  • A very good sketching views of drawings and general things and drawing techniques can be found in the book by David Lewis - here
  • Superb book for learning sketching techniques and different facets of design (including perspective, shadowing, shading, texture, architectural facts etc) - Design drawing by Francis D.K.Ching
  • A very famous complete pdf book "Basic Rendering" from Robert W.Gill, which covers most of the rendering topics including perspective projections (for starters having time) 
  • A book about basis of drawing instruments, holding positions, perspective, quality of lines and shading techniques for beginners by freebies4u.net - here
  • My favorite book on Perspective drawing; A complete beginner guide, handbook by Joseph D'Amelio - here
  • A very good website giving step-by-step guide for beginners from howtodraw - here

leisure time works

  • A free pencil shading exercise by David Lewis - here
  • A broad explanation about human portrait sketching by Wendon Blake - here
  • YouTube video - here

Observation and Visualization skills

1. Puzzles to improve observation

Tangram Puzzles - 
Downloadable PDF's
2. Animation movement

This type of visualization is an important tool for those aspiring to do Animation Design as career. Even this type of questions usually appears in CEED exam. Basically it deals with step-by-step image movements; which when put whole-together helps to create videos or animations.

Check the detail in downloadable (Pdf) form here>>

3. Working with Geometric Objects

Solving Geometric object type of questions improves your imagination as well as visualization skills; thus CEED examiners usually include object type of questions regularly. I therefore worked with some examples and included step-by-step process for solving such type of questions.

Here is my latest post - Improve imagination, work with 3D solids and unfolding of solid shapes

Check the details in downloadable (Pdf) from here>>

Solving number of faces on geometric complex solids here>>

4. Evolution of objects

Evolution generally mean product cycle from past to present. So, you are generally required to observe and identify the everyday use items (say TV) from old to new generation.
check the details in downloadable (Pdf) from here>>

5. Hidden words and images

Check the details in downloadable (Pdf) from here>>

6. Tessellations

Generally called as unfolded views, Tessellation is all about unwrapping a solid on a flat surface and drawing the unfolded view on a paper. I also gave easy way of solving tetrahedron tessellation problem in one of my pages. check below links

My solution for tetrahedron tessellation problem - here>>
Geometry representations by Malati - here>>

Leisure time works

  • Detailed instructions on how to draw a tessellation by David B Sullivan -  here
  • Best tessellations work by Escher from teacherweb - here

6. Illusions and Perception

Improve Observation skills with Illusions -  here>>

Second list of illusions - here>>

leisure time reference

A very good guide on Art Perception

All about - Aesthetics

PART - A guide for CEED

A complete resources collections catering the needs of Part - A  of CEED exam were given in this link -

Complete resource collection for CEED Part-A preparation 

Design thinking and Creativity Studies

Like I said in my other blog pages; sketching is just a tool to represent your ideas, in other words its a mode of communicating your ideas. Now, when you don't get creative ideas then there is no meaning of learning about drawing or sketching. You must first focus on ways of developing your creativity and design thinking skills. of course the above section on illusions and hidden words will also help you develop your thinking skills.

Here is my posts giving in-depth ideas on "how to improve your creativity and lateral thinking" 

You may also go through the following links to learn more about Creativity
  1. One of my favorite books; A generalized theory about creative problem solving for you with some practice exercises by CPS-Mitchell & Kowalik - here
  2. Creativity exercises from slide share - here

leisure time works

Materials and Manufacturing process

I had detailed and categorized materials as well as manufacturing process with examples of day-to-day products. 

  1. Every day materials - here
  2. Plastic materials and manufacturing process - A very good guide for household plastic materials and their manufacturing process. You may not go through manufacturing process, just note for what material, what particular manufacturing process is employed - here
  3. Tips for selecting plastic materials - here
  4. Top sculptors - here
  5. Top Indian stone and rock carvings - here
  6. Famous bronze sculptures - here

User Interface Design (UID) guide

UI Designs are a form of Visual communication or I can say it's more or less related to Interaction Design (IXD) and CEED started asking similar questions recently. The fact is UID questions are easy to attempt and even they consume lesser time compared to other design questions like Product design, story board framing or even comic strips. The only thing you must consider is to know about how it can be designed and what are the basic principles involved in UID. 

