14 November 2015

Answer key for CEED 2016 Part - A mock test -1


This is the anser key to CEED/UCEED 2016 Mock test -1, If you haven't checked the questions, yet, I strongly recommend to go through the actual questions, try to solve them, and them come here to check the answers. Here is the actual question set - 2016 Part - A practice mock test - 1

1) Solve this

ans) A

2) What is the correct option for a Tetrahedron

a) Face = 4, Vertex = 6, Edges = 4
b) Face = 6, Vertex = 6, Edges = 6
c) Face = 4, Vertex = 4, Edges = 6
d) Face = 6, Vertex = 8, Edges = 12

ans) C

3) Figure shows a Bolt and Nut combination, if you have to rotate and tight it using your left hand in the same orientation as shown as given in the figure, which option is correct

a) rotate clockwise direction
b) rotate anticlockwise direction
c) any direction
d) None

ans) a

4) Which type of mirrors are used 'as wall mirrors' or 'dressing mirrors'

a) convex
b) concave
c) cylindrical
d) plane

ans) d

5) Below picture shows a famous painting "Three girls" made by

a) Rabindranath Tagore
b) Amrita Sher Gil
c) Manjit Bava
d) Lalita Lajmi

ans) b

6) The Great Sphinx Of Giza, Egypt is made from

a) Clay 
b) Rock
c) Limestone
d) Plaster of Paris 
e) Wood

ans) c

7) Famous book "The God of small things" was written by

a) Jhumpa Lahiri
b) Salman Rushdie
c) Amish Tripathi
d) Arundhatti Roy

ans) d

8) Which of the following are true related to Paint brush (select multiple)

a) Two basic types of bristles: natural and synthetic
b) Only one type: made from animal hair
c) synthetic bristles are made from nylon
d) synthetic bristles are made from Polyster
e) Natural bristles are made from hog or badger
f) b,e
g) a,c,e
h) a,c,d,e

ans) h

9) What reasoning fact can you give after judging the below picture

ans) Pain-less operation

10) Figure shows a solid and its projection in three different views, a,b,c, represents

a) front view, top view, right side view
b) left side view, top view, front view
c) top view, front view, left side view
d) top view, front view, right side view

ans) d

All the flutes are instruments.
All the harmoniums are flutes.

what can you derive from the above two sentences ?

ans) All harmoniums are instruments

12) count the number of squares in the given figure (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

ans) 37

Check the below images for better understanding, note the blue shapes fitted to indicate the square counted.
Handle these type of questions as follows:
  1. First count the big squares, write it down for sure, 
  2. then count next lesser sized squares, write it down, and so on. 
  3. Don't stick to principles like 'Symmetry', even in symmetry images, there might be squares (or any required shape) derived from the two symmetry.

Squares -> 1 (in the center) + 1x(2 - for both sides) = 3

Squares -> 9 x (2 - for both sides) = 18

Squares -> 8 x (2 - for both sides) = 16

Total squares -> 3+18+16 = 37

13) The given figure is made of letters L,T,H,I,E and F, set in different orientations. Find the total number of
occurance of capital letter T in the figure. (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

ans) 7

14) Count the number of surfaces for the given picture

ans) 13

3+3+2+3+1+1 = 13

check how to solve similar questions here - solving for no. of faces on solids
Also see -  working wit geometric shapes

15) A square paper is folded twice and four small triangular cuts are given as shown in the picture Identify the correct unfolded pattern 


ans) 2nd pattern

16) Which of the following are Image formats

e) a and d
f) All

ans) f
Check all the image formats list

17) Which of the following is/are types of pollution

a) Light Pollution
b) Noise Pollution
c) Visual Pollution
d) Radioactive contamination
e) Soil contamination
f) Visual pollutions

ans) a,d,c,d,e (all)

18) Canon released the highest pixel camera recently, select the correct range of it's MP

a) 30-40 megapixel
b) 20-30 MP
c) 65-70 MP
d) 50-55 MP

ans) d

19) A machine produces 100 units of product per minute. If 24 units of product are packed to the case, how many cases can be filled in one hour by the machine? 

A. 125
B. 250
C. 500
D. 2,500
E. 6,000 

ans) B 

If 100 units are produced every minute, then 100 units x 60 minutes = 6,000 units are produced every hour. 6,000 units per hour / 24 units per case = 250 cases per hour. The correct answer is B.

