19 January 2017

NID-DAT 2017 Bdes Answer Key with explanation


For now, I've quickly given the answers with little explanation and supportive images, If you're preparing for NID 2018, remind me to update the explanations. I've denied to many comments and messages in the blog and FB when they asked to solve this paper coz I was running out of time and busy with CEED/UCEED students.  Sorry for my previous rejections :)

Anyway, somehow managed time to cover this. 

Downloadable PDF - A complete list of SYL links for NID-DAT exam (sitemap) 


Answer image to Q30

1) D

Red flames can be from 500 to 800 degrees Celsius, while white flames can be 1,600 C or more. I

2) C
It's nothing but USB

3) C

4) D

Obviously, there should be two or more layers and that too gap filled by air, because air has less conductivity

5) C

6) B

Just breath in and observe :P

7) B

While Garden city of India
Jaipur is the city of Palaces

8)  C

Below image shows the belts of famous rivers,

Only Godavari and Krishna among the options spread from east to west or vice versa, but Krishna in the lower part covering mostly AP and KN.

9) A

It's clear Urjit R Patel is the current 
and the first id Bimal Jalan, so only 1 or 2 applies, if u observe the other names too, you will find A as the correct 

10) C

pretty easy, Thomas Edison invented bulb and Gramaphone

11) B 

Obviously, we're living here :P and others are considered as planetary gods


Jharkhand - formed on 15th Nov 2000
Uttarakhand - formed on 8th Nov 2000
Arunachal Pradesh - 20th Feb 1987
Chattisgarh - 1st Nov 2000

Just in a matter of days, right!

13) B

14) A

All the rest are south indian dances 

15) D

small size cubes - 9*3 = 27
4 cubes taken together = 8
Whole 27 cubes taken together form 1 cube

Total = 36

16) C

17) B

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 was awarded to Albert Einstein for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect

18) A

Yellow and Blue mix to form Green

19) B

20) D

21) B

straight answer
j, g, d, a

22) B

As you can see, from left to right more space is visible, i mean whilte space, so obviously area is decreasing. As the bigger part gets into pieces, it's permiter increases

23) D

24) A

25) A

26) A

I don't understand why NID asks this kind of silly questions!

27) C

28) C

29) C

30) A

31) D

32) C, D

33) B

34) C

What I understood is the alphabet with open ends on top has '0' in the decipher, 'u' and 'y' have opened at the top, so their corresponding symbols can have 0. 

35) B or D

36) A

37) C

38) C

Hurricane sandy merged with a winter and not a winter storm as such, so 1 sic not correct
Mammoth hybrid is not another name, but it's the term denoting the gaintness of the storm, 6 is also incorrect

39) D

40) D

41) A

RamPrasad and Rekha are like cousins, so Rekha is Sudhir's Aunt

42) A

43) B

(X+Y+Z)/3 = 32
X = 32*3 - (Y+Z)

(Y+Z)/2 = 27
so Y+Z = 54

from the above
X = 32*3 - (Y+Z)
X = 32*3 - 54 = 42

They asked to average X and 2X
which will be (X+2X)/2 = 1.5*X = 63

44) A

The pattern tells that all the open crosses must be closed first, in that case transaction from 4th to 6th happen by closing the open at the bottom

45) C

statement (1)  762 - shoes are old
(2) 248 - grandpa is old
(3) 573 - buy good shoes

from the three, we can deduct that

7 - shoes [from (1) and (3)]
2 - old [from (1) and (2)]
6 - are [only 6 left after above two which should be 'are'

46) C

it's like this
8 square - 5 square = 64 - 25 = 39
4 square - 1 square = 16 - 1 = 15
7 square - 4 square = 49 - 16 = 33

47) No correct option (Ans is 15)

Front - 3
right - 3
back - 2
left - 3
top - 3
bottom - 1

48) A

If you observe each pattern, that rectangle alternates in filled and empty, so pattern in R should have empty rectangle (either A or B)
and in each pattern that L shape with a bar at his head, flips and moves in opposite direction, it neither follows clock or anticlockwsie direction in each pattern. So, A suits after Q

49) D

50) B

by observation

51) D

Front - 1
right - 2
back - 2
left - 1
top - 2
bottom - 1

52) C

Four surfaced triangles, that's tetrahedron

53) D

all other options cannot give the relative size, there must be some other object adjacent to it to determine it's size

54) C

K is for sure represent movement, also the outer rectangle in L is not like others which represents conflict, so C should be the answer 

55) B

base row = 3+2+1 cubes
2nd row = 2+ 1 cubes
top row = 1 cube

56) D

57) A

58) B

59) C

60) B

61) D

62) C

63) A

64) B

65) B

Pretty simple, start with top left triangle numbered 1, followed by 4 or 3, after the first three, it's  for sure that we have to use 5

66) C

The question has unnecessary data confusing. But the simple answer is, 
let x,y be the ages of elder and younger bros
A,B be ages of father and mother

x-y = A-B
also given that A-B = 4
when the younger has just born, i.e. y =0, so

x-0 = 4
x= 4, when his mother was 30 years
so when the elder is 4, his father is 30+4, since mom and dad age diff are only 4
whent eh elder is just born, i.e. four years back, his father will be 34-4 = 30

67) A

one possible pattern could be
sid, Baldev, Mahesh, Ram, Krish

68) D

69) C

It tells the no. of overlapped rectangles, so '?' should be 3

70) B

say x is the distance to the hill
so, to cover x km, time taken is x/20 hrs
similarlyy time taken downhill to cover same distance = x/60

Now, total distance = x+x = 2x
and total time taken = x/20+x/60 = 4x/60 = x/15

so 2x distance takes x/15 hr
x/15 hr time is needed to cover 2x distance
so, for 1 hr, distance covered = 2x/(x/15) = 30 kms

71) C

72) A

I've shown which pattern will appear in which surface for the third given cube in the question based on rest images i nthe question.

