27 December 2016

NID-DAT 2015 previous paper subjective ideas

Hi there,

I wished to attempt NID-DAT sample test subjective paper to share it with you all, but given my time limit, I'm not able to do that. So, in this post, rather than a complete solution form, I will just give my basic idea for the two questions without any sketches/frames (excluding Poster which I guess cannot be put into words). I think this is the dumbest post that I ever made, with less content. Sorry for that. Anyway, I think this post could be made interactive with your views. I would like to see you share your own creative ideas in the comment section so that everyone can discuss on that.

The Water tap of the washbasin in a bathroom is leaking. It is midnight and no professional help is available at that hour. Give five ideas to prevent water wastage and represent them through drawings with two-three lines of explanation each.

Idea 1: 

Connect the tap to a washing machine.
Even if the tap is fully opened, but connected to washing machine inlet hose pipe, not even a single drop of water leaks out from the washing machine unless it is turned on. So, just plug it the inlet to the tap

Idea 2: 

Use chewing gum. Chew the gum until it turns to the usual adhesive material, then use it to block the pores/holes of the tap by pressing it to the faucet opening.

Idea 3:

Use medium sized ropes (or strong threads) to tie the loose tap handle tightly such making a knot until water won't leak out.

Idea 4:

Most washbasin taps come with a control valve beneath the basin. Use that main valve (which is just like the tap) to shut the supply to the tap. In case when that washbasin didn't come with a valve at the bottom and water is leaking heavily, use the main valve that will be available next to the water tank on the roof to shut the whole supply.

Idea 5:

Use a plastic cover to wrap the tap bottom opening and using rubber bands, tighten the cover. 

Idea 6:

Place a cover in between the tap opening and a thick flat cardboard sheet or a plastic flat plate or any flat surface and place a supporting stick to it from the basin till the tap, such that the cover is held tight and straight to the opening, preventing water leakage.



Frame 1:

Once upon a time, monkeys had no longer tails and elephants had very short trunks. Until one day it so happened that an elephant was climbing through a narrow passage which was along the edge of a cliff beside a river. That narrow passage was the only route to top cliff, which happened to be the home for many banana trees. A monkey was sitting on top of a tree, which was alongside the narrow edge and was munching on bananas, throwing the Banana peels on the ground.

Frame 2:

The elephant, not noticing the banana peel, stepped on it and slid, not able to balance herself and was about to fall from the cliff onto the river. 

Frame 3:

The monkey realising its mistake ran towards the about-to-fall elephant, held his hands and hind legs tightly over the tree trunk and showed his tail towards the elephant

Frame 4:   
The elephant, understanding the monkeys' intention of helping him, held the small tail with her trunk, and used it as a support preventing herself from being falling.

Frame 5:

After the elephant climbed up using the monkey's tail, the elephant realised that it's trunk has enlarged till the ground. Monkey also observed that its tail has grown longer. Both felt happier with the new development. Very soon, all the elephants held monkeys tails and pulled over, helping each other in enlarging their parts.

Share your views or your ideas in the comments and let's discuss on that. 


  1. Q.1
    1. We can use pipe .one end to d leaking tap n other to small pot of plant which we keep in garden.
    2. We can use balloon . We will tie it from where d water is leaking if flow of water is not much.

    1. Yeah, I didn't thought about garden thing, nice idea. I too thought about balloon thing, but later felt that the weight of water contained balloon might actually break the balloon or loose it.
      Thanks for ur answers :)

  2. 1) connect the tap end to a lengthy pipe which can be to splash water on few of thehome garden.
    2)From the above same pipe line made with a end closing and it can be used to fill nearby bucket untill the plumber reaches.
    3) In 1) if you don't have a home garden you can direct it to a purifier intake pipe ( if this is the only source water you have been using since then ) and still it will become add in to the existing supply of water.

    1. all ur ideas r really good only thing is the pipe required might be too long. Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. There was 2 options for q90. Can u tell the other one.

  4. Hey just saw the blog and it's amazing as exam of nid is 2 days from non what tip will you like to share


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