I had given all the details - fundamental principles, standard rules, mobile UID features as well as what could be done (some thumb rules) in attempting such questions in CEED exam here - Fundamental principles and rules in User Interface Designs

Comic Strips

Japanese usually call comic strips as manga. They are an important form of communicating a story or idea in pictorial forms usually with comments (also called callout). Lets check the related pages for comic strip improvement
  • A very good guide for comic strip by Peter Dawes in PDF -here
  • Steps for creating comic strip by courtsed web in PDF - here
  • Wikihow gave the general procedure - here
  • Basic concepts from readwritethink web - here
  • YouTube video by mrjert

A very good website with complete detail about storyboard - here 

leisure time works

Story board tutorial - here
A Starting guide to storyboard - here
A Story board sample - here
Some examples for storyboard - here

Storyboard and Poster making

Discussion on Storyboard and Poster making is a lengthy process and so I grouped that in separate page. Please go through that and check the links provided for tips and guide.

Answers/solutions for

Here is a quick video tutorial on "How to start and what to practice for CEED exam"

General Knowledge

Color Selection

Let us now see some pdf files, which may help you choose color at different occasions
Something about - Prototype making from MIT, Cambridge

Product Design Open course free PDF's - MIT Product Design open courseware

Abstract Tests

Let me tell you that questions from Abstract reasoning tests won't appear in CEED exams, but I included abstract test exercises in this resources page for a reason. Abstract reasoning tests helps you with pattern findings and also for problem solving. I hope that there may not be any harm in trying this type of tests; which usually takes hardly one day. Theses tests were taken from pscychometric-success.com
  1. Test 1 - here
  2. Test 2 - here
  3. Test 3 - here
  4. Test 4 - here

CEED Previous Year Question Papers

Finally, Let us see the links for getting downloadable format of previous question papers for practice.
  • 2016 question paper - here
  • 2015 question paper - here
  • Official answer key to CEED 2015 paper - here  
  • 2014 question paper - here
  • 2013 question paper - here and (Alternate Download)
  • 2012 question paper - here
  • 2011 question paper - here
  • 2010 question paper - here
  • 2009 question paper - here
  • 2008 question paper - here
  • 2007 question paper - here
  • 2006 question paper - here

There are no secret to success. Success is directly proportional to your preparation, hard work and learning from your failures. Unless you plant a seed, you can't expect  a tree. Same goes with your CEED preparation. The more you practice suggested tests, sketching and observation skills, the more likely you improve your creative thinking skills; thus helping yourself crack CEED exam. Leave a comment regarding any additions to be included in this topic.

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  1. Thanks for giving useful tips and books

  2. Friends, I found the below web page, Its really useful for character design as well as for online sketching works. Please go through this. It may help you

    1. Most of images r in 2D...
      Is CEED required and 3D image???

    2. Ya of course, 3D imaging is also required.

  3. Hey friends, I saw some pictures on visual communications on Pinterest, check this link


  4. This webpage may help you with sketching practice containing online video tutorials, you may check this


  5. Awesome job Bhanu !! Really so nice of you !:)

    1. Thanks and keep watching for my other posts .....

    2. It's very nice to see actress "Savitri" photo. She is a legend actress ....

  6. Thanx a lot your blog is really helpful

  7. really v helpful blog :)

  8. i found your blog today and im seriously loving it...since morning im going through all ur posts....thank you so much :)))))

    1. Thank you so much and keep watching for my up coming posts .... :)

  9. in this entire web world u r blog is very very good stuffbox for CEED aspirants.
    thank you from our ceed aspirants.........

  10. awesome....man it was great help i had been looking for correct solution for ceed question from couple of months...you saved so much time....thanks a lot MR.Bhanu chander..

