11 October 2013

Resources and general awareness guide for Part-A

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It's like for every two years, there is a change in CEED question pattern. Almost every one is facing difficulty in identifying the correct pattern; so as to make the correct preparation plan. From the past three years (starting from 2012), more awareness and engineering questions started appearing in CEED exams. Part-A is a mix of design, awareness, observation and more. So, in order to make you comfortable with all the topics as well as make you aware of what topics has to be concerned, I included the list of detailed CEED pattern. I also included a larger portion on useful resources, which I hope will help you a lot for better preparation. 

CEED Pattern

Remember that CEED is only a common entrance test and is not for a specific stream. So, obviously questions will be expected from almost all the design streams (particularly design streams available in IDC !!!) as well as basic designer requirements. Let us see the pattern

  • Visual Communication - Logo's, signage, advertising, packaging, fonts etc.
  • Animation Design - Movement observation, comic strips, visuals etc.
  • Product Design - Latest and newest products and trends, current products etc.
  • Automobile Design - Aesthetics, manufacturers and plants etc.
  • Digital (applied to almost all the fields) - Photography, color coding, displays, printing etc.
  • Observation (Basic designer skill) - Mirroring, textures, evolution (past to present), isometrics and geometry, tessellations, shadows and more.
  • Architecture - Sculpture, monuments, materials etc.
  • General awareness - Engineering ability, materials, culture of the country, famous personalities and their works, instruments, animals etc.

Now, we will go through the main resources section. As the topics are more, putting them in a single page is difficult and also confusing. So, I grouped them by giving different headings and also gave links which will take you to the specific page. For your convenience and offline study, I included downloadable format of each section at the end of individual pages.   

  GA on Designers and famous personalities 

>> Complete Architectural guide for Part - A

Other Part-A guide 

(That had already been discussed in my other posts)

Word/Pictogram puzzles (Rebus puzzles)

Leisure time study - material 1

Extra 1 - Mirroring

  • Uses of convex and concave mirror - here
  • Uses of convex mirrors - here
  • Uses of concave mirrors - here

Signs, symbols and their interpretations

A very lengthy but useful pdf file about signs in design context. Just have a quick glance for now. Later, if you are interest you may go deeply into this book - Signs and symbols with design

Odd man out series exercises

Leisure time exercises

Direction sense test

Leisure time practice

Spatial and Visual Ability test samples

Leisure practice

Learn the basics and terms of 'Design for the environment' - with general practices, products, regulations, best practices etc by goinng through this wiki page

Leisure time study - Design for social impact

Perception and Aesthetics

A very good guide on Art Perception
All about - Aesthetics

Mathematical Geometry

CEED/UCEED questions seems to centre mostly around mathematical aptitude; especially geometry type questions; which are designed to judge your observation, imagination, problem solving, lateral thinking and of course creativity. Keeping this in mind, I have gathered some useful materials related to basic geometry. I strongly believe that aspirants should have good knowledge about geometry solid transformations and manipulations. This subject area will directly improve your (above said) skills (observation, imagination and lateral thinking). I forgot to include these in the main resource page, anyway I would like you to start your CEED practice by getting good grip on this area.

Some very good video tutorials that helps you with Solid transformations

source : Maths Online

source : Godcast

Other downloadable materials
Basic Geometry study (Just for reference) -
More - Sectioning of solids from NPTEL
    A very Good guide about - Using Perspective and Vanishing Points

    One of our friend "Varun Shankar" shared the following useful information with me to be included in this post for every one's advantage. I thank him very much for his contribution and helping nature. The links were given below. (connect with him)
    • A list of famous Indian authors - here
    • All about Prime ministers of India - here
    • A picture depicting the Architecture styles of India - here
    • A very good guide on Design fundamentals by Dr. Utpal Barua - here
    • A very good list of Indian Bank Logo's - here
    • Past to present logo evolution for some famous brands - here
    • A list of Indian famous monuments - here

    I thank him once again for his concern towards others benefit.




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    All the best and happy ceeding.


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      1. Thank you for the kind words,

        Yes, your link would definitely help all. Thank you sharing here.

        And here is a link that would help with famous personalities
        The Famous People website

        And I tried my best to include good number of designs and practice questions in this blog. You may go through this blog's sections
        Creativity, practice, Answers tab at the top of this page.

        Thank you again for dropping your valuable links :)

    9. Thanks Sir! Your blog helped me a lot in preparing got many useful informations! :) i have some doubts and questions in my mind,where can i contact you?

      1. Why don't you just ask here ? or you may post your questions in the forum session if it's general question. If the doubts are related to sketches and designs, then I will soon be sharing an email ID through my blog SYL FB update, you may share your works and get the doubts cleared there.

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      1. Num Aptitude ques is not a one day game, you need to practice questions inorder to grasp the questions/methods. Mathematical and geometrical questions needs ones involvement, if you find yourself comfortable with those questons, then you will soon find that you can solve many un-similar questions too! so in the beginning try to understand the method/process employed to solve that prob by going thru that then later try to solve ques with your own knowledge.

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      1. This page is iteself for Part -A, check above, also check uceed resource page for additional resources on design related GA.

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    27. Thank you so much sir for such an amazing guidance. It means a great help to me.
      I have one question regarding part B-
      If i wish to take industrial design as my trade then is it mandatory to attempt the question which is for industrial design?

      1. You can check the detailed reply in the first ques (ques 0) in this post

    28. hello sir...in part 2 of DAT (Mdes) exam, If we are asked to draw 2 human figures on given scene then are we restricted to draw only 2 ?
      and what is the size of answersheet for that part do you have any idea?

      1. Why do u wish to take the extra mile of introducing additional characters? You could instead prefer to focus and give preference to refine the asked no. of characters, right? If they mentioned, I would stick to that coz a person like me prefers to meet their needs.
        The utilisation of the given space/page for drawing determines the ability of the person. So stick to the space they provide, usually it will be A4 or even half page for some specific ques

    29. its being pleasure and of great help learning from here sir,can we have few mock test for 2018 ceed out here sir,as no free mock test are provided in any site

      1. regardless of year, ceed previous years mock tests are always applicable. Try them. Also, uceed papers (prev as well as mocks) are very good for CEED practice. Will try to add more if time permits.


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