17 September 2013

Solutions for CEED 2012 Part-A question paper

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In this page, we will discuss detailed answers for CEED 2012 question paper just like I discussed solutions for CEED 2013 previous question paper; mostly targeting PART-A.
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PART-A Answers

1) C
You might confuse the tail for cows. The major difference is cow has got thin tail with more hairs on it, while elephant has got thick tail with little hair (comparatively) on it.

Below is shown cow tail picture

Below is shown horse tail picture

Below is shown Dog tail picture
  (source : http://s3.amazonaws.com)

2) C
If you closely inspect the shadow of the walking person, you should note that the length of the shadow is very long, meaning the photography was taken either during early morning or late evening. In the options given; there is no time for early morning. At 8 PM in central India, there would be no sun light and at 11 AM or 2 PM, the sun will be positioned almost above our head and so the shadow should be very short. 
So, the answer is obviously 5 PM.

3) B
Trick is “higher the edge from ground and farther the edge from the sun/source, farther will be the shadow and only the top and side edges will have visible shadows”.

For detailed explanation on similar questions check - here

4) B
Pictures of Arun Jailtley, Jyoti Basu and Farooque Abdulla were shown below (Left to right).

5) B

6) C
The letters in options A,B and D have projections on the corners and only letters in option C are plain.

7) A
By careful observation, you may note that there were spots/dots around the letters (probably bengali language), and if you use any of the writing pens like Ball point, Gell or Calligraphic; there should not be any spots. So, I guess that chalk is the answer.

8) C
Most of the wild animals got four or less than four fingers (whatever you call), but humans and monkey has got five fingers with wide stretch.

Some animals pug mark images were shown below.

9) A
B - face is some what bulged and so not suitable
C - Dark background hides the hair and so no clear cut identity
D - side view of face is never accepted as identity except in Jail ( Lol...!!)

10) D

Check more logos list - here

11) C
If you closely inspect the first pattern, the front two legs of the dog were in air and only the hind legs (back legs) were in contact with ground. It does mean that the dog is about to take a push or jump. If you inspect the third pattern of the dog, the hind legs were in air while the front legs are about to contact the ground; as if just landing the ground. So possibly the dog should be in air with leaping action; 

check more step-to-step animations - here

12) D
I guess so, because usually bulb represents an "Idea" or its a way of showing that some kind of change or new idea/concept strikes your mind (that is supposed to be right). So I hope it should be enlightenment. Knowledge and education is a continuous process.

13) B
This is a very famous painting by Jamini Roy. Remember that paintings of Jamini Roy mostly depicts Indian culture, Gods and civilization with fine art; less or no details of background (only plain coloring can be seen) and with minor (or no) color shading. 

While others like MF Hussain, Nandalal Bose and R.Tagore paintings were mostly concentrated on color blend as well as huge shadings for natural appearance.

14) C
The first thing that we expect from a good hammer is firm grip. Good grip hammers provides comfort as well as safety (if properly designed). Next comes the metal part of hammer. Metal part with claws (for removing nail) on back and the the striking part with bevel edges are mostly suitable. 

Also the handle shown in option C were called as "Hickory handle" (finest and strongest wood) with bell end, designed to give a secure grip. Next only comes hammers with "Fiberglass" handles.

15) D
The two circular shapes on both sides of the face as well as overhead design of the face confirms that it belongs to Kerala culture.

16) B
I hope so, considering symmetry and bevel edges.

17) C
A well known cartoon to all of us.

18) A
There is a confusion between A and C, but elephant skin usually have folds or extra skin, that's why I choose A. Option C denotes probably the skin texture of Hippopotamus.
option B - python snake
option C - hippopotamus
option D - crocodile

19) C
It's a perfect dress code for mature Bengali men.

20) C
If you notice the letter "M" and "R" in the word "SAMRAT", they are bulging outwards as if like the surface of ball, with the word changing from smaller size to zoomed size to smaller size (left to right). Reflections on convex or cylindrical mirrors behave like this. 
In Part-A solutions for CEED 2013 papers, I earlier told that the reflection "CEED 2013" is concave, but actually its convex, please verify it.  

