22 December 2015

UCEED Resources 2 - collections of useful web pages

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List of famous personalities, designers (updated on 25.12.2015)

Guide about Font (Update on - 23.12.2015)

I'm getting many comments and requests about Font, I therefore updated this page with very good number of links which will help you with font guide. But as per my knowledge, it's not necessary to go in depth about Fonts coz it's time taking and of course not many questions can be expected from this topic. Anyway briefing or over viewing on the top fonts in design point of view is good for safer side. So, I would recommend you to spare time accordingly.

Although it's purely observative, I can say that Fonts can be categorized into several groups. Once you know them and if you are capable of finding the difference such as
  1. width of each alphabet
  2. Height
  3. Extensions/tooth
  4. Curving/plain/bends ........etc

it would be very easy to identify difference in fonts. But if the question is like which "Font TYPE" it is, then there's no other way other than remembering them!

Very good collections of Infographic - Fonts and psychology in Typology   
Just refer to first two infographic - Don't refer to history and periodic table on this page) - Psychology of Font choice  

Font Psychology - Taste of different Fonts
(Overview on the images and important notes quickly)

Free time study 

(Refer for further in depth knowledge about Fonts and Typography)

19 top Font - guide 1

Typography/Font related (old)

Visual inforgraphy

Type-Visual design language

From SYL blog - Printmaking and Typography study


Get the complete list with more details about Font - wiki page
(Will try to get more about this topic very soon) 

Guide for Unfolded view of solids


GA on painting, architecture etc

Cultural tour of India - Art, crafts, traditional wear etc

More Painting Resources : on wiki page, most popular painting styles

Check more - 20 famous architectures of the world

A very good facts blog about famous persons around the world

Also for reference - 100 greatest paintings of all time 

Artistic Media used - Artistic media on Wikipedia

Here's - a good guide for art movements

Go through this wiki page in free time about Art movement

Check more about famous designers - famous designers here 

GA on colors

Check the shades of Red color - wiki page

Learn about shades of other colors - wiki page

Check this Infograph to get more details about - color selection principles 

Go through this link to learn about famous books and others

Check all the image formats list

Learn more about - Pica in wiki page

Learn more drawing terminology here - quizlet blog for drawing terminology

check the complete collection of Pablo Picasso works

Very good collection of - perspective and non-perspective images

Useful Materials from D'Source webpage

Not all the website posts of D'Source are useful, it might eat your time. Anyway, here I have grouped them for your reference, please note that these must be your leisure time study only

Story sketches for Animation (helpful only for CEED and NID) 

Related to color

Science of color

Color interaction

Color design

Color description


Product sketching (free time study - esp for portfolio works)

Introduce yourself to Ethnography very briefly here

Signage guide

Geometry in Design  

Design for sustainability (Only for CEED) 

More Resources including guide for geometric questions and covering GA topics will be updated soon .........  :)


  1. thank you very much...
    was searching for all this since weeks

  2. http://www.allcarsbrands.net/car-brand-logos/
    useful link for logos of car brands..all at one place

    1. I think I already included this link in my earlier posts, anyway thanks again

  3. the 10 best logo changes of 2015

    sir, it can also be useful for uceed aspirants

  4. can we get all logos of indian agencies/new government policies in one place?

    1. http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2014/06/logos-of-Indian-institutes-and-corporations-1.html


  5. Sir,
    The link u gave for product sketching and story sketching (D'source webpage) is not working!!!
    Kindly check it and make necessary changes ASAP
    Thank you
    And the resources you have collected are simply superb!!!✌��

    1. I think they have modified that, anyway I've updated with new links!

  6. sir plzz one on colors differentiating...

  7. Sir many sites aren't working

  8. hello bhanu sir .....I have compleyed all the NAT question u have given .....now what i do ......to continue my preparation of NAT questions

    1. Regarding NAT, u can always find questions like on online website or on some books. Go for non verbal topics more, like image based observation ques. Keep practising till the last date.


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