4 October 2013

Organize Time-table for CEED preparation

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Organizing time for CEED preparation is a bit confusing and difficult task. Aspirants usually gets confused in deciding which thing to start first, what to start and when to start. Starting preparation even before 30 days is not a bad idea, but it should be supported with proper planning, so as to cover the topics in the anticipated time. 

That's why in this post,  I will discuss something about my schedule (time-table) that I decided to set for my preparation.

General awareness and GK questions that usually appears in Part-A section of CEED exams were similar to theory subjects (like economics or history). Even though we start preparing these things now (considering two months time), we still need to revise them right before the exam or at least in regular or frequent intervals. 

So, my idea is to better focus on design aptitude development, improvements in the areas of problem solving, analysis  as well as enhancing creative ability skills. That's because these areas of practice can't be developed immediately like the one-day batting or late night studies that we usually do in engineering or similar exams.

Most of the CEED aspirants seems to be working professionals and students (either in final year or in 3rd year). It's common that they won't get much time to spare for preparation due to their busy work and college schedules, and concentrating on Part-A (especially GK) will be boring. Sometimes frustration arises for not doing or managing the time as expected. 

But the subject areas like design, creative thinking and problem solving would probably encourage and even relax the mind. That's why it would be wise to target the above areas first, by doing sketches of your ideas every day and also with mental thinking.

The best way is to collect and preserve the useful resources for Part-A from the beginning of the preparation process and when you find right time, you may start studying them. Going through some design ideas in the web; improving your sketching, thinking and writing skills are some good exercises that will keep you entertained right from the beginning.

Multi-tasking (simultaneous working and mentally thinking for ideas) seems easy for the above (design) topics, while concentrating on awareness topics and doing work is a difficult task. But at the last moment (say 20 to 30 days left), out of fear and responsibility, you will be concentrating on the remaining topics without feeling boredom.

The thing what I am doing is I started taking one or two simple examples every day (say water bottle) and I will go for its analysis like :

  • Existing design and uses
  • Problems with the current design (I will create some even though there is none !!)
  • Any creative modification ideas
  • Uses of the new ideas

After analyzing  this, I will go for some quick and simple sketching/illustrations at leisure. This kind of exercise can be done while say eating, bathing or travelling and in my case i am enjoying it without getting bored. My plan is like I will be preparing for Part-A by the last 30 days. (as I feel one month is more than enough for awareness study; at least for me)

OK, the next important thing to note is: after writing CEED exam, I won't be waiting for the results, instead I will start generating portfolio. I know that portfolio is not required until CEED written paper and so I give no attention to it (up to the exam). Every one will be getting more than one month of time gap between CEED exam and DAT/interview, so it would be wise to concentrate on portfolio later.

Do you know one thing ? yesterday; while travelling on car, I got the thoughts (ideas and concepts explained above) for writing this post. That's why I always carry a notepad and even my iPad mini, so as to note the ideas whenever any such useful (and even non-useful ..... !!!) thoughts strikes my mind. That's the advantage of always engaging one's mind with lateral and creative thoughts with concern for effective utilization of the available time. 

Friends, please don't mind if you feel like my posts were sometimes crowded with out-of-syllabus topics. I just wanted to share my thoughts, so that it would be of some or little help to you and your preparation.

Organize your time and plan to prepare the best time table most suited to you based on your nature (student, professional, freelancer etc) to crack CEED exam. 

This is how I prepare for CEED. what about you ?

All the best.

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  2. I am preparing for ceed and nid this year and I am a working professional. Please guide me how can I manage my time? Your blog is really great.

    1. You can check the last para of this post as an answer ur query.

      Is Coaching requird for CEED ? - Self Assessment guide

      Apart from that my suggetsion would be to utilize ur weekends for preparation. Preparing during working hours might be a trouble to you. Start with design problem solving and basic sketching. Focus on some selected design streams. You can also start Part A (GA) studies mean while, since those topics would interest you coz it's out of ur work content.

  3. Thank for this post

    As i'm a free lancer i found it more difficult to manage my time because im completely free.So i get bored sometimes and dont understand how can i schedule my day??

    1. welcome,
      since u r freelancer, u r gifted with plenty of time! try to make use of it. Below things I can suggest
      1. Do online course
      If you're preparing from CEED, then
      1. Do lot of sketching
      2. Practice design and creative questions daily
      3. Try to put new ideas in paper
      In below post that I released today, you can check the timetable on weekly basis covering major topics

      Weekly strategic schedule for CEED preparation

      Also, here's my general post on how to utilize time effectively especially for freelancers!

      How to utilize time effectively - for freelancers and jobless sitting at home

  4. I am preparing for ceed please tell me how to develop problem solving skill

    1. Please check the following links -
      Answers t ocommon CEEED question and doubts
      Initial tips for building problem solving and observation skills

      I'm copying the lines on how to develop design thinking and prob solving, that I wrote in my post 'How to start n what to practice'

      "The left discussion is about Design thinking and creative idea generation. These topics really require considerable time to improve and we cannot develop design thinking skills overnight. So, you need to parallelly start your preparation for design and creative thinking along with your sketch practice. The thumb rule is to take any day to day product or activity and analyze the following :
      The current design - why it is so ?
      What are the problems with that existing design ?
      What changes can be made in that ?
      Any new/alternate ideas ?
      Possible alternate uses of that product
      What more can be included in the design ?
      Any drawbacks of the new design ?

      The list goes on. It's upto you - to think laterally on any selected product. For example, you may consider say your own wrist watch and analyze it for the above points. Make a note of the ideas and if possible put your imaginative thoughts in paper (simple rough sketches)."


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