27 September 2015

Is coaching required for CEED exam ?

"Do I need coaching for CEED exam ?"

and this is the question, that I always get from most of you. In this post, I will try to give my justification as to which one is better for you: coaching or self-study, Let us see!

CEED is different from other design exams and the pattern of CEED includes design part as well as Part-A (Objective type). It's clear that for Part-A, you mostly don't need coaching or training. Just make sure that you are aware of the syllabus and also you got hold of suitable materials related to that. Most of which is available online (unfortunately, no specific books (offline) that caters all the needs of Part-A are yet available to us. Let's hope we will get one in future). Anyway, I have covered most of the topics in this blogs resource page. Also, since you've already crossed your bachelor's level and you are capable of dealing with exams (that covers Part-A type of questions) by your own. 

So, if Part-A is your only concern (if you are good in Part B and not in Part A), then better if you check your self study level and go accordingly. Take as many patterns and puzzles from internet and other sources and try to solve them. GA type questions are remembrance type, and so no specific training required for that, except that you know the syllabus. Like I always mention, 1 month of serious preparation is more than enough for Part A. Of course, most of the aspirants prepare in last moment (say in couple of weeks) and get good results in part A! 

Now, we will discuss about the big issue ! Part - B. I agree that Part B and solving similar design questions require experience as well as guidance. Although it seems bit handy and easy for those who have design and art background (art), yet it's still a concern even for them! All you to solve a design problem is some  bunch of relevant ideas, and the way you represent them in stipulated time. May be in this regard, one needs proper guidance.

Okay, do you need coaching then ?

Well, It depends ....... honestly speaking most of them who crack CEED and secure AIR below 500; mostly prepare by themselves. Anyway, let me put some points - the situations under which you need to think for taking coaching seriously

  • When you are a total beginner in sketching, and you never tried any sketch works in your past ...... as a hobby, as an assignment or never took part in any art competitions
  • When your confidence level is way low and when you have no resources/materials from any where else
  • When you need some one to always instruct you, and are less efficient with self preparation
  • When you feel like your improvements week by week is not that much
Okay, these are just some theoretical points. But, let me assure you by saying that everybody has got some art talent with them, the only thing is some of you might not have tried them and so feel like not capable, which is not true in reality.

Here are some tips on how you can realize your level by yourself

  • Practice....practice.....practice for at least a week. Get your hands dirty by trying different design ideas and by sketching them roughly as well as with utmost care (try both and make two sketches of the same idea)
  • Analyse and get accustomed to the pattern of exam
  • No one is an expert by birth. Everybody (even experts) needs practice and of course improvements take time. So, be patient and don't jump to take a decision within the first couple of days! Wait for at least one or two weeks to realise your capability and by practising (below; I gave a self-assessment method for your benefit, Try if you feel it's worth !)
  • Develop creative thinking ideas by way of regular exposure and practice
  • Careful scheduling and planning to cover up all the topics of the exam will help you easily cover and improve in time

In other words, your level of practice is what helps u know whether coaching is absolutely required or not.

Self-assessment method

Here, I suggest the following simple exercise for you to self access your level :

  • Initially, consider a design stream that you are actually interested in, if you are not sure yet (it's absolutely fine, don't worry) then consider choosing a design stream that interests you, that looks easy for you or that you have tried earlier
  • Now, take related stream question from any CEED previous paper (Part -B) and try to solve them by ideating the idea as well as implementing them by way of sketching. Assume yourself that you are giving the actual exam.
  • Take time, don't worry if it consumes much time at the beginning, but try to do that properly and yaa ....... before attempting a question, make sure that you read the question properly and that you understood what the actual requirement is. Without which, any attempt is waste. Also, you may (I must say you should !) know your way of representing ideas. Anyway, you may refer to my way of presenting designs and writings in this post as a reference - Solution to CEED 2009 design question (Q.10) -walking stick design problem
  • After you are done with your attempt, now try comparing your work with that of other students, as well as from solutions from online (you can find some in this blog too). Cross check yours with the reference and that should help you analyse ups and downs in your works. 
  • Remember, the so called reference (that you are comparing with others idea including this blogs) is not always complete, and it can also be partial or not in full fledge, but comparison might give you some idea and in most case confidence ! 
  • Single/first time attempt is not enough to realize the actual fact. So, make one or two more attempts with different questions. find the faults in your design works. Do ,this for the first week.
  • Now, compare your first work with that of your latest work, and check whether there is an improvements in yours or not ! I bet there will definitely be if you are serious !
Hope this idea works for you pretty well.

