10 November 2014

Answer key for CEED 2014 Part-A practice exercise-1

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This is an answer sheet for the already released questions in our blog as part of practice.
If you haven't yet tried to solve those practice questions, I would recommend you to first go through the below link (having only questions) before knowing the answers. That would help in self-assessment of your level - CEED 2014 Part - A practice exercise - 1

1) In 2014, 'Kailsah Satyarthi' received noble prize for his works on :

a. Economy development 

b. Peace and child welfare (ans)

c. Women empowerment

d. Scientific innovation

2) Who is the famous personality in the picture ?

a. C.V.Raman
b. Sardar vallabhai patel
c. Subramaniam C (ans)
d. Jayprakash Narayan

He is the man behind Indian Green revolution.

3. Identify the correct top view for the given solid. Select the correct option for the set of pictures given next to the picture

answer - C

4) Name the product shown in the picture

source : houzz.com

a. Tea maker
b. Gardening water can (ans)
c. medical solution holder

5) Identify the product shown below

a. Electric vehicle cleaner
b. Electric shaver (ans)
c. Electric cutter

6) The first women in India who graduated Architecture is ?

a. Rajini Kalappa 
b. Perin Jamsetjee Mistri (ans)
c. Sheila Sri Prakash
d. Brinda Somaya
7) Material used for making mud-bricks

a. Cement
b. Plaster of paris
c. Clay
d. Adobe (ans)
8) Name the musical instrument shown below

a. Mrudang
b. French Horn
c. Trumpet (ans)
d. Tuba

See more about - Indian musical instruments

9) Author of the book 'God of small things' is ?

a. Arundhati Roy (ans)
b. Anita Desai
c. Kushwant Singh
d. Amit Chaudhary

check more here - Guide for Part - A

10) Who won the title 'India's master of fabric and fantasy'

a. Bhanu Anthaiya
b. Rina Dhaka
c. Rohit Bal (ans)
d. Manish Malhotra

11) To which state, does the below dance belongs to ?

a. Himachal Pradesh
b. Manipur (ans)
c. Assam
d. Nepal

12) The below logo is designed to represent 

a. National literacy mission (ans)
b. World Health Organization
c. Indian child welfare association
13) 'ppi' in video technology stands for ?

a. parts per image
b. parts per inch
c. pixels parts inch
d. pixels per inch (ans)

Learn more about video technology here - Video and color technology guide

14) What is the pixel size of 4K ?

a. 1920 X 1080
b. 2048 X 1280
c. 3840 x 2160
d. 4096 X 2160 (ans)

Learn more in the above same link.

15) What is the maximum MP (mega pixel) of digital cameras available till date ?

a. 70 MP
b. 270 MP
c. 570 MP (ans)
d. 82 MP

16) Which lens are best used for taking larger images of small insects like bees, butterflies etc ?

a. Zoom lens
b. Macro lens (ans)
c. Micro lens
d. Telephoto lens

Learn ore about photography here - Photography guide for CEED Part - A

17) Indian National song 'Vande mataram' was composed by ?

a. Rabindranath Tagore 
b. Nehru
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Bankim Chandra Chaterjee (ans)

18) Who made the famous painting shown below

a. Raja Ravi Verma
b. MF Hussain (ans)
c. Jamini Roy
d. Tyeb Mehta

19) Below picture shows 20 match sticks being arranged with some alignment. How many squares are there totally ?

a. Four
b. Five (ans)
c. Six
d. Eight

20) How many match sticks has to be moved from the above picture to make a total of seven (7) squares ?

a. Four
b. Two (ans)
c. Three
d. Six

Check the solution in the below picture - just move the two (numbered) sticks to the place marked in the picture. Remember; you need to count the squares formed by the outer match sticks (1 square) as well as the square (at the top left corner) formed after moving the two match sticks !

