17 November 2014

Answer key for CEED 2014 Part - A mock test -2

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This is an answer sheet for the previously released mock test - 2 questions in our blog.
If you haven't yet tried to solve those practice questions, I would recommend you to first go through the below link (having only questions) before knowing the answers. That would help in self-assessment of your level - CEED 2014 Part - A practice mock test - 2

1) In a classroom of 100 students, 40 students feel alert, while 60 students feel bored, if 50% of the alert students turn bored. After that, 50% of the bored students turn alert, what is the final number of students who feel alert and bored ?

a. 20 alert, 80 bored
b. No change - 40 alert, 60 bored
c. 60 alert, 40 bored (ans)
d. 50 alert, 50 bored

Explanation :

Initial step :
Alert = 40
Bored = 60

Step-1 :
50% of the alert students turns bored. so,
Alert = 40 - 40*0.5 = 20
Bored = 60 + 20(from alert) = 80

50% of the bored students turns alert
Bored = 80 (from previous step) - 80*0.5 = 40

Alert = 20 (from previous step) + 40 = 60

2) Which of the following is not a software that is generally used for design ?

a. Adobe Illustrator
b. Dreamweaver
c. Photoshop
d. Matlab (ans)
Matlab is a computational software while the rest could be used for regular aesthetic designs.

3) What is the top most color that Indian brands mostly prefer for Logo's and brand names ?

a. Green
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Orange (ans)

Check this Infograph to get more details about - color selection principles 

The below image might help you 

4. 'Blue' color represents what ?

a. Bright, gives light
b. Tranquillity and health
c. Productive color, preferred by men (ans)
d. Reliability, practicality

See the below pictures for further explanations

5. How many vanishing points can be expected for the below sketch ?

a. 1 point vanishing
b. 2 point vanishing (ans)
c. 3 point vanishing
d. 4 point vanishing

6. Identify and name the product shown below 

a. Ball pen
b. Penstrument
c. Stylus (ans) 
d. Niblus

7. The following image is the institutional logo for ?

a. World Medical Association
b. All Indian Mediacal Association
d. World Health Organization (ans)
8) Which type of  'prototype' will allow designers to explore the basic size, look and feel of a product without simulating the actual function or exact visual appearance of the product ?

a. Production Design
b. Form Study Prototype (ans)
c. Proof-of-Principle Prototype
d. Scale modelling

Prototype (model) is one of the first units manufactured of a product, which is tested so that the design can be changed if necessary before the product is manufactured commercially

A Proof of concept prototype is used to test some aspect of the intended design without attempting to exactly simulate the visual appearance, choice of materials or intended manufacturing process. Such prototypes can be used to "prove" out a potential design approach such as range of motion, mechanics, sensors, architecture, etc. These types of models are often used to identify which design options will not work, or where further development and testing is necessary.

Form Study Prototype (Model) - This type of prototype will allow designers to explore the basic size, look and feel of a product without simulating the actual function or exact visual appearance of the product. They can help assess ergonomic factors and provide insight into visual aspects of the product's final form.

Check more details here - Prototype guide on Wikipedia

9) Which of the below shown cars looks more sportive ?

Answer : b

10) 'William Addison Dwiggins' coined which design term ?

a. Product Design
b. Graphic Design (ans)
c. User Interface Design
d. Engineering Design

11) Who codified the principles of modern typography in their book 'New Typography' ?

a. Aldus Manutius
b. Bauhaus
c. Jan Tschichold (ans)
d. Johann Gutenberg

12) Which of the following terms is/are not related to Graphic Design ?

a. Visual art design
b. Page layout
c. Typography
d. Printmaking
e. Interface Design
f. User Experience Design
g. Experimental graphic design
h. All
i. None (ans)
Actually, all the mentioned design subgroups are related to graphic design.

13) Which software's are best used in the final stage of 'Electronic Design process' ?

a. Quark Xpress and Adobe  InDesign (ans)
b. Photoshop and Illustrator
c. Photoshop and Dreamweaver
d. Illustrator and InDesign

QuarkXpress is a page layout tool (for creating and editing complex page layout's in WYSIWYG) and Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application, that is used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books.

