22 September 2013

Cooker problem analysis and illustration

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Problem Identification and Analysis is an important part of CEED exam, where you need to identify five unique problems, give simultaneous justifications for the identified problems and finally provide solution in the form of illustration. Let us see the below example for more details.

You may download the Pdf format of this page at the end of the session. 

Question :

Write five unique problems briefly with justifications regarding problems with a Pressure Cooker (shown below) commonly used in the Indian households. Illustrate a solution for each of the identified problems with a sketch for each.

(Appeared as question no. 4 (A) in CEED 2010 exam paper)

Identified Problems :

  1. The larger part of hand grip seems some what uneasy to hold.
  2. The smaller part of hand grip is certainly difficult to hold due to less hold area.
  3. The lift (weight pan) above the cooker top was difficult to handle especially when pressured air is gushing out.
  4. Extra locking facility is required for avoiding pressure burst. (providing chained lock on both the handles).
  5. There is a difficulty in removing the inner utensil when some food (like rice) is cooked, because the inner utensil will almost be in contact with cylindrical wall of cooker. (propose tapered cooker).

Problem-wise Justifications :

  1. Larger part of the hand grip with sharp edges will hurt the hand when held; especially when the cooker is loaded full, thus giving discomfort to the user. 
  2. Hand burns may occur when we hold the smaller hand grip and even the load might not be evenly distributed to both of the hands. 
  3. When the user tries to adjust the weight pan or to remove the pressurized air out, they may sense hot because weight pan is very near to the cooker cover and air will be gushing straightly towards the weight.
  4. Sometimes while lifting the cooker, the handle cover may get opened due to unavailability of extra locking system.
  5. Most of the times rice will be cooked with the help of inner utensil. So, after the rice gets boiled; the user may find difficulty in removing the hot utensil (utensil and cooker surfaces are adjacent to each other).

Solutions and Illustrations :

Remember; you need not want to write the detailed individual solutions as the questions demands only illustration in the form of sketches. 

Sketch illustrating solution for problem 1

Sketch illustrating solution for problem 2

Sketch illustrating solution for problem 3

Sketch illustrating solution for problem 4

Sketch illustrating solution for problem 5 

Now, as we had gone through illustrations for the problems, I think I should be pointing some important findings or suggestions that you will find helpful for attempting Problem identification and analysis questions. I had listed them below.

  • The first picture was drawn with more details to give impression, and I slowly reduced giving more details for the remaining illustrations.
  • Less details and shading were given to the successive illustrations (like I said above).
  • Only the identified problems were specifically illustrated; neglecting the other parts/components to save time. If you see second illustrations (above) you should be noting that I neglected sketching cooker vessel with handles; and if you see the third illustration I drew only the half section of the cooker just to save time.
  • I avoided coloring and used only basic pencil sketching.
  • I maintained the same view/perception of cooker as shown in the question to showcase a standard and impress.
If you apply the above thumb rules, you may easily put your ideas in lesser time. Remember you will be given only 20 marks for this question and for 20 marks you cannot spend hell lot of time just for detailing.

As a suggestion from my end, identify and think for very simple but different solutions. Keep your sketches plain/simple; giving less importance to shading works. You may note that it took 10-15 min for me to draw just first illustration. I drew it purposely to estimate time. Then Imagine; how you gonna identify problem and illustrate them in that limited time frame. 

The more you spend time for problem identification (rather than for sketching), better will be impression on you as well as your result. Please don't overdo or over show your artistic intelligence. Concentrate on shadings or coloring only if specified particularly. These tips may help to people like me (whom got average or low sketching skills).If you are an artistic genius then you may proceed with your own style. 

You may suggest some additions to this page on "problem Identification and Analysis for Cooker". You are most welcome to leave comment regarding my sketching or anything like idea change or so. I would be happy to hear others views also; and of course you too do right ? and don't forget to like stuffyoulook Facebook page (to get updated with latest posts).

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  1. Nyc...Very helpful.. nw im lookin forward for more posts frm u considering part B..n thnx a lot

  2. Friends, I forgot to mention the instruments I used for doing the above illustrations. please note that
    1. Pencil - 2H
    2. Pencil - 2B
    3. Pencil - 4B

    Although, I should have also used 'HB' and 'H' pencils; but due to unavailability at the time of sketching, I adjusted with the above three

    1. I want to appear in NID exams,..Any material for that exam ?

    2. Honestly, up to now, I don't have any material related to NID, not even question papers. But I already on the process of collection. So, if found I will be sharing with you .....

    3. But, the concepts and exercises for CEED will definitely help you with NID, i'm not sure about awareness anyway

  3. Thanks and it is really helpful. People generally don't share their experiences. One more problem which i find is that handle should be of rubber instead of plastic which i found in upcoming designed cookers but plastic is slippery and rubber holds the grip.

  4. Hello Bhanu,very good analysis of the problem.I would like to add one more problem associated with the pressure cookers. There is no feedback as such whether food has cooked completely or not.For amateurs (like me:P), we have to rely on partial experience and partial guess work to check this. We can give some feedback mechanism, for example simple light,sensors which will give the user idea when the food gets cooked in cooker.Or even simple thing like transparent glass,like the one we have in microwave oven can be given. User can check himself if the food has been cooked completely.Plus there will be added fun element part of actually seeing how the food is getting cooked.
    Please give your opinion on this. :)

    1. That was indeed a good idea. i didn't thought about feedback for control and monitoring the status of food. The key thing is to choose the appropriate sensing system to withstand the temperature and pressure inside the cooker. One more thing is we need to check whether the cooker need to be completely mechanized or it is like mechanization is allowed, since some sensors rely on external power source. Anyway, thanks for dropping your ideas with everyone :)

    2. thanks for the prompt reply and feedback :)

  5. thanks Mr.BHANU CHANDER
    if you can please provide helpful pdf file or online material about product designing for CEED 17. I really deep interest in PD.

  6. Hi,
    Can you tell me, if for such questions, should the solutions be innovative (say, some proposed solutions that may have not been implemented as yet or not commercial) or feasible solutions using existing technology? Would the knowledge of latest innovations count here?

    1. the sole purpose/intention of designing is to bring in a change - the way we had looked the product. You're welcome to introduce new innovative additions/methods/process or anything which has not yet been tried or which have not been perceived in different way. We cannot call something a NEW/INNOVATIVE design - if that's just copied or provides functionality which is already there with same features. Go ahead n think out of the ox for designs.

      Knowledge of latest innovations of futuristic innovations definitely counts!

  7. Sir we need to dram 3 4 views of same product


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