28 May 2015

Answer key to Sample mock test for UCEED practice - 2



How many triangles are there in the given picture 

Answer : 24 


Eight Brothers lives in an old house where there is no electricity and no computers or any any other gadget.

Brother-1: Reading Comics
Brother-2: Playing Chess
Brother-3: Writing
Brother-4: making food for the family
Brother-5: sleeping and snoring
Brother-6: cleaning house
Brother-7: watering the plants

What is brother 8 doing ?

Answer : 

Playing chess - Game needs two players so brother-8 is playing chess with brother-2


In a particular family, each boy has as many brothers as the sisters, but each girl has twice as many brothers as that of sisters.

How many numbers of siblings are there in the family?

Answer : 

There are 4 boys and 3 girls in the family.

Let the number of boys be 'x' and the number of girls be 'y'.
The first statement says that each boy has equal numbers of 

brothers and sisters
(x - 1) = y

The second statement says that every girl has twice as many brothers as that of sisters
2 (y - 1) = x

solving above two equations will result in  
p = 4.
q = 3


How many match sticks has to be removed to make ten in the below given picture ?

Answer : 6


How many circles has to be moved to invert the given first shape to transform to second shape as shown below

Answer : 2 circles


Water tanks are usually placed at the top of the home/buildings, why ?

a) To get high velocity of water
b) To get hot water
c) To get pressurized water
d) All

Answer : c


Figure shows a commonly used safety pin. Now why is it having two turns at the bottom

a) To give it an aesthetic look
b) To act as finger grip
c) To provide spring action
d) To keep it straight while locking

Answer : c


Below shows a cat in a position. The position shows that the cat is

a) about to sit
b) running
c) walking
d) just stood

Answer : c


The lens shown in the picture is 

a) convex
b) concave

Answer : a


Choose the correct shape using the three shapes given in the image. Options are given below (use a,b,c,d)

Answer : c


Which color results from mixing Red, blue and green colors
a) black
b) white
c) yellow
d) magneta 

Answer : b


In a race of 600m X can beat Y by 60m and in a race of 500m Y can beat Z by 50m. By how many metres will X beat Z in a race of 400m?

a) 76 m
b) 74 m
c) 72 m
d) 78 m

Answer : 76 m 

When X runs 600m, Y would run (600-60) = 540m 
and When X runs 400 m, Y runs (540/600)×400 = 360m

When Y runs 500 m, Z runs (500-50)= 450m
and When Y runs 360 m, Z runs (450/500)×360 = 324m

i.e., When X runs 400 metre, Y runs 360 metre and Z runs 324 metre.
Hence, X beats Z by (400-324)=76 metre in a race of 400 m


If the length of a rectangular cloth is halved and its breadth is tripled, what is the percentage change in area of the cloth?

a) 25 % Increase
b) 25 % Decrease
c) 50 % Decrease
d) 50 % Increase

Answer : d


The following sequence shows a pattern. Which among the below comes next to the pattern (a,b,c,d,e)

Answer - d

In the given question, from left to right, in each step, 45 degree cut was made to the circle in the counter-clockwise directions (just like removing a pizza piece from the big piece) while the line is moving in clockwise direction  45 degree. So after 5th pattern, sixth should follow the same as 5th,degree cut to the black circle and degree movement of the line in anti-clockwise direction, option D suits that

You can check more on ability tests here - Resource page for UCEED


A flat belt pulley has a circumference of 40 cms and turns at 60 rpm. It rotates another pulley of 1.2 meters circumference through a belt having 7.2 meters in length. If driven pulley has revolved 600 times, what is the time that the driver pulley rotated? (appeard in CEED 2013 paper)

a) 20 minutes
b) 30 minutes
c) 40 minutes
d) 120 minutes

Answer : b



How many times does the letter f (or F) appear in the following presentation ?

Answer: 6


The below picture shows a solid with lines representing the cut to be made. If it's cut as shown, then the solid would be split into two symmetrical (same) shapes. Now, what will be the number of surfaces of any one of the cut shape ? 