If you have decided to prepare by yourself, then probably you need to read this poststep-by-step guide for starting CEED process

When to start ?

It's never late to start for preparation. Most of the aspirants start their preparation before two months and some (students and working people) start even before a month ! So, never worry regarding the start. You could have spent your time practising rather than just thinking 'shall I start or not? is this time enough or not ?' You might end up wasting time just on thinking rather than proceeding! Don't wait, just go ahead and act.

Which coaching institute to join ?

If you have made your mind to join any coaching institute, then good luck with that, but the question "Which institute to join ?" is really a big issue ! You need to be careful in choosing the right institute by considering reviews from those who did from those institutes. Unfortunately, I don't have any review about any institute and not sure which one is good. Some of our blog readers told me that some institutes (forgot the name), are just using this blogs mock tests and content as course guiding.

So, be careful before investing both your time as well as money on some thing. Speak with seniors and get to know which one is better and which one has got higher track records and scores. Again, don't compromise with online (coaching centre released) videos where students were made to speak !

How many hours every day for practice ?

Well, most of the aspirants are prospect students and employees, so they obviously get little time for other preparations, any way, considering the time limit, 4-5 hours a week is recommended till the last month; if you belong to this category. In the last month, spare as much time as you can, and work on Part A simultaneously. Again, if your sketch level is below average and if you are self preparing, then you must consider spending many more hours per week, making yourself comfortable with drawing/sketching as well as ideas.

If you are at home or if you are having enough time for preparation, then don't hesitate to spend time. Just go ahead and enjoy practising.

Finally, here's how I put  step-by-step guide for starting CEED process

step-by-step guide for learning sketching for beginners

Hope this helped you ....... 
All the best with your start. Happy ceeding


  1. hey! can you temme do we actually need coaching or we can learn on our own forCEED exam if we can draw minimal level but not perspectives etc.

    1. I suppose, the whole content of this page is to give the answer for your kind of question! anyway the answer is 'YES'
      Most previous years toppers prepared by themselves. If you have confidence that you would pick up drawing, then definitely, answer is YES. Else, it's time to think for someones help. FYI, Perspective is not a big deal and is easy to learn. Once you learn you will enjoy playing with perspective images. Give it a try and check your level like I stated in above in the post.

    2. i have tried learning perspective but could only draw the tutorial but nothing else in the same perspective.

  2. Hello sir, Your blog has helped me in many ways in terms of preparation and also understanding what to expect from m.des . It would be very helpful if you could provide the placement scenario and average packages on offer at various institutes.I am looking for m.des in Interface or Interaction designing and having 2years+ experience in IT industry.

    1. I actually don't have much idea about placement scenario. Check individual institute websites for details. Packages are moderate and not as high as IT industry as far as I heard.

  3. Sir ,present I am a inter second year MPC student 2017-2018,in which year can I write the UCEED exam.
    I mean do I have to write the UCEED exam before my intermediate public examinations (in this coming January), or after the completion of intermediate public examinations (2019 January).

    Please sir,let me know the reply very quickly from you.

    1. U can give this year as well. You can also give next year by the way, but better try to give this year only if you get time for preparation.

  4. Is one month is sufficient to prepare if one doesnot have any designing background ?

    1. try solving couple of previous papers n see hoe easy/difficulty they are. Check yourself whether u r comfortable answering subjective part (part B). If not, then u need to practice right from this minute.


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