4 November 2013

Sketching practice - PERCEPTION

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Sketching is an important medium in CEED exam and Part-B is intended to test your design and creative ability through the mode of sketching. So, we will try to learn how to improve our sketching work in the coming days. Lot of practice is required to master the art of sketching. Perception is an important concept in any sketch, drawing or even photography. Whatever you see - they appear in perceptive or converging to our eyes. So it's an important factor in CEED exam. 

To ease you with the perceptive way of visualizing and sketching, I had included many sketches below, You are advised to go through each sketch and do the following :
  1. Observe how things/objects are arranged
  2. Observe how walls are converging (in perceptive) with proportionate convergence of other things/objects placed
  3. Identify how simply they were sketched with minimal details (shadings and so on)
  4. Start sketching by looking or copying
  5. Finally try to sketch (roughly) the same without seeing; by remembering or visualization.
Doing this, might help you with the concept of perceptive. Friends remember  that when you perceive things or portraits in perception, then sketching them will be damn easy and one who is good at perception is also good at sketching !!!

I had already discussed the following concept in my earlier posts, but just to remind you and as an example, let me show the below sketch and discuss the same concept here.

Now try to perceive or visualize the same sketch as a picture in which lines are converging as shown below :

Visualizing like this is a great and faster way of improving your perception sketching skills. Now please sketch the below as practice

(Source - sippdraing)

(source - interiorclip)

(source - sipdrawing)

(source - buzzle)

(source : pixgood)

(source : redeemdesign)

(source : sipdrawing)

Some more drawings for your practice

You are advised to practice similar sketches in free time. If you want more, feel free to comment below, I will update more.

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  1. YOu have made great sketches Bhanu!

    1. Hi Swati,
      The sketches were not mine, it was taken from net for aspirants practice :)

  2. Oh. Are you also an aspirant ? :)

    1. kind of :)

      I will just make a try but not serious, to check my level

    2. Bhanu there is no sketching questions in uceed.I feel I wasted my time practising sketches...anyway..I have suggestion for.u..plz put famous paintings bye famous painters along with what each painting says.This is very very imp for uceed

    3. Hi Ayushi,

      My first and foremost point for UCEED guide in my first UCEED post is "Don't practice sketches". I think you haven't gone thru them, if you have at least gone thru prev paper or syllabus, you could have avoided practising what is not needed for exam. This blog was firstly developed as a guide for CEED. UCEED is just an addition - that too I added this year (april) only, so most posts are obviously for CEED. Anyway, here is the first post for UCEED that I was talking about, Please just check the first point -

      First steps for UCEED preparation

      Please make sure that you only visit those topics or posts listed in UCEED page of this blog. Also Mock tests (again - no design practice for UCEED!) are applicable for both CEED and UCEED students! Some of the details about famous painters etc are available in the latest mock tests, After CEED exam, I will try to update them i nthe blog, will let everyone know once i do that:)

  3. thank you sir... for such a valuable updates.. :)


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