Answer : 10 surfaces

One of our friend from G+ wanted explanation for this ques. I have made the below picture for convenience,


A boat is crossing a wide river flowing at 8 km/hr from east to west. The landing port is exactly opposite the starting point in the north bank of the river. If the boat moves at 10 km/hr towards other bank and crosses the river, what is the width of the river? (appeard in CEED 2013 paper)

a) 6 km
b) 8 km
c) 10 km
d) 1.8 km

Answer : a

To reach exactly opposite point of the bank from where the boat has started; the boat should move slant towards north east at 10kmph, and water is flowing at 8 kmph from east to west, now apply Pythagoras theorem to find the relative velocity which turns to be 6 kmph.

19 )

Four roller bladers exercise around separate circular paths; each path is one third of a mile in length.  They start simultaneously at the black spots, with speeds of six, nine, twelve, and fifteen miles per hour.  By the end of the 20 minute workout, how many times will they have simultaneously returned to the spots where they started?

Answer : 3 times

In 1/3 of an hour (20 minutes), they travel 1/3 of a mile (complete circle) 6, 9, 12, and 15 times.  The largest number these numbers are all divisible by is 3.  They return to their original positions 3 times in 20 minutes.

Multiple selection questions (MSQ)


The following image shows a clip that is commonly used to clip clothes at home. It works using a small metal pin at the center. which are the correct facts related to this

a) The metal pin works on plastic property
b) The metal pin works on elastic property
c) The metal pin is used to hold the plastic parts tightly 
d) No metal pin is required
e) Turning of metal (like a spring) is compulsary

Answer : b,c, e


Select the correct set of choices among the following (for now fill the blank space yourself) for the given picture. The solid is formed using 1X1X1 cube 

a) Number of solid cubes used = ___________
b) Number of surfaces (assuming the whole solid and not the single blocks) = ______________
c) Number of 1X1 surface visible (from all 6 sides - top+bottom+four sides) ______________

Answers : a-9, b-14, c-34


Plastic pollution directly affects which part of the ecosystem (choose as many correct)

a) Land
b) Ocean
c) Animals
d) Humans
e) Air
f) Rains

Answers : a,b,c,d


Which terms are related to photography ?

a) Shutter velocity
b) ISO
c) Macro lens
d) converging lens
e) Panning

Answers : b,c,d,e


Which material is not eco friendly ?

a) Polystyrene foam
b) Ceramic
c) PVC
d) Teflon
e) Wood
f) Bio plastics
g) Corrugated boxes

Answers : a,b,c,d


Which among the following are sustainable for the case of drinking tea (everyday) at home

a) Stainless steel glass
b) Use and throw disposal glasses
c) Breakable ceramic glasses
d) Poly foam glasses
e) Quartz made glass

Answers : a,c


Which among the following are art media

a) Graphite
b) Pen
c) chalk
d) Pastel
e) Sand

Answers : a,b,c,d,e


which among the following comes under recycled packing materials

a) Bubble wrap
b) Paper board
c) Corn starch
d) Glass
e) none

Answers : a,b,c,d

English and Reading comprehension


A: This is one of the reasons I hate working in a big city.
B: I know. Every day, it’s the same thing.
A: This is terrible! We may be here all night! I hope we don’t run out of gas.
B: No, I think there’s enough.
A: Let’s turn on the radio. Maybe there’s some good music.
B: Sorry, the radio’s not working.
A: I think I’ll take the train tomorrow! 

1. Where are these people?
2. What are they talking about?
3. What do you think will happen next? 

Answers :

1. In a car.
2. The bad traffic
3. Not sure but maybe they will fun out of gas, start to fight or decide to pull over and wait for the traffic to get better. 


In all cultures, gestures are used as a form of communication, but the same gestures may have very different meanings in different cultures.

a) No two cultures use the same gestures.
b) One gesture will never have the same meaning in two cultures.
c) A person from one culture may misunderstand the gestures used by a person from another culture. 

