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Friends, It's now time to discuss and share the answers for previous years CEED question papers. For most of the PART-A questions, solutions were clearly explained. Part - B requires yourself to be involved; however some ideas and sketches were given in the page - NID/CEED Design part that might help you develop and create your own ideas. Like I mentioned in several parts of this blog; UCEED questions are similar to CEED Part A and in fact the difficulty level is higher. So, I've included UCEED solutions also in this page.

Note: If you are preparing for UCEED, then consider solving CEED previous papers too! (Only Part A, not Part B (design part)). Those preparing for NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT), both parts are applicable!

Go through the following links

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Solution to 2017 CEED paper

CEED 2017 Part A Solutions 

Solution to 2016 CEED paper

     CEED 2016 Part-A solutions

Solution to 2015 CEED paper

Solutions to CEED 2014 question paper

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  Solutions to CEED 2014 Product Design part

Solutions to CEED 2013 question paper

3. Solutions to CEED 2012 question paper

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  1. Can you even post the answers of ceed papers 2006 to 2011.
    If not complete solutions but atleast the answer key.

  2. hello bhanu sir,
    do u have any idea regarding ceed 2015-part-B

    1. You can find the pattern of CEED 2015 by going through CEED 2015 question paper available in CEED resource page of this blog!

    2. sorry sir i mean any idea regarding ans. of that part

    3. Haven't tried on that coz of time constraint, if somebody shares with me, I will upload that, you could also try answering them!

    4. ok sir, surely i will do it, but how could i show it to you?

    5. If ur works are worth shareable, then use the stuffyoudesign blog link (provided in the top right side of this post) to create and post your own content. It must be helping others also. Else, u can use my G+ profile to share ur works there.

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  4. Hello bhanu,

    This is dhiraj, i am a fashion designer, i am preparing for ceed 2017, could you please tell me that what are the mathematical questions can be asked so that i can prepare in that way i am little week in mathematics what are the things i can prepare MAT preparation books can be ok, i am confident in creativity only i need help in mathematics, if you ll tell me that also i ll try to solve and i am sure i ll do.

    1. CEED 2017 is way long to go, but I appreciate your intrest and dedication, although you can find the details of type of math topics (that appear in ceed) by going through previous years ceed papers (esp part A from 2011 to last year) as well as find topics listed in my blog resource page. I will list it out here coz of ur enthu :)

      1. Working and manipulation of Geometrical solids and figures (Projections, 3D views, orthographic etc)
      2. Mathematical Aptitude (you can chk the list and type of ques like abstract tests, direction sense test etc ...........in the link provided below)
      3. Reasoning
      4. Basic mathematical shapes and their details like Volumes, areas, surface areas etc (will be handy)
      5. Types of solid shapes etc
      and more, here's the link
      Complete Part A guide for CEED exam

    2. Lastly, I want to ques you!
      since you are a fashion designer/student, are you applying for NID or not ? since I know NID fashion design courses are available but mdes through CEED doesn't offer an fashion design courses essentially! so just curious and let you know if you don't know about it, I think if u better look into that (NID design courses) too!

  5. Hi bhanu

    Thank you so much for replying... Actually i wanted to apply for product design through ceed and in nid also. So can i apply becoz i am very much interested in product design... Thanks

  6. do i need to carry colors for exam ???

  7. Hi sir,
    Is the question paper of 2018 will be tough than 2017 and easier than 2016?

  8. sir please .
    uceed/ceed nid ug/pg and nift ug/pg sylabus are same ? and what is differences?

    1. first u neeed to clear urself - are u giving exam for bdes or mdes?, coz uceed n ceed r not same exams u cannot give both!

  9. Sir can you please solve ceed 2011 and 10 paper also.. Please sir

  10. Hey Bhanu
    Could you plz post solved ques paper ceed 2011.
    Thank you

  11. sir, can i get CEED 2015,16,17 part B que papers?


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