22 October 2017

Cultural tour of India

This post (with pics) is most helpful for NID guys, although all the other design aspirants go through this, either for GK or as a fun as the pics and links are knowledgeable. 

Textile Art and Crafts of India 

Source and for more information - Kuningansaru website

Fabric Tour of India

Source and for more information - Craftsvilla website 
(this website has good details on fabrics with detailed explanation, if you have time, go through it)

Languages of India

source - kottke.org

India wildlife map

Source : GreenHumor

India status 

A glimpse on Patterns

source - sublime-decor

Different Sarees

The following links might interest you  


  1. Thanks alot for gathering all this information in one place.

  2. you are doing a great job. all i can say is thank you!! your blog is so helpful in preparing for design entrance exams


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