    1. Thanks Manish, Also check Part-A and design practice exercises for every day. All the best :)

  11. hi,
    great work collecting them, kudos!
    would you also please point out anything related to image reflections, lenses, texts under lenses and shadows.
    i did not find them here

    thanks for the blog mate :)

    1. Hi Srinath,

      Thanks for the comments. Regarding your requirements for image reflections, texts .... The thing is it's bit difficult to search and post at this point of time since the exam is less than 5 days and I too have my own works to be done. For now please adjust with this data, but about lenses I included the details in resources for Part -A post.

  12. these are very helpful. thanks a lot.

  13. thank u thank u very much......it is really helpfull..!

  14. the more i read your blog, the more I realize how much effort you have put in to present it in such a resourceful way. Great job, many thanks. And big God Bless!

  15. I am preparing for NID UG. Will this site be sufficient for the written exam of NID?

    1. Could you share and let me know the pattern of NID ug ? is that like UCEED ug pattern ? If so, then this blog is the right place to start your preparation. If the exam is similar to NID PG, then this blog helps very little! You need to go for help in some other way. This blog exclusively covers CEED and UCEED topics - almost completely and very little on NID.

  16. Sir i am a student of btech mechanical engineering(4th yr) can you suggest me any book for preparation for CEED. Or just preparation by previous year question papers is sufficient.

    1. There no prescribed books are for CEED, and unfortunately as far as I heard, books available for CEED are not that wworth. Topics are broadly covered, and so we cannot expect any book to cover all the syllabi. CEED previous papers are there to give you idea, you need to consider similar topics and practice.

  17. Heartly thanks to your guidance... :-) I'll be in touch for future queries.

  18. Sir, your site is very good. It helps me a lot. Please send the solutions of ceed 2015.

  19. and can you please send me the solutions of ceed 2010

    Thanks you
    Dhiraj kumar Singh

    1. whatever ceed solutions available in this blog is final for this year, as of know you people have to adjust with that coz I have other works too! may be after couple of months, i will consider adding more prev paper sols in this blog.

  20. Ya sure, and thanks a lot for your reply. you are doing a great job. because of you only we people are getting motivated the way you are explaining the things over here. i just wanted to know can you please help me which type of mathematical questions can be asked in CEED 2017, which type of books you ll prefer me to prepare. like MAT, CAT preparation book can be ok.

    thanks you so much

    1. Ihaven;t gone thru CAT or MAT papers, so not sure about that, check if those xams patterns are matching with ceed pattern or not, I don't think u will find many similarities although, it's better to not spend too much time by preparing those for topics which is not required for the exam!

  21. Hello Bhanu.

    I would personally wanna thank you for the efforts you have put in to come up with this website. Really appreciate it.

    I wanna know what would you advice to prepare for CEED under 15 days.
    And if possible guide me through how to specifically approach the Sketching part of the paper under such a short period of time i.e. 15 days such that I do not waste time on extra things.

    P.S. I have prepared for the general study part of the papers.

    Ceed '16 Aspirant

    1. Last year, I made a video to answer this query, probably that should answer your questions, you can chk the below link. Sketching part is involving, u could have taken that initially !!

      anyway here are some points
      1. Take the best part of the design field that u r good at, some are good at VC, logos some are gud at PD, so identify ur strength and try working on it specifically and also take two more stream as part of preparation. In other words don't try to prepare all the design streams at this point of time, It's not gud idea, think for urself,
      2. If u r gud at making/creating ideas, then u need to practice on intense sketching (sketching in full fledge) to strengthen yourself
      3. If ur idea generation process is avg and is time taking, then u MUST take as many design examples as possible, and sketch them roughly (or avg., instead of intense sketching) to make u comfortable in idea generation as well as implement them. I think Idea carries more weight and even if u represent them roughly (but clearly - in the sense in a understandable manner) you may score better marks, CEED exam is creative/idea tester and not about sketching testing, sketching is only a part!
      4. Take as many design samples/examples, analyse and frame idea, imagine them visually, then try to make a rough sketch such that it depicts everything, but I expect u to put ur full sketching strenth during exam ;)
      5. Most importantly stop sketching portraits, cars, bikes, scenes, object sketches as far as possible

      You may also check my comment in the forum section of this blog for related query

      Finally the video foe fast preparation -How to prepare for CEED in a week

  22. Hello Bhanu Chander, Thank you for such huge info in crisp manner. I have one question, Do we need to prepare portfolio for phase 2, after cracking CEED phase 1?