14) Which is an art technique that is used for transferring an image from one surface to another ?

a. pastels
b. Pouncing (ans)
c. Copying
d. transplanting

15) What is the name for the process of altering images - whether they are digital photographs, photo-chemical photographs or illustrations ? 

a. Image scanning
b. Image editing (ans)
c. Photoshop
d. Laser editing

16) Which of the following in NOT a printmaking media or technique ?

a. Woodcut
b. Line engraving
c. Etching
d. Lithography
e. Serigraphy
f. None (ans)

17) The below picture of 'street art' best describes which of the following ?

a. Graffiti (ans)
b. Stencil painting
c. Wall Painting
d. Spray paint art

Spray paint art is an art form using spray paint, traditionally on poster board. It differs from graffiti art in that it is predominantly performed on buildings, trains and rail property the like, as opposed to more traditional art surfaces.
18) Which is NOT an artistic media ?

a. Gouache
b. Tempera
c. Fresco
d. Stencil
e. Water color
f. None (ans)

All are considered as artistic media's. 
Learn more here - Artistic media on Wikipedia

19) You might have saved pictures in variety of formats, like .png, .jpeg, .bmp etc, .gif format is applicable when there's any motion involved in the picture (2D animations). What is the full form of GIF ?

a. Graphics Inference Format
b. Graphics Indicated Format
c. Graphics Interchange Format (ans)
d. Graphical User Interface Format

20) The film 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' was the first film that used "Scalable multi-core processing" developed together with Hewlett-Packard (HP). The technology is called as 'The next revolution in film making'. Part of the animations were also carried in Bengaluru studio. Now the film was developed by which animation studio ? 

a. Pixar
b. Sony pictures animation
c. Dream works (ans)
d. Walt disney animation studio
21) WYSIWYG stands for ?

a. What you select is what you group
b. What you see is what you get (ans)
c. What is see is what you group
d. What you sense is what you get 

The term is more or less related to computing world. WYSIWYG implies a user interface that allows the user to view something very similar to the end result while the document is being created. In general WYSIWYG implies the ability to directly manipulate the layout of a document without having to type or remember names of layout commands.

22) What is the standard (ISO) paper size format of A1 ?

a. 841 X 1189
b. 420 X 594
c. 297 X 420
d. 594 X 841 (ans)

Remember the standard A4 paper size 210 X 297, being unfolded in two parts, that will give (210+210) X 297, which is the A3 paper size, now unfold again this A3 paper, 420 X (297+297) which turns out to be the size of A2 and so on. Continue unwrapping the paper in each steps to get sizes from A4 to A0, the below picture shows the same.

Remember, the size varies from A0 to A10, to know more, just have a look at this - Standard ISO paper sizes

Additional References

23) Which of the following is a technique that is NOT related to Animation ?

a. Puppetry
b. Stop motion
c. Motion capture
d. Rotoscoping
e. Animatronics
f. Mechatronics (ans)
g. None 

Mechatronics is not related to computer animation, while the rest of the techniques are much related to it.

24) Figure shows a simple sketch of a Indian moving bus. Note that the bus is symmetrical (Neglect the mistakes in hand sketching but note that windows are also symmetrical). which direction is the bus moving ?

a. Right to left
b. Left to right (ans)
c. Can't tell

Note that the bus front view doesn't have entry door (stepped door through which people board and get down) , so it should be on the other side (backside of the sketch). And you know. If the bus is moving from right to left, then you should be seeing the boarding door ! If not seen, then the bus should be moving in other direction (left to right). got it ?

I came across this question while watching 'Brain Games' in National Geographic channel.

25) A folded paper has to be cut along the dotted lines as shown in the below image. What will be the unfolded view after the cut ?

Answer - c

26) The following is he national flag of which country ? 

a. Russia
b. Afghanistan
c. Kenya
d. Japan (ans)

27) The following picture depicts three characters from the famous crayon comic 'Shinchan'. Identify the face expressions of the three women and state their mood ...

a. sad, tensed, angry
b. sad, happy, worried
c. Worried, happy by imagining, angry (ans)
d. worried, surprised, angry 

Check the below picture to see a list of face expressions (Save this picture for future reference)

Image sourced from - Great training blog

28) The below face expression of the women best explains which condition ?

a. You are making me Disgusted
b. I know that, don't tell me ! (ans)
c. You are embarrassing me
d. You are making me sad

29) What are some common materials used for the inner layers of thermo flasks (that store hot drinks) ? (choose all that apply)

a. Aluminium
b. Stainless steel (ans 1)
c. Glass (ans 2)
d. Copper 
e. All

Learn more about Materials - Materials and Manufacturing process explained

30) The logo below is designed for which national program ? 

a. Vrudh sang 
b. Swachh bharath (ans)
c. National elder mission
d. National eye mission

This was the logo of Swachh Bharath designed by Anant Khasbardar from Kolhapur. 

Check more Logo's here - Logo's of Indian Institutes and organizations

31) Which of the following chair is aesthetically pleasing ?

