I usually write articles that are lengthy and descriptive - without minding for the number of words; that many other bloggers keep it as a factor for blog success. Well, precisely speaking - my pen stops only when my brain runs out of topic. So, that's why my blog articles are lengthy. 

For those, who are sick at reading lengthy articles, I have prepared some videos with good presentation and explanations that would basically give CEED and UCEED exam guides, tips and suggestions (including design related issues). Hope you enjoy watching the videos !

Complimentary Video 1 : How to crack CEED exam, how to organise questions and time during CEED exam

Complimentary Video 2 : How to crack UCEED exam, how to manage time and sections during UCEED exam

Complimentary Video 2 : How to utilise time for UCEED in the last one week of exam

Complimentary Video 3 : How to prepare for CEED exam in just a week !

Video 1 : How to start and What to practice for CEED exam

Video 2 : "Counting no. of surfaces on 3D solid" - Easy way on how to solve that and what mistakes to avoid

Video 3 : Beginners guide on "How to Learn and improve 'Sketching' step-by-step and the best sketching level required for CEED exam"

Video 4 : Common sketching mistakes that you must avoid while CEED sketch practice

Video 5 : Tips and steps for CEED exam Design part preparation and practice

Video 6 : Big mistakes that you must avoid while CEED preparation

Video 76 : When to start working on Portfolio preparation - when to skip

Video 8 : Is M.Des best for you ? Difference between M.Des and M.Tech, M.Arch

Video 9 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Behavioral practices - Part 1/3

Video 10 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Habitual practices - Part 2/3

Video 11 : How to Improve Creativity and Lateral thinking - Habitual practices - Part 3/3

Career Guide video 1 : What career to choose after 10th (SSC) ? (English)

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