    1. ofcourse, immediately after ur CEED exam, u should start portfolio process. Portfolio is equally imp. in getting admission into design institutes

  23. Dude, do I need to qualify part A first and then only I will be eligible for part B ??? Confusing it is ...coz I saw it somewhere.

  24. Hi sir,
    i hav appeared for CEED 2015. Your blog has really really helped me prepare for it. now the results are out n i am qualified, all thanks to you. one more request to make, can u upload some study materials/references to prepare for Design Aptitude Tests and Interviews.

    1. DAT preparation is stream specific if u are applying thru CEED or general if you are giving private institute DAT exams. For general DAT -- regular CEED and NID preparation (I guess GA not required) will help you. I think they are sufficient, I'm not pretty sure just a guess. I will check if I can work out for any DAT related materials. Anyway you may check this for interview and portfolio tips

      Tips on how to make a design portfolio for CEED and NID entrance

      Post interview tips for CEED and NID

  25. I got a call from IISc plz tell me about DAT. M from GATE not CEED.

    1. Mostly, DAT will cover questions from almost all engg fields, esp mechanical, electrical, civil etc. Questions might be below 20 in number I guess. Mostly basics. Kinematics and mechanics is what you need to concentrate more as far as I heard. Second part is making a design, where you will be given design question similar to CEED design part and will be asked to make a design, may be including material selection, usage and so on.

  26. hii sir,i want to make game portfolio for my entrance exam is there any website or book for game portfolio

    1. unfortunately there's no book as in, for portfolio guide. I will chk if there's any game based portfolio's available online in free in share. U better chk all IIT's/NID's students page to find their portfolio's to get an idea.

  27. Hi Sir,

    I was working with an MNC(3 years) before taking a two year break. I believe I can get a good score with CEED and move forward but would the two year gap be an issue during selection ?
    Your view on this would be great.
    Thanks in advance

    1. That's not at all a problem. In fact I'm happy with ur positive thinking of getting good score. Wishing you the best. As far as CEED is concerned, age and other things doesn't much. And I believe selection panel checks your design interests and ur skills with key focus. So, just go ahead with ur prep. Keep urself confident. That will bring success even if u don't prepare :)

  28. I have till one month of time. Will it be possible to complete my preparations in a perfect way.

    1. yes, provided ur preparation is perfect!

    2. Thank you for the beautiful Info. What will be the best time to spend each day for preparation? On which part should I need to spend more time. I am bad at sketching and also aptitude. But I am really passionate for IDC.

    3. What do you mean by perfect preparation?

    4. what is date expected this time for ceed? Sorry for sending individual messages.

    5. Too many questions!
      and the answers are already available. Check the CEED page of this blog to go through timetable, etc. CEED applications are already out. Perfect prep means putting ur full time and interest.
      But wait! who said one month time left for CEED ? CEED exam is on Jan. Check the webpage. You have sufficient time. I've included timetable in this blog, that should interest you. You can find that in CEED page, if not let me know.

    6. I am looking at the offical page(http://www.gate.iitb.ac.in/ceed2016/), I did not see any updates done in that website for the application, where did you get that date? . I was guessing the date for the exam.

    7. Yeah I got it its 22 january

  29. Ucr legend man...seriously ur blog hv sufficient material to crack the exam.please help me out wid this..I recently graduated from B.E in mechanical engineering ( 3 yes) before that I had done diploma in mechanical engineering (3 yes) m I eligible ??????

    1. Thanks bro,
      ya u r eligible.
      confirm urself by going thru this brochure - http://ceed.iitb.ac.in/2017/CEED2017_Brochure_1.2.pdf

  30. sir .I am mechanical engineer and wanted to be vehicle designer , after lots more search on google somewhere i find about m.des n ceed . so what will be success mantra for me ? n how can i improve my sketching ? please share some books n stuff name please.

    1. everything is in this page itself. Go thru it including sketching help, also chk CEED page for knowing about other ceed aspects. There isn't any mantra or talisman, it all depends on ur enthu, hard work, aptitude n finally confidence.