73) A, B

XI + I = X
if you turn the paper by 180 deg

you get 
X = I + IX
equating above two

XI + I = I +IX

So, if you place IX in the place of XI in the first statement, second statement will be valid, so it is possible option

74) A

75) A

B for sure denote Rabbit!


  1. Sir 34th is just mirror image joined with original text... Place finger on top half to get answer

  2. Sir 37th is wrong... Answer will be D. Answer can't be two cause it is three lettered word itself. If we read whole sentence then we will find that there are 3 3-lettered words which are 'the', 'nor' and 'are'. Correct me if I am wrong

    1. "The" is in previous sentence...
      But we answer two ...Then there are three three letter words as two itself is a three letter word

  3. Sir in Question 73
    you get the same result by rotating it by 180 degrees and by viewing it in a mirror
    So both A and B should be correct

    1. i agree with mirroring, but there isn't any option for mirror in the ques!
      Ya, it can be, I forgot to put that option too!

  4. Sir,in Q10 I think its phonograph & bulb both invented by Thomas Alva Edison.....and will we be awarded marks in Q47?

  5. We had awarded marks in q.47 by Nid or not?

  6. Sir 73rd is not possible since the Numbers are written in roman, XI is not equal to IX cuz XI means 11 and IX means 9.... Hence the statement is false.
    Answer would be C.

  7. question 27, i also got ans as C)............but they have marked it as wrong ?.........what to do

    1. dude, they marked it correct, C for 27 only, this page is for bdes, i think u r looking for mdes paper!

    2. Brother U might have saw question paper/answer paper of different code

  8. What about m.des paper??

  9. 37 is a paradoxical statement as if we write "two" there will be three three-lettered words

  10. Sir 37th is wrong... Answer will be 3. "Two" is a 3-lettered word hence it will contradict the statement. I we read the whole sentence we will find 3 3-lettered words which are "the", "nor" and "are". Hence the answer will be 3.

    1. I also have the doubt in the same question are we supposed to take both sentences into consideration

  11. What about answerkey of Mdes DAT exam???
    please can you post it....

  12. In question 50, won't it be A), considering the 4 black crosses and the white one in the negative space?

    1. I was thinking the same...as in question it isn't mentioned that you only have to identify the black crosses...if we count the white one...there would be 5

  13. I too think that 37 will be D

  14. Q59 -C ... CUT to the chase means ... Get to the point. Can you explain the choice of C ..why not A ( which has only one CUT)

  15. hii.. could you please do me a favour. please let me know from where i can download answer keys for DAT 2017 (M.Des).

    1. i haven't solved that yet, I didn't even check if it's available in some other blogs. Pl chk

    2. Will you please update m.des questions paper with solutions. Nd design part of questions paper also. Please it's my request

    3. Will try to do if time permits. I will share if i find the solutions somewhere else too.

  16. Hey do all the sets have the questions in the same order?

  17. Sir thank you so much for posting the answers but from where do we get te question paper....?

    1. u haven't checked the first link of this page. It's available above.Just scroll to the top and find the 1st link in this post.

  18. So the NID pattern has been changed? And this is the last year question paper for Under Gradution?

  19. Answer everywhere is given according to Find booklet series. Can the F booklet question paper be made available because not everyone had the same booklet.

  20. Sir can you send the solution of NID-M.DES paper, Part B-second last question which is based on symmetry where we just have to draw one line and divide the image in two equal parts?

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  22. please sir help me for 2017 sample paper released . kindly help in finding the solution. it will be helpful if u provide solution

  23. can you please post the answer key for 2017 M.Des exam. i am not able to locate it anywhere on the internet

  24. regarding the first ques. red flame is applicable for higher calorific value fuel but 4 natural gases it is deep blue !

  25. Sir can you explain Q. 15 by diagram

  26. Q.10 - the ans is actually 'b', Edison didn't invent gramophone but rather he invented the earlier form of it which was the phonograph. Graham Bell invented the gramophone as well as the telephone.

    1. Emile berliner is the inventor of gramophone

  27. Hello sir. Can you please give the answers for NID-DAT 2018 Question paper. It will be of great help. Thank you

  28. can you please post the answer key for 2017 M.Des exam. i am not able to locate it anywhere on the internet

    1. As of now, I've only this one

    2. Sir pls give solutions for nid 2019 solutions. ..before 29 12th of December . Pls that will helpful to write the exam

  29. It will be very helpful. Thank you.

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  31. how do you count surface of three dimensional figure? question 47, 51?

  32. Sir 30th question explain kr dijiyeee please

    1. Updated an image forQ30 atthe beginning of this page


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