17 November 2013

Mistakes in Design Sketches - 2

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For the 'candle sketch' - shared with me by a friend as shown below
(Question appeared in previous CEED paper)

Some identified mistakes to be avoided
  1. First thing first is size, the match box sizes seems more in width than the candle, and even the height, if we visually imagine that in reality, then we may find that candle is really looking larger. So it's better reduce the diameter of the candle
  2. We may show the candle lit 
  3. Length of the match sticks (shown split here and there) were not equal to Length of the match box, both should be of almost same lengths
  4. The table on which the candle and match box was placed was not shown properly, and it should be better in perceptive way
Overall; one should be taking care of size factor, by maintaining which the sketch assumes reality.

For the 'Table with desktop sketch' - shared with me by our friend as shown below
(As asked in this blogs post "Design thoughts for every day") 

My reply to this sketch
  1. It's very good that you even showed texture to the table; great, all the accessories were drawn fine, but please mind some perception, the bottom CPU doesn't match with the actual line convergence I mean it's not in perceptive.
  2. SIZE factor is what you should be careful, just compare the size of three books with the desktop itself and even dust bin, You can see that the books look larger and also thicker. For reality appearance the sizes should be appropriate.
  3. Please don't use scale, most of the time free hand sketching is preferred
  4. You even showed part of the cupboard in open position, good !!!
  5. You showed the vertical seat of the chair in a single line or plane plate type, better show in solid representation

For 'Multi-use of Shoe package box' sketch - shared with me by a friend as shown below
(Question appeared in previous CEED question paper)

My reply to this sketch
  1. Your concept of using a shoe box as tools set was very great, I appreciate it, the thing to note is we CANNOT INCLUDE accessories like light, speaker, LED and charger points to that because that requires one's in depth technical knowledge and that can't be done by a regular user. Remember that creative things using shoe box is carried at home !!! and not in design shops like we did multi-purpose stands and walking sticks. So better we avoid including that
  2. And yes your inclusion of first aid, tools and remainder pads were awesome, u also included that with used bottles, great idea
  3. When we include lengthy products like say scissors in the box in vertically standing position, the box can't be closed !!! So better you avoid sketch of that box top cover, or show in a manner that all the accessories were kept in horizontal position

Note : These are just my views that I felt like sharing with you, so that you might avoid doing similar kind of mistakes. If you have any variations, please neglect this.

You may watch this video tutorial on "Common Sketching mistakes that you must avoid for CEED practice"

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  1. sir,
    In CEED 2016 product design Q, B'cas i don't had much time so i used scale for exploded view bt there is no detail abt not using scale or only freehand sketch as i remember,they do minus marking 4 it ?

    1. No, I don't think there will be any negative marking for this, they haven't mentioned anything so it doesn't matter, don't worry!


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