13 August 2014

7 wonders of India !

In this article, go through the pictures that depicts the seven wonders of India (especially for your CEED part - A preparation)

7 wonders of India - by Times of India

Amritsar - Golden temple - Punjab

Hampi temples - Karnataka

Khajurao - Madhya Pradesh

Nalanda University - Patna

Gomateswar - Shravanbelagol - Karnataka

Taj Mahal - Agra - UP

Sun Temple - Konark

7 wonders of India - by NDTV

Sun Temple - Konark - picture shown above

Nalanda University - Patna - picture shown above

Khajurao - Madhya Pradesh - picture shown above

Red Fort - New Delhi

Meenakshi Amman temple - Madurai - TN

Jaisalmer fortresses - Rajasthan


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