Answer : c


[I] The university authority has instructed all the colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of cell phones inside the college premises.

[II] Majority of the teachers of the college signed a joint petition to the university complaining the disturbances caused by cell phone ring tones inside the classrooms.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.
b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.
c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes.
d) Both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes.
e) Both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause.

Answer: b

Explanation :
Since the teachers of the colleges complained to the university about the disturbances caused by cell phone ring-tones inside the class-rooms, the university authority has instructed all the colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of cell phones inside the college premises.

(optional question)
In biology, the term mutualism refers to a mutually beneficial relationship between two species. The later economic theory of mutualism is based on the labour theory of value, which states that the true cost of an item is the amount of labour that was required to produce it. Hence, goods should not be sold for more than the cost of acquiring them. Mutualism is closely associated with anarchism, because its principles were set forth in the mid- nineteenth century by the French politician and philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – the first person to define himself as an “anarchist”. 
The main tenets of mutualism are free association  and free credit. In a mutualist workplace, workers with different skills form an association to create a product or service. Though dependent on each other, the workers are not subordinated as in a capitalist enterprise. Mutual banks, also called credit unions, operate on the belief that free credit enables profit to be generated for the benefit of the union’s members rather than bankers. 
Modern-day mutualism is sometimes described as free-market socialism. Proponents of mutualism support a free market economy, but object to capitalism because of the inequalities created by government intervention. Many mutual businesses and banking establishments exist today, espousing Proudhon’s Co-operative model. 
[Use Ture, False, Cannot say for the below questions]

a) Proudhon’s economic theory of mutualism was influenced by biological mutualism. 
b) Mutual banking establishments do not operate on a for-profit basis.
c) The labour theory of value is defined as: only the person who made an item should profit from its sale.

Solution is in this file under the names Q21, Q22, Q23


Mechanization is defined as the process of using machines to perform work that had previously been performed by people. Automation, which is an extension of mechanization, is defined as the process of performing mechanical operations with minimal or no human involvement. Automation is commonly used whenever an organization faces difficulties producing a product of a consistent quality, as well as when work is monotonous or unsafe for employees. 

Automation systems can be either hard or soft. Soft automation systems are adaptable, thus allowing them to perform several different functions. Hard automation systems have each machine perform one specific function. As a result, these systems are less adaptable than soft automation systems. From the information given above, it can be validly concluded that:

a) There are at least some automated systems that require considerable human involvement to perform mechanical operations
b) If an organization can consistently produce a high quality product, it is unlikely that it will use an automated system.
c) No hard automation system is more adaptable than a soft automation system.
d) Any organization that uses an automated system has found its work to be monotonous or unsafe for employees. 


Below image shows several pieces of paper that can be folded into cubes. The bottom of each is colored black. The top is marked with the letter A. Determine which piece of paper can be folded to look like the cube shown in the image

Answer : None

No option matches the patterned cube


Which among the options are the correct folded view of the shown image

Answer : b, d


A square transparent sheet with a pattern is given. When the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line, which of the four choices below will result?

Answer : C


The three figures below show a sequence by which a piece of paper has been folded. The last figure shows how this folded paper has been cut.Which pattern (1-4) most closely resembles the unfolded form of figure C?

Answer : 1


Choose a figure which would most closely resemble the unfolded form of Figure (Z)

Answer : 2

All red items are blue. 
All pink items are red. 

What conclusion can be drawn ?

Answer : All pink items are blue.


