20 November 2014

Answers to some everyday design questions from Sameer

One of our friend named Sameer Sapre, (connect with hin in FB) came forward and wished to share few of his works with you all, so that you would be getting some insight into the design questions. The works are really great and covers most of the questions from this blogs Everyday design practice post. Thank you Sameer for the initiation. You may want to save these pictures to enable zoomed and rotated views.

Design solution for Cistern type toilets

Design solution for Wheel chair for disabled

Some creative ideas for used Ice cream bowl 

Poster showing Child education and welfare

Design of a Home Geezer 

Design solutions for problems at Indian Govt. Hospitals

UI Design for the 'new mobile OS question'

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  1. wav really ideal solutions, thank you sameer and bhanu for sharing them here

  2. i really like the wheel chair designed for disabled people

  3. great work. .thanks for sharing. .

  4. can someone post answer for product design too? (IPOD nano) http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2014/11/everyday-design-ideas-for-ceed-practice-1.html

    1. chk these works too - https://stuffyoudesign.blogspot.in/p/ceed-solution.html

    2. n this pg too - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2013/10/walking-stick-design-problem-solving.html

  5. Hii sameer sir your toilet idea was very good,but I felt that it requires a complex mechanism to operate the flash chamber due to far distance with variable heights of lever and chamber.my advice is shift the chamber nearer to lever and it is better to hold the cover by three or four pins on the wall

  6. Sameer all the Design Solutions proposed by you is excellent simple and most suitable


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