Answer - d

32) Which of the following is not in proper perspective as in the image ?

a. Left Wall window
b. Sofa on the right 
c. Wall plate (with flower pot image)
d. Door on the back wall
e. Books on the front table
f. All are in perspective (ans)

33) What hidden letter do you see in the below illusion __________

Answer : Liar

34) Canvas is an ideal surface for both oil paints and acrylic paints as well. Which material(s) is/are used for making canvas material ? (Select all that applies)

a. Paper
b. Sillk
c. Cotton
d. Linen
e. (a) and (b)
f. (c) and (d) (ans)
g. All

35) Difference between Prototype and Production Design is interns of ?

a. Materials
b. Processes
c. (a) and (b)
d. Lower fidelity
e. (a), (b) and (d) (ans)

36) The partial view of a car is shown below. Identify the car ?

a. Ford Punto
b. Ford Figo
c. Chevrolet Beat (ans)
d. Chevrolet Cruze

37) To which animal, the following tail belongs to ?

a. Leopard (ans)
b. Tiger
c. Cheetah
d. Puma
e. Jaguar

38) What is the lens used to shoot the photography shown below ?

a. Zoom lens
b. Wide angle lens
c. Tilt shift lens (ans)
d. Fish eye lens
e. Tele lens

Learn ore about photography here - Photography guide for CEED Part - A

39) Name the instrument shown below

a. Sarod
b. Sarangi (ans)
c. Surbhar
d. Swaramandal

See more about - Indian musical instruments

40) Find the odd thing out

a. Bikes
b. Cars
c. Trains
d. Planes
e. Bicycle (ans)
All the other options could be used for public transport system, while crane cannot !

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  1. Quest 40: can the answer be train, as the rest do not require any guide ways for moving.

    question 32: The flower pot on the wall to the right seems to be bulging out, It should be littl on innr side.

    question no. 4: blue color represents tranquility also i hope.

    Bhanu can u plz clarify my doubtss....!

    question no. 4 : blue color represents t

    Question nO.

    question 24: the tyres of the bus can best describe its direction of motion.Here the tyres seem to be a rest.

    1. Hello Sameer,

      Q40 : Not all cranes are wheeled ones, heavy cranes especially at coal mines, construction areas and even at sea ports are guided one's

      Q4 You may check the image that I have included for explanation for this ques and here is some more explanation

      Dark blue: trust, dignity, intelligence, authority
      Bright blue: cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness
      Light (sky) blue: peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual, infinity

      So, in one way, tranquillity could also count for light blue, good find !

      Q24. The question mentioned specifically that bus was in moving condition, so no question of thinking about 'Rest condition'. I've mentioned in the question that sketch was made simply and is symmetrical.

      This should convince you and thanks for bringing your views :)

  2. Hi Bhanu!

    Thank you so much for the part A questions!

    However for question 40 though the answer crane is acceptable even bike and plane are acceptable answers right?

    Bike would be acceptable because that is the only two wheeler amongst the lot.
    Plane would be acceptable because that is the only vehicle that is going to be airborne.

    Kindly share your views on this.

    1. Hello Abhi,

      Q40 seems to assume multiple perceptions, sameer already gave his view, and I can see some more different views, may be I should change the options or I should put multiple options for that question. Yes, Bike can be an answer, probability of aeroplane being the answer could be very less, since an aeroplane also runs on land.


    1. Actually, it takes time to frame all those questions - create some new questions, identify questions from all around the web etc are all time process. And I'm not getting time even to cover weekly mock tests. Let's see !


    3. Let's hope for best. Thank u too for the kind words :)

  4. Hello Sir,

    In Q.32, the wall clock doesnt seem to be proper perspective..

    1. Yes, it was just made roughly, That's why I haven't included that in the options for that Q.

  5. For Q40. Planes can be the answer...rest are used for road(land) transportation

    1. Yes, It could be, but aeroplanes also runs on land, so better to go for more probable option like the bicycle, which is not powered vehicle.

  6. 40th Answer would be 'Planes', as they only meant for air-borne travel, AND If 'Bikes' can be used in public transport, same can apply to the Bicycles aswell.

  7. hi, thank you for all the Mock Qs & Ans , Is'nt the explanation and Answer for Q-40 confusing ?

  8. Q24. What if the bus is in a reverse gear? Then how can you prove it that it's still left to right?
    The question says the bus is moving. We can't determine the direction. Please correct me if I'm going wrong. :)

    1. Why would anyone wish to eat food by turning their hand all around the face to reach the mouth. Would anyone prefer this or prefer to just directly put hand in the mouth ?
      Correct me if i'm wrong :P

  9. hello sir, i have doubt in question no. 40.. i am agree with kondal... in this type of odd n out ques. firstly we see the most common difference between the all options ...suppose i am saying to someone..hey look! ..there is an aeroplane.. firstly no one is going to see in the downward direction .. & also there is no need to add "flying " in the above sentence becoz its obvious... " what and then where" differentiate the things easily... that is my opinion.. please clear my doubt bhanu sir ?

    1. Ya agreed, that question (Q40) seems to have multiple perception, better to change the options - I guess!

  10. Q.24

    what if the bus in the question, is a bus in USA?

  11. In question 33's statement ,It should word instead of letter.


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