20) Identify the correct pattern

ans) B

21) Shown below is a belt and pulley arrangement. How many pulleys are rotating clockwise

ans) 5

22) Below shows a image of a man in running position, select the next four set of movements of the human in order

a) 2, 1, 3, 4
b) 3, 1, 4, 2
c) 1, 2, 4, 3
d) 4, 1, 3, 2

ans) d

Learn more about - Animation and step by step movement

23) Who among the following, doesn't belong to the list of 'famous Graphic designers'

a) Sachin Bavkar
b) Satish Gurera
c) Sujata Kesavan
d) Akshr Pathak
e) all
f) none

ans) f

24) If teapot A holds 32 ounces of tea, about how many ounces does teapot B hold?

a) 64
b) 0
c) 16
d) 48
e) cannot determine

ans) 16 ounces (about half of pot A).

The amount of tea that can be kept within each pot is determined by the height of the spout opening. The tea level cannot rise above the spout opening since any extra tea would merely spill out from the spout.  A simple visual estimate would conclude that the spout of teapot B is approximately half the height of that of teapot A, therefore providing only half of the capacity, or 16 ounces.

25) Which two of the four images are same

a) a,c
b) a,b
c) b,d
d) (a,c) and (b,d)
e) all four match to the same pattern
f) none

ans) d

26) Left image shows four cut papers, which when joined will form which pattern

a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

ans) B

27) Identify the famous personality 

a) Sir C.V.Raman
b) Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
c) Subash Chandra Bose
d) Arya Bhatta

ans) b

28) Following image is a strange design made by the famous company "Porsche".  Identify the product use
a) Table and night lamp
b) Hot water and tea maker
c) Hookah
d) voice speaker

ans) c

29) Select as many (source: UCEED 2015 paper)

ans) C,D

30) Figure shows what is called "Archimedes screw" that is principally used to raise water. In order to raise water , the shaft with blades should rotate

a) Cloclwise
b) Aniclockwise
c) both directions lift water

ans) a

31) which among the following comes under recycled packing materials

a) Bubble wrap
b) Paper board
c) Corn starch
d) Glass
e) none

ans) a,b,c,d

In all cultures, gestures are used as a form of communication, but the same gestures may have very different meanings in different cultures.

a) No two cultures use the same gestures.
b) One gesture will never have the same meaning in two cultures.
c) A person from one culture may misunderstand the gestures used by a person from another culture. 

ans) c

33) The following image is 
a) A photogragh
b) edited image of photoshop
c) made by oil painting
d) Acrylic painting
e) Pastel work

ans) c

A pure oil painting!
More Painting Resources : on wiki page, most popular painting styles

34) The much anticipated movie "The Jungle Book" to be released in 2016 is directed by

a) Justin Murphy
b) Nick Park
c) Brad Bird
d) Jon Favreau 

ans) d

35) Below image shows a cardboard box, select the best option

a) 4-point perspective
b) 1-point perspective
c) 11-point perspective
d) Picture not in perspective

ans) d

Very good collection of - perspective and non-perspective images

An example image showing how to evaluatre 'out of persepctivness' in the given image. Note that the thing you need to do is to extend the edges of the object till extensions meets at some points. These meeting points are termed as 'Vanishing points'. If there are two such points, it's called Two-point persepctive image (2PP), if three, it's 3PP. In an given image, some objects might be wrongly sketched/showed which will be out of persepctive.

36) Figure shows a palace in Russia, state the material used

a) Brick
b) Limestone
c) Marble
d) Italian stones
e) Cement

ans) c
See more - Architectural guide

37) Which among the following is/are (select as many) not a style of Architecture in India

a) Gadag
b) Maru-Gujara
c) Nagara
d) Badami
e) None

ans) e
See more - Architectural guide

As you can seen, I have included a good number of UCEED 2015 questions, just to remind you the similarities in the pattern of both the exams, in fact I guess the level for UCEED Part A is some steps ahead to the level of CEED! So, those preparing for CEED are recommended to practice UCEED previous papers (as well as the mock tests that I dealt in this blog) to strengthen your practice and mathematical as well as design abilities. I knowingly neglected asking questions related to culture and other GA related, hoping that you are aware of them, or you can find them in previous mock tests.

More Mock tests for your practice

Part-A and Part-B practice exercises (*)

Hope this helps, All the best ........


  1. Architecture Guide Link is broken.

  2. Query: In Archimedes Screw, shaft with blades should rotate anti clockwise to raise water? Isn't it?

    1. It depends on the direction of your view, if u r observing from the left side, then it should rotate in counter clokwise, if u r view is from right side, then shaft should rotate in clockwise, i considered the later part. But idea should be clear, the shaft should turn such that the blades moves in the direction i nwhich water should go, i nthis case, it's upwards (or right to left of the shown inclined screw). Hope u got that.

    2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archimedes%27_screw#/media/File:Archimedes-screw_one-screw-threads_with-ball_3D-view_animated_small.gif

      to raise water, the movement shows anti clock wise. for lifting water (down to up). be it observing from left or right side, will it still not be anti clock to raise water?

