28 November 2015

CEED and UCEED 2016 mock test 2

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This mock test is best applicable both for CEED and UCEED participants.

Please set 1 hour time limit and check how many questions you are able to answer. After 1 hour you may try again the left over questions and check if you can answer them or not!

Level : Difficult

1. Correct unfolded view of the solid is

2. What are the common "Perceptual channels" (select as many)

a. Tactile
b. Communication
c. Auditory
d. Kinesthetic
e. Visual

3. Emotions, actions, movement, taste, smell ...... (something that is felt) represents

a. Auditory
b. Kinesthetic
c. Visual
d. Tactic

4. When "Rule of thirds" is applied to a picture/image, then in many parts the picture/image will be divided

a. no divison
b. 3 parts
c. 6 parts
d. 9 parts
e. 3*3*3 = 27 parts

5. Which of the following is/ARE considered "Impossible triangle"

a. Kanizsa triangle
b. Penrose triangle
c. Barmoda triangle
d. Color triangle 

6. Select the correct basic types of "perspective" 

a. Angular persepctive
b. Linear Perspective
c. Aerial Perspective.
d. all

7. The relation between h, d, a, where h = apparent height of object, a is the actual size, and d is the distance of the object is best given by

a) h = a*d
b) d = a*h
c) h=a/d
d) a = h*d

8. The following image is ipads cover. Identify how many visuals represents Paris

9. Which option represents the correct unfolded view of the given solid ? (select a,b,c,d)

10. Identify to which brand(s) the following products belongs to

a. Sennhieser, apple
b. Samsung, Philips
c. Sony, apple
d. Beats by Dre, apple
e. Philips, Philips
f. Sony, Sony
g. Beats by Dre, Philips

11. Light bulbs are usually filled with inert gas, which of the following can be used (multiple)

a. Nitrogen
b. Methane
c. Helium
d. Krypton
e. Argon
f. Xenon

12. How many different colors are used in this image ?

13. How many font sizes are used in the visual given in (Q12)

14. How many times the following letters 'R', 'E', 'A', 'D' appered in the visual given in (Q12)

15. How many triangles and semi circles (with different colors) are there in the given image

16. How many different colors are used in the given image

17 - How many diff patterns are there in the given image

18. Select the types of biodiversity among the options given

a. Species Diversity
b. Operational Diversity
c. Genetic Diversity
d. Functional Diversity
e. Forest Diversity
f. Plant Diversity
g. Ecosystem Diversity

19a.  How many triangles are possible in the given picture

a. 12
b. 9
c. 11
d. 10

19b. How many intersection points (like A,B ....) are there, where exactly three lines are meeting

a. 6
b. 4
c. 7
d. 8

19c. If E =C, both points are lie on the same place, then how many triangles are possible, and how many lines are sufficient to generate this pentagon image ? 

20. How many reptiles are visible in the below image

21. Image shows a structure (links) in which bottom link (link joined by bottom two nodes) is fixed/pivoted to the ground. choose the correct option

a. The mechanism is rigid/static (cannot move)
b. The mechanism can move either left or right but to some angle
c. The mechanism can move either left or right
d. The mechanism is not stable, and might collapse with little disturbances

22. For the given pulley system, if mass M2, goes down by 10 cm, choose the correct choice

a. Mass M1 goes down by 10cm
b. Mass M1 goes up by 10cm
c. Mass M1 goes up by 5cm
d. Mass M1 goes up by 20cm

23. Figure shows a mechanism that helps to perform which action

a. Provide push force
b. Dig earth
c. Acts as a elevator mechanism
d. he mechanism cannot have motion

24. How many marble pieces are used to make this pattern ?

25. Match the following cultural dance with the state to which it belongs to

a. Kathakali     1. Gujurat
b. Dandya       2. Rajasthan  
c. Bhangra      3. Maharastra
d. Bihu           4. Punjab
e. Chau          5. Kerala
f. Ghoomer     6. Assam
g. Dindi          7. West Bengal

26.  Identify to which brand the following logos belong to

27. How many non-color pencils can be spotted in the picture ?

a. 17
b. 20
c. 16
d. 13
e. 21

28a. Which type of materials is/are recyclable completely or partly (select as many)

a. Coke bottles
b. Coke tins
c. Use and throw tea/juce cups
d. Tennis ball
e. Foam plates
f. Incandescent light Bulbs,
g. Card board boxes tarnished with food
h. Aquafina water bottle
i. CFL bulbs

