28 December 2016

CEED one month practice topics - quick list

Just like UCEED students asked me to update one-month practice topics list, I've been asked to share the priority topics list for CEED exam too. While, I don't prefer entertaining you the last minute study, as I suppose one should be serious and should start their practice before head, but, given that many applicants are working and many others are in their final years being busy with the academics, I considered suggesting some topics purely based on my view. I request you to modify it according to your abilities and time schedules

If you haven't started General Awareness part yet (Part A - except image based aptitude), no need to panic, one month is more than sufficient to cover them. Try to utilise the left over time effectively.

Priority list

I. Sketching

Not to be neglected especially by those who have just started their preparation (before a month). It's no time for extensive line drawings. 

1. Start sketching 
  • Design problems (especially products), 
  • Quickly doodle object sketches like spoons, utensils, vegetables, animals etc 
  • The best thing you can do is go through others works, or those solutions available on the internet or from your friends and learn their creative ideas too. 

2. Revise your creative ideation and story writing skills 

Spend few hours on this if you're already used to it or spending at least a day if you haven't tried them yet.

3. Quickly revise perspective in drawings.

4. Previous papers

If you've just started, attempt previous papers part A setting time limit at least biweekly, and every day during the last three days to get used to speed solving and the question types.

II. Gk/GA on

  1. Art, painters - works of famous artists, ability to identify and recognise the works,  
  2. Renaissance
  3. Designers,  famous persons related to design
  4. Indian art history
  5. Photography - terms, techniques, standards, 
  6. Color theory, Art and print media
  7. Architecture - significant/historical structures, persons, media, variants etc
  8. Logos (mostly in Indian context that too related to design institutes, governmental service sectors as well as cars, if possible with full forms (abbreviations)
  9. Indian regional culture, literature, music, style etc 
  10. Materials (just overview if you have time)
  11. English - verbals, synonyms and fill ups (only a few hours that too for safer side and after covering rest of the topics) - spending much time on this is not advisable. I believe most of you have some knowledge on this.

Note: Few of the design questions are based on your everyday observation and your exposure from your childhood. So, take that as an advantage. 

III. Revise and practice on

  1. Pattern analysis - Image based, patterns and counts in design images,  
  2. Geometrical manipulations - counting no. of faces, unfolding, finding no. of shapes (rectangles or squares) in a given pattern etc
  3. Animation step-by-step movements - one time learning - (coz if u understand the logical order and which steps follows after the given/any position, you are good to go by recognizing the pattern any time later also) - best practice is try two or three different examples involving human movement, try different animal movement like say four-legged animals relying on hind legs (cat group, ape/monkey pattern etc), four legged animals relying mostly on two legs and even on jumping conditions - worth spending at least two hours! 

IV. Math and Aptitude

It's safe to practice (to some extent) the below topics - minimum of half day
  • Mensuration kind problems
  • Series
  • Direction sense test

That's it. I think this should do the job. It's ultimately your practice that fetch you rank regardless of availability of materials. So, practice hard to achieve your dreams.

Good luck :)

You may check my video (that I made long ago) on 'CEED one wone-weektice tips'.


  1. Hi and thanks a lot for this selection of topics ,very helpful

  2. Thank you sir , this is very helpful to find the correct way to prepare for CEED.

  3. Is it necessary to use sketch pens and colours during CEED exam or can we get good scores through pencil sketches? And thank you so much for these tips.

    1. it's not necessary, mostly they mention specifically that colors shouldn't be used, if they didn't mention, then u can use them. But u can definitely get good (full also!) scores to ur pencil sketches, only thing is it shld be proper and the design idea (if design ques) shld communicate ur design properly.

  4. Is it necessary that if we want to get product design course we have to compulsorily attempt that or can we attend animation or visual communication based on simplicity of question ?
    And Thanks a ton for providing helpful information on preparation of CEED.

    1. Actually not required, first thing is u need to clear and get rank some how, so if u stick to solving something of ur interested field which goes difficult rather than something easy ques but from diff stream, u might be loosing marks n rank.

      But during interview, make sure that u present ur design done mostly on interested stream. What you present in ur portfolio matters a lot. You can justify to them during interview regarding your interest for that stream.

  5. I want to know that, what stationary we should carry for ceed exam.

    1. pencils (hb, h, 2h, 2b at least), pen and if willing to work on colors, then u can carry color media too.

  6. Sir how to prepare for general awareness. Bcoz in some years its bewn asked in much depth?

    1. Yeah, that has been a prob for all. It can't be helped for we don't have any shortcuts as such. However, be wise in choosing the most important topics and try to complete them as much as u can. If u get time, explore other topics too.


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