17 December 2016

UCEED one month practice topics - Quick List

Hi friends,

As I'm getting many messages stating that only one month is left and what could be prepared in the month, I thought of sharing a quick list of topics for your benefit.   As the name suggests, this is really a short list and it marks the priority to be given and doesn't mean that other topics should be left. But, make sure that you cover these topics for sure so that to keep yourself in safer side.  

Frankly speaking, if your visualisation skills (image based and aptitude) are good or above average, then one month is more than sufficient for UCEED preparation. But if you still need practice on visualisation part, then cater more time for your exam preparation out of your regular board study time. If you ask me, then compared to CEED and NID-DAT, UCEED exam is quite easy to handle, although the questions would be time-consuming. Handle in the sense the limited topics/preparation compared to the rest two exams. So, stay confident but do your best. 

I'm really sceptical in giving so-called "schedule/timetable" because there isn't any standard schedule that would work for all. Some might need just one or two weeks to complete the list and some might take a month time to complete. But, just that to make sure that you won't miss the topics, and just because I've been asked repeatedly, I'm leaving the below list. Do, adjust your schedule on daily basis to cover the topics according to your daily commitments

let me tell you one thing, It's no use if you don't put the effort of using your hands to take food in the plate placed in front of you to put it in your mouth, even if your plate has plenty of food. What I mean is, even if you've resources, unless you don't put your effort in practice, you cannot fill your stomach (here it mean getting good AIR). Competition is heavy and you really need to work hard. Hope you understood and take it positively. 

Do your best to be the best :)

Let me skip the above kahani, and jump to the actual business of sharing the list

Priority list of topics for UCEED preparation in one month

Geometrical views, projections, solid manipulations, visualisation of solids (do exercises)

GK/GA on 
Color theory
Art and print media
Animation study
Famous personalities
Top award-winners/leaders etc

Mensuration (medium level)

Mechanical Ability

Image Aptitude, 
Pictogram puzzles, 
Inference from pictures

Pattern recognization from images

Image observation (like identifying similar patterns in a set of patterns)

Paper cuts

9) Reading/Paragraph comprehension (Very little - don't spend much time on this if you have already done some practice or if this is handy to you, but remember this topic is important for UCEED exam!)

Most importantly, don't forget to attempt previous papers (including CEED, NID papers) so as to keep a track of the time that you consume for answering the papers as well as keep yourself in pace with the time-bound answering.

If you complete the above list, you can check - Weekly timetable/strategy for UCEED preparation, for more topics, that I shared two months ago. 
Hope you do well :) 



  1. Thank you for posting this. I was recommended a book for logical reasoning for covering the numerical part. It is for Upsc which is expected to be of the level for the Uceed exam. The name of the book is - Mag book logical reasoning. Please let me know important books to cover the numerical part.

    1. I'm actually not aware of the content of the book, but any mental ability book should be fine, regardless of online of book form. Cover mensuration, series and ability questions as part of numerical practice, from any source, only thing is don't end up dping only that part, I mean books usually carries several questions, solving the whole will itself take several weeks, so take selected topics n study, that's it!

  2. Sir i want you to prepare some mock tests for the upcoming uceed 2017. and i want you to make some sample papers for section b.
    please sir

  3. Sir,can you please tell me about books i can refer to???

    1. In my opinion Arihant's book for NIFT/NID/IIFD is very good for preparation of aptitude,imaginative thinking and basic mathematics and GK. (But it requires at least 20 days or so to go through it.)

  4. what to read about culture?
    and ur blog helped me a lot in nid dat.thnkxx a lot 4 this wonderful blog

    1. chk the resource pg for culture related topics, which includes dance, dress, music and so on

  5. Can you please Put Links With the topics Mentioned Above,That would Be Great.

    1. It's available in resource page, u can check there

  6. This blog is very helpful to me about everything but what about history sir. PLZ SUGGEST ANY BOOK ABOUT HISTORY

  7. About the kind of questions asked in UCEED 2015 and 2016.like Q21,Q70,Q75 asked in 2016 paper

    1. bro, im not able to find that, y don't u leave there in the same post itself, with proper Q no!

  8. for the questions involving count the no of surfaces do u need to count the bottom suface on which the figure rests?

    1. yes, better watch this guide if u r doubtful


  9. Sir I am a 12th class (science)student .I am little bit confuse about that whether I will give jee mains or UCEED ?

    1. give both! But prepare mostly for the exam in which you have interest design or architecture or even engineering!


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