21) Which letters are not correctly matching to the given typography

a. t and o
b. t
c. u and t (ans)
d. s and u
e. s,t and f 

22) Can the given set of ropes form a knot ?

a. Yes (ans)
b. No
c. Can't tell

23) What will happen if the rope is pulled in the marked (arrow) direction shown below

a. Knot tights
b. Knot loose (ans)
c. Nothing happens
d. The rope messup

24) What is the brand name of this car

a. Jaguar
b. Rolls Royce (ans)
c. Aston Martin
d. Bently

25) What is the material used for making the following product (CD/DVD case) ?

a. Polystyrene (ans)
b. PVC
d. Polypropylene

Learn more about Materials - Materials and Manufacturing process explained

26) To which state the following shrine belongs to ?

a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Oddisha (ans)
27) Which is NOT in the list of India's seven wonders ?

a. Hampi
b. Taj Mahal
c. Konark
d. Bikaner Fort (ans)

28) The below picture shows a missing picture in the step series, select the correct option from the next set of images

Answer - C
Learn how to identify the pattern here - Step-to-step Animation movement finding guide

29) Identify the material used for the below statue 

a. Bronze (ans)
b. Brass
c. Terracota
d. Wax carving

Learn more about Materials - Materials and Manufacturing process explained

30) Which technology is a multi-color printmaking technique that incorporates principles of relief printing and intaglio printing ?

a. Monotyping
b. Viscosity printing (ans)
c. Planograhic printing
d. Digital printing

Learn something about - Printmaking and Typography study

31) How many surfaces are there in the illustration ?

a. 26 surfaces
b. 30 surfaces
c. 28 surfaces (ans)
d. 27 surfaces

Earlier, I gave 29 surfaces as answer, it's my mistake, it should be 28 surfaces, please note the change, and thanks to Sayan Kundu for making me realize the actual answer, through his comment below. Anyway here's the explanation:

Front side - 4 surfaces
Right side - 3 surfaces (excluding the slant surfaces)
Back side - 4 surfaces
Left side - 3 surfaces (excluding the slant surfaces)
Top side - 11 surfaces (including slant surfaces)
Bottom side - 3 surfaces
Total : 28

Learn how to solve such questions here - How to solve number of faces questions

32) Indian time 'deviation' from world standard time (UTC) is

a. UTC - 05:30
b. UTC + 04:00
c. UTC - 04:00
d. UTC + 05:30 (ans)

33. The appropriate human hand-to-leg ratio in standard drawings is

a. 60/100
b. 70/100 
c. 80/100 (ans)
d. 100/100

Check the below picture to get idea

34) Which of the below three images (of the same picture) has the least focal length 

a. Top image (ans)
b. Middle image
c. bottom image

Learn ore about photography here - Photography guide for CEED Part - A

35. Correct abbreviation for M.Des is ?

a. Masters in Design
b. Masters of Design (ans)
c. Master in Desiging 

Hope, you did well and enjoyed practicing questions, Stay tuned for any upcoming practice exercises !

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  1. hi,
    I m having a problem with Q.31...I m getting 28 no of sides(after considering the bottom side).I hav tried ur technique too bt still m getting the same...ur answer is 29...

    1. Yes, it has to be 28, my counting mistake!

      I have corrected that with explanation,
      Thank you for bringing it to me :)

    2. Btw thanks for putting up these kind of exercises. I gained a hell lot of confidence.

  2. Hi Bhanu

    in the same question 31, do we need to assume another triangle on left side like we have on right side of the image appears to be symmetrical. my confusion is do we need to assume such missing outline or do we need to strictly follow the image.


    1. Hello Sandeep,

      Such kind of solids usually come in symmetrical way, so obviously we have to assume the same kind of pattern as in left side (for this particular solid). If the solid is not symmetry, then the image that you will be provided with, will show all the details, so I don't think there will be confusion in such cases.

    2. 25th answer seems to be D -Polypropolene as per wikipedia, refered link (wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc_packaging)

    3. For 25th question, Answer is D.Polypropylene.

  3. god bless you brother ...there is a special place in heaven for people like you..

    1. Thanks a ton Sayyed for your wishes. I'm just trying to do what I can :)

  4. Hi ,

    Any link or place from where I can get to practice more question like 19th question above (related to matchstick tricky one). Kindly suggest.


    1. Hi, there are no. of online websites to practice such ques for free. Or, I’ve included some links in UCEED resource page. You can check them in relevant links of this page.


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