14 November 2015

CEED 2016 Sample Part-A Mock test - 1


There isn't much difference in the pattern of CEED (as well as UCEED) in the last couple of years, this blog already have many mock tests, which would give you an idea of what type of questions might appear in exams as well as give you some clues on how to solve them. In-spite of this, many are leaving comments for mock tests specifically for this year. For this reason, I collected some more sample questions and included here as a warm up practice for you. 

Please make sure that you also cover or attempt other mock tests released in earlier years (and this year) for both CEED as well as UCEED. CEED Part A and UCEED patterns are way similar. So, take both papers and solve them. For those giving CEED this Dec, they can consider attempting UCEED 2015 paper as well as UCEED mock tests that I had dealt in this blog. You can find the links to those mock tests at the end.

Answer Key to this mock test

  1) Solve this

2) What is the correct option for a Tetrahedron

a) Face = 4, Vertex = 6, Edges = 4
b) Face = 6, Vertex = 6, Edges = 6
c) Face = 4, Vertex = 4, Edges = 6
d) Face = 6, Vertex = 8, Edges = 12

3) Figure shows a Bolt and Nut combination, if you have to rotate and tight it using your left hand in the same orientation as shown as given in the figure, which option is correct

a) rotate clockwise direction
b) rotate anticlockwise direction
c) any direction
d) None

4) Which type of mirrors are used 'as wall mirrors' or 'dressing mirrors'

a) convex
b) concave
c) cylindrical
d) plane

5) Below picture shows a famous painting "Three girls" made by

a) Rabindranath Tagore
b) Amrita Sher Gil
c) Manjit Bava
d) Lalita Lajmi

6) The Great Sphinx Of Giza, Egypt is made from

a) Clay 
b) Rock
c) Limestone
d) Plaster of Paris 
e) Wood

7) Famous book "The God of small things" was written by

a) Jhumpa Lahiri
b) Salman Rushdie
c) Amish Tripathi
d) Arundhatti Roy

8) Which of the following are true related to Paint brush (select multiple)

a) Two basic types of bristles: natural and synthetic
b) Only one type: made from animal hair
c) synthetic bristles are made from nylon
d) synthetic bristles are made from Polyster
e) Natural bristles are made from hog or badger
f) b,e
g) a,c,e
h) a,c,d,e

9) What reasoning fact can you give after judging the below picture

10) Figure shows a solid and its projection in three different views, a,b,c, represents

a) front view, top view, right side view
b) left side view, top view, front view
c) top view, front view, left side view
d) top view, front view, right side view

All the flutes are instruments.
All the harmoniums are flutes.

what can you derive from the above two sentences ?

12) count the number of squares in the given figure (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

13) The given figure is made of letters L,T,H,I,E and F, set in different orientations. Find the total number of
occurance of capital letter T in the figure. (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

14) Count the number of surfaces for the given picture

15) A square paper is folded twice and four small triangular cuts are given as shown in the picture Identify the correct unfolded pattern 


16) Which of the following are Image formats

e) a and d
f) All

17) Which of the following is/are types of pollution

a) Light Pollution
b) Noise Pollution
c) Visual Pollution
d) Radioactive contamination
e) Soil contamination
f) Visual pollutions

18) Canon released the highest pixel camera recently, select the correct range of it's MP

a) 30-40 megapixel
b) 20-30 MP
c) 65-70 MP
d) 50-55 MP

19) A machine produces 100 units of product per minute. If 24 units of product are packed to the case, how many cases can be filled in one hour by the machine? 

A. 125
B. 250
C. 500
D. 2,500
E. 6,000 

20) Identify the correct pattern

21) Shown below is a belt and pulley arrangement. How many pulleys are rotating clockwise

22) Below shows a image of a man in running position, select the next four set of movements of the human in order

a) 2, 1, 3, 4
b) 3, 1, 4, 2
c) 1, 2, 4, 3
d) 4, 1, 3, 2

23) Who among the following, doesn't belong to the list of 'famous Graphic designers'

a) Sachin Bavkar
b) Satish Gurera
c) Sujata Kesavan
d) Akshr Pathak
e) all
f) none

24) If teapot A holds 32 ounces of tea, about how many ounces does teapot B hold?

a) 64
b) 0
c) 16
d) 48
e) cannot determine
25) Which two of the four images are same

a) a,c
b) a,b
c) b,d
d) (a,c) and (b,d)
e) all four match to the same pattern
f) none

26) Left image shows four cut papers, which when joined will form which pattern

a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

27) Identify the famous personality 

a) Sir C.V.Raman
b) Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
c) Subash Chandra Bose
d) Arya Bhatta

28) Following image is a strange design made by the famous company "Porsche".  Identify the product use
a) Table and night lamp
b) Hot water and tea maker
c) Hookah
d) voice speaker

29) Select as many (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

30) Figure shows what is called "Archimedes screw" that is principally used to raise water. In order to raise water , the shaft with blades should rotate

a) Cloclwise
b) Aniclockwise
c) both directions lift water

31) which among the following comes under recycled packing materials

a) Bubble wrap
b) Paper board
c) Corn starch
d) Glass
e) none

In all cultures, gestures are used as a form of communication, but the same gestures may have very different meanings in different cultures.

a) No two cultures use the same gestures.
b) One gesture will never have the same meaning in two cultures.
c) A person from one culture may misunderstand the gestures used by a person from another culture. 

33) The following image is 
a) A photogragh
b) edited image of photoshop
c) made by oil painting
d) Acrylic painting
e) Pastel work

34) The much anticipated movie "The Jungle Book" to be released in 2016 is directed by

a) Justin Murphy
b) Nick Park
c) Brad Bird
d) Jon Favreau 

35) Below image shows a cardboard box, select the best option

a) 4-point perspective
b) 1-point perspective
c) 11-point perspective
d) Picture not in perspection

36) Figure shows a palace in Russia, state the material used

a) Brick
b) Limestone
c) Marble
d) Italian stones
e) Cement

37) Which among the following is/are (select as many) not a style of Architecture in India

a) Gadag
b) Maru-Gujara
c) Nagara
d) Badami
e) None
As you can seen, I have included a good number of UCEED 2015 questions, just to remind you the similarities in the pattern of both the exams, in fact I guess the level for UCEED Part A is some steps ahead to the level of CEED! So, those preparing for CEED are recommended to practice UCEED previous papers (as well as the mock tests that I dealt in this blog) to strengthen your practice and mathematical as well as design abilities. I knowingly neglected asking questions related to culture and other GA related, hoping that you are aware of them, or you can find them in previous mock tests.

More Mock tests for your practice

Part-A and Part-B practice exercises (*)

Hope this helps, All the best ........


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