The below shown logo is used for

a) Eco mark: India
b) Nature-Label
c) Bio Suisse
d) None

Answers : a


Which of the following is/are facts about India

a) number os states - 29
b) number of states - 28
c) Lotus is the National Flower
d) Vande Mataram is Indian National Anthem

Answers : a,c


Which one is odd
a) Paper
b) Wood
c) Wool
d) Plastic
e) Leather

Answer : d


Which one is odd
a) Valley
b) River
c) Mountain
e) Tower 
f) Sea

Answer : d


Which of the following is/are types of pollution

a) Light Pollution
b) Noise Pollution
c) Visual Pollution
d) Radioactive contamination
e) Soil contamination
f) Visual pollutions

Answer : All
All are variants of pollution. To know more, you may check this wiki page


What are some good practices for pollution control

a) Mitigating 
b) Prevention
c) Compost
d) Reuse
e) Recycle

Answers : a,d,c,d,e (all)


Krishna walks 50m towards East. He then turns right and walks 30m. He again turns right and walks 50m. Further he moves 20m, after turning to the right. How far is he from his original position ?

a) 50m
b) 30m
c) 20m
d) 10m

Answer : 10m

The below picture explains on how Krishna moves and where he ends finally.


Which group of shapes can be assembled to make the shape shown below 

Answer : c


Who is the director of the animated movie - "Ramayan - The Epic"

a) Vishal Sonawane
b) Rhituraj Dutta
c) Yago Sako
d) Chetan Desai

Answer : d

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  1. Hi Sir,
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    1. Ya, Q10 is c, it was rectified earlier, Q49 should be c not d

    2. option d can also satisfy the shape, right?

    3. Yeah,option d, too seems the correct one

    4. Sir can you show us how option C is correct for Q 49 because even am getting option D as correct

  2. Can you upload information on famous books and writers ,some important math formulas and font information . Do uceed people ask about film there directors etc . Thank you very much for all this . Please reply as soon as possible as exam date is very very near

    1. UCEED sample mock test paper had one question on film directors, so there are chances! but I still doubt it's importance, I guess film directors of animated movies are more important. I will upload info on books and writers at the end of UCEED Resource collection post. Some basic math formulae are already included in that post at the beginning of the post under "Math Geometry". U may chk this link

      Study materials and downloadable books for UCCED preparation

    2. Authors info has been updated in the above link. Scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link under 'Additional Resources'!

  3. Replies
    1. I have included a picture that explains the problem (above in the question). I think it's clear now

  4. sir i think answer of q 21 part b is 15

  5. sir i think answer of ques 37 is a

    1. A is not correct answer brother,
      If it's like - six dots on the front face, and star on the right side face (unlike in the given option where star is in front face and six dots are in side face), then it would have been another option.

  6. Sir could you pleas explain how cornstarch is used as a packing material ?

    1. Even, I'm not sure, but I came to know about that. I also confirmed that in web. It is used as packaging material. Have to consider some unseen facts ........

    2. They are not used much in india but in foreign countries they make little balls that look like thermocol and fill the box with it. The balls are even edible!

  7. Shouldn't 20th question include option e also?

    1. No, it is not compulsory, without any turns also we can make clips. You may check that in google images.

  8. Sir the 37th one can't be B. I think it's A. Please check. Also it's option E in the 20th question also an answer?

    1. It is B bro, and not A. I've already discussed that (with Ashutosh) in the above comments. Pl check that and clarify yourself.

  9. Sir no offence buts think you're foldng it the wrong way. If you fold it inwards as in towards yourself then what you're saying would be true. But you're supposed to fold it away from yourself so the the patterns paper in the outside of the cube. Please check again. And really thank you for making this blog. It's so helpful :)

    1. Hello Anavi,

      I shldn't have included the term 'folded' - I guess. I think that is confusing. Observing the options, the question is like we need to identify the correct cube that can be oriented in any direction - not like exact folding!

      In option A, if you check the position of the 6 dots, then it's shown as 3 rows and 2 columns form, right ? But if you observe the question and fold it, the dots should be like 2 rows and 3 columns, that is the biggest difference. Other than that, it should be okay to take it as answer.

      Thank you anyway. I suggest you not to struggle for a single questions as it would waste your time and time is really short, better to practice more. All the best :)

  10. sir in Q36 "c" is also correct

    1. I think C is not correct, please check

    2. sir i think c and d