21) C 
Color theory says that a broad range of colors can be evolved by adjusting proportions of Red, Green and blue. The main purpose of  RGB model is for display of images in electronic systems (like televisions, computers as well as photography)

22) B

23) D

  • National flower  - Lotus
  • National song    - Vande mataram by Bankimchandra Chaterjee
  • National Anthem- Jana-gana-mana by Rabindranath Tagore
  • National animal  - Tiger
  • National bird      - Indian Peacock
24) D
Uski Roti is Mani Kaul's first film released in 1969.

25) D

  1. Van Gogh and Paul Klee were both famous painters.
  2. Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.
  3. Pablo picasso was a painter, stage designer, sculptor, printmaker and ceramicist. (source : Wikipedia)

26) B
The remaining instruments were sounded with the help of strings and only instrument in option B was sounded by blowing air, thus proving as odd.

27) B

  • Chetan Bhagat is an author, speaker as well as columnist.
  • Bimal Roy was one of the most popular film director of India.
  • Aravund Adiga is an Indian writer and Journalist.

28) D
D Udaya Kumar is a noteable designer (Visual communications) from IDC, IIT Bombay who framed the current Indian Rupee symbol.

29) A
Cubism was co-founded by Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism is a form of art that depicts form from many angles at once and lays less emphasis on showing lifelike representations.
(source: ask.com)

30) B

31) C
Indian rupee symbol was founded by Mr. Uday Kumar. He did PhD in Design from IDC, IIT Bombay.

32) D
This is the first Cast Iron bridge popularly known as "The Iron Bridge"
As you can note in picture, some parts of the bridges were shaped with circular and elliptical truss type structures, for which I hope Concrete and Hard wood material was not feasible.

Modern bridges are built with materials like concrete, Stainless steel, Fiber reinforced polymers (abbreviated FRP) or combination of those materials.

33) C

34) C

  • Front - 3 faces
  • Right - 3 faces
  • Back  - 2 faces
  • Left  - 2 faces
  • Top   - 3 faces
  • bottom- 3 faces

35) C

36) D
Watch in option D looks more sporty.

37) D
This is a sculpture made with marble in China.
Cast Iron is least used in sculpture, Granite is the hardest one and so is expensive. The left options are Bronze and Marble. For sculptures (of small to medium size) that includes more details like curves, bends and more,bronze is best suited for easy molding. Marble is best for large scale sculptures.

38) B
Below is Vidhan Saudha picture

Below is Mysore Palace picture

Below is White House picture

(sources : Wikipedia)

39) D
Ceramic cups doesn't heat your hands, when you hold the cup. The remaining (paper, polystyrene and stainless steel) cups does.

40) A

For detailed explanation on similar questions check - here

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  2. hello, for q no 12 enlightenment is not the appropriate word because the filament of that bulb is broken and not glowing, hence it says darkness...

    1. I agree with you.
      It should be 'darkness' as the fuse is broken.

  3. Hi, This is about Q7 which asks about the tool used to create the letteres. It is calligraphy pen, if you look at the variation of the width of the strokes.

    It think the dots around are just because of print quality. With chalk a letter would have same width all along the stroke of the letter

    1. I will check and get back soon, thanks for the note.

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  4. Q38 : answer is Kolkata victoria memorial ! check it out > http://goo.gl/BorpKn
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    1. hmm, it's the same answer brother, kolkata memorial is different from what they have asked, please check again. Ya thanks for that :)

  5. Q 37 --- This is not a sculpture in china. It is the Pieta by Michelangelo and it is located in vativan city. just pointing out .

  6. Q-40; i think A & D both the option are correct..???

  7. Q-40; i think A & D both the option are correct..???

    1. In option D the mark is same...whereas in option A the mark is inverted as it undergone many reflections.

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  10. Q7's answer should be caligraphy?

    1. I think probably they used chalk on stencil, in addition to the explanation that i gave above

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  13. Hey I think you got that wrong in Q. 25.. Da vinci was a designer as we ca see in his works of military designs

  14. In Q-12 the tungsten of the bulb is cut off, and so the bulb cannot glow. and so I guess the answer should be darkness.

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