  3. Hi Bhanu Bhaiya, bhaiya i probably noticed a error in the 7 questain on this page it says the ANS. is "C", but i think it is suppose to be "D" ie "arundhati roy". Please check once .
    Thank You.

    1. Ya, thank u Akul, I forgot to correct it, will do now

  4. according to my observation ,in question no.13, the number of I's in the given pattern is 12 not 7 .

    1. The question should be number of T's, it's my typo, I have rectified that, thank u :)

  5. thanks bhanu chander its very use full it gives us confident

  6. sir i have dought about question no 9 how is pain less operation

    1. The word given is "oPerAtIoN", the missing letters from the pic is P-A-I-N, now u know the reason right, PAIN-less operation

  7. Please check question number 22. Option (d) seems to be the most logical to me from the given choices.

    1. Perfectly! you are right, option D is the answer, I have corrected in the post. Thanks ...

  8. sir, for many questions there are more than one correct answers. so if i marked any one of the correct answer, will i get positive mark for that question?

    1. No!
      for this part, total marks for each question is 2, and one can get 2 marks only if he answers all choices correct, if any one is wrong or no complete choices made, then he will not get any marks, not even negative marking. PL check the instruction given in the top of the CEED 2015 question paper for more instructions and clarifications.

  9. In the question paper, Q13 say number of I and in answer key it say number of T

    1. :D, I must have been in hurry! Consider T and solve.

  10. Thanks for the mock test! But I am not able to understand question 22. How can the fourth image come directly after the one posted? The dark leg should touch the ground immediately after, but (b) seems illogical as well :/

    1. Actually, there's a transaction image missing between the given position and the first option, that's why all these confusion. When Deori pointed that the option was not matching, I noted that one sketch was missing, so with all the available best option, choice 'd' matches best. Doesn't matter if most of you have done wrong choice for this ques, but importantly, chk if u have learnt how to figure out the correct series. You may try going through similar ques n solve. You can find this kind of ques with explanation in blog resource page.

    2. But 'b' is not logical in any way, pl chk

  11. sir, i am having problem with questions like Q12...i had tried alot but cant count correctly the no. or squares or in some ques. triangle etc in such complex figures....what to do??

    1. first of all glad 2 see ur involvement n ur responses n answers in all the tests! gud job. Ya, may be thta is bit complex geo that's y u r facing difficulty. What u can do is start with small geo images n do this kind of exercises. It's all about observing and finding the diff sizes/numbers of the required shape. After solving for some small sized geo questions, try this question again.

  12. I dont get the answer of tea cup.. The spouse is placed at the base.
    How can the cup hold tea ?

    1. Ya, Spout is kept at base, but the opening is at the half of Pot A - if u observe, and the tea holder can hold tea till the opening of spout!

  13. @Unknown, ya ur right, for the image formats, actually the last option is 'ALL', I by mistake kept that as 'None', I have corrected that. Thanks

  14. Sir in Q.no 12 how r 37 squares possible?? I mean both halves are symmetric (18 in each ) it should be 36...

    1. sorry for the late reply Kaushik, actually it's 37 only, I know which square you missed, I have updated the image above, please check and clarify yourself

    2. thanks a lot sir it was the middle one that i missed.Also i wanted to know that in all these type of questions do we need count the shapes as visible on the paper or 3D space?? Sir another similar doubt is from an older paper uploaded by u ??probably u didn't see it The image URL is:

      Its answer as mentioned by u is 24 but i cud spot 23 .. plz help sir...do see that ones comments too other doubts are also there..

  15. Q. No 16 your answer is wrong JPG and GIF are image formats
    answer should be - e

  16. thank you for the paper i loved q no 24

  17. I m currently pursuing mechanical engineering if don't get into iitb after uceed i would go for mdes after preparing for ceed . do you think i should do mdes

    1. That's perfectly fine, Good that you are positive and are ready with long term plans too considering alternatives. There are few people, who doesn't like flexibility - this will be fine for those whom are ready to wait for some time (in worst case) and whom can come across or tolerate their frustration - if any. It's really good to be flexible as per my experience and knowledge. I prefer being so!

  18. i think dat d ans to ques 22 is incorrect as d person is slightly bent towards d left and as he is in d middle of a jump he should land on his right leg....I think.

    1. Some of the movements for that ques is missing, I've already stated that in the above comments many times, but anyway based on the given options, option d is best fit!

  19. Hello Bhanu bro can share some important things that how to think or prepare for this UCEED

  20. In question no. 35 how can we identify that the picture is out of perspective?

  21. sir,

    In the link you have given for question no. 16,
    CAL of option-A
    and PCB of option-D are missing.
    so, are CAL and PCB really image formats?


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