  31. I have seen the no. seats in d exam an also the no. of canidates appearing. The no. looked scary. Being of general caste, what is the minimum marks I need to crack it??
    Also, what is the minimum marks I need to get into IIT Bombay particularly?
    P.S.- The materials you provide seem so much better than the other sites. They are of real help.

    1. There isn't any general or standard cutoff. It varies every year. You can chk other queries here
      CEED FAQ's

  32. Hi,
    Since there is only one month for the exam.. On which topics of sketching I should focus from now on...

    Your feedback will be valuable.

    1. It's hard to tell coz there isn't any standard count on the no. of questions per topic, so practice on list of topics that you feel you're doing better, try to improve them and then move to the harder part. Mostly study design aptitude ques like designers details, culture, image based aptitude etc.

  33. I'm metallurgical engineer & after 10th I did Diploma + degree in metallurgical Engineering. As I'm not belong from design, architecture or mechanical field, also I didn't go through 12board.. So I'm eligible for industrial designing coarse & will this things concern in future for me..?

    1. CEED brochure says that candidates having (10+2) are allowed, so I doubt whether they accept you or not, you can write to IDC, they will definitely reply u back -
      or call to +91 22 25769093 during week days

  34. Hi sir could you tell me plz which Coaching centre is better for GATE preparation in Mumbai

    1. I only heard about Hyderabad ACE which people say is the best center for GATE, not sure about coaching institutes in Mumbai.

  35. Sir,
    Is it possible to prepare for ceed exam in 6 months??? Means iit's and iisc level preparation..

    1. usually three months is sufficient n you have double the time. Utilize whatever available time properly, gud luk

  36. sir
    is msc computerscience (integrated course)is eligible for interaction design in idc
    pls reply

    1. Ya, u r eligible, check CEED brochure too for further confirmation

  37. Hello,
    Can you share the list of topics for Model Aptitude and Numerical questions for CEED/NID DAT. In your blog I found questions and answers which were very helpful but I am looking for list of topics covered under these type of questions.
    Direct link would be helpful.
    Also, a quick suggestion- Navigating to different resources becomes difficult as useful resources are scattered throughout the blog which requires us to bookmark every link.
    If you could have one tab listing all the links or a download section to download all the available PDFs would be very helpful.
    Thank you once again for this blog.It's a one stop shop !:D

    1. Ya, I know people are gud at giving free quick suggestions to get their works in spoon feeding way without being putting the little effort of searching! I agree we tend to look for instant help from someone, and we wish things to be utmost comfortable to us (putting all the pdfs in one page - that's a good wish) not even caring about their discomforts or without even realizing why he/she need to do for us! It's a typical nature :P

      If you have searched the blog properly in CORRECT place, u would've found what u needed - like how others are able to find. Trying to go through more than 100 posts over night is a good wish but is that practical ?

      The proper menu tabs above (CEED and NID) r clearly visible n if u click it the link, first post itself will fetch what u were looking - list of topics!



      Now, u can see what u missed n how u want someone for ur need?

    2. Sorry but the suggestion was put forth to be taken as a constructive feedback.Hence it was tagged as a 'suggestion' - idea for consideration and not to be forcefully implemented.
      It is not about the comfort but we don't want to miss out on any important topic.

      We sincerely appreciate your effort but the point was suggested so that we make maximum use of the effort you have for this blog.

    3. it's ok, all the best for your preparation :)

  38. Top painters list link is having some issues... Kindly check it :)

    1. Seems like that post has been deleted by the blog owner, So, I've updated a new link to another webpage about the painters, hope that will do the job. Thanks for informing me:)

  39. i need to know that as have intrest in sketching like portraiting which make me to think further to draw or to indulge in art since i have no basic idea which branch suits the best secondly how i deal woth CEED OR NID for proper preparation. ned ur quick response on it

  40. hello sir, can u plz provide some information on movies and books w.r.t CEED exam?

    1. chk at the end of this post -

  41. Thank you very very much!! Stuff here seems more than enough!!


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