28b. Plastic drinking water bottles are made from

a. PVC
b. Polyethylene 
c. Polycarbonate
d. Polyethylene terepthylene

29. Select the correct order for the following shown instruments numbered a,b,c

a. Sarod, Sarangi, Sitar
b. sarangi, sarod, sitar
c. sitar, sarod, sarangi
d. sarod, sitar, sarangi

30. How many intersections (one line crossing or meeting another line) are possible in this image

(additional exercise: If lines AB, BC, CD are removed, then how many triangles are possible)

31 Check this car, and identify the correct option to which it belong to

a. Dodge Challenger
b. Ford Mustang
c. Caroll Shelby
D. Citreon DS4 HDI Sport chic

32. Identify to which organizations the following logos belongs to

33. How many lines of clear waves (no partial visible waves) are
clearly visible in the picture (don't count half waves)

a. 22
b. 24
c. 21
d. 26
e. 27

34. How many times letter E is flipped downwards ? (from UCEED)

35. In color triangle, how many primary colors are used as an additive combination to make the triangle

a. 4 colors
b. 1 color
c. 3 color
d. Rainbow colors

36. Match the following

a. Ruth Kedar            1. Graphic designer, paintern sculptor, architect
b. Herbert Bayer        2. Falling water & Guggenheim museum architect
c. Frank Lloyd Wright 3. Logo designer for 'Google'
d. Justin Trudeau      4. Canada Prime minister

37. Alphabets (A,B,C,D,K) are used on fire extinguishers, identify which alphabet is related to which classification among a,b,c,d

a. Combustible metals (magnesium, lithium, titanium)
b. cooking media (cookin oils, fats)
c. Common combustibles (wood, paper, cloth)
d. Flammable liquids and gases (Gasoline, propane, and solvents)
e. Live electrical equiments (computers, fax machines)

38. Identify the correct next pattern

source - Theonlinetest

39.Choose the correct folded cube

source - Theonlinetest

40. Which of the following is a sculpture material

a. Metal clay
b. Hardstone carving
c. Terracota
d. Wathering steel
e. Alabaster
f. Granite
g. Microcrystalline wax
h. Salt dough

41. Observe the facial expressions numbered 1,2,3,4 and match with options given

a. Angry
b. Surprised
c. Bored
d. sad

42) Match the correct options (alphabets to numbers)

a. Eternal India
b. A suitable boy
c. A Revolutionary Life
d. A Voice of Freedom
e. The Secret of Nagas

1. Vikram Seth
2. Laxmi Sehgal
3. Nayantara Shehgal
4. Mahatma Gandhi
5. Amish Tripathi

43. Who among the following are some of the greatest designers of all time

a. Charlie Parrish
b. Pierre Cardin
c. Michael Graves
d. Caravaggio
e. Rubens
f. Jonathan Ive
g. Dieter Lubs

44) one is not equal to seven, but can you move one match stick to make the equation correct ? which one ?

references for pictures used in this page

Q5 - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/189221621817779521/
Q6 - 17 - http://www.byhanna.com/tiles_twp0608.html
Q24 - amazon.com
Q19 - http://tiorema.blogspot.in/2013/06/coloracao-do-plano.html
Q20 - http://www.thebluedotpost.com/why-biodiversity-and-the-interconnected-web-of-life-are-important/
Q33 - http://www.byhanna.com/korsnas150ar.html


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  4. Please help me out in question 10. How to make sure that the headphones are of sony? Sennhieser also has a similar type of it..

    1. Questions of those kind tests your awareness skills - keeping updated with latest products etc. Although this question is bit conflicting type as to which brand it belongs, I made it bit tough by only showing front image of the sony headphone, just to test your identification criteria. Don't worry, for such product questions, they will be giving proper view.

  5. In question 7, aren't options c and d the same? It is pretty much just a different way of writing the same thing.
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    3. is there any hack for the questions that require us to count? its still easier on the paper but on screen i keep forgetting the count and its also hard on the eys

    4. Spotting the difference visually is a key requirement of a designer and that’s y they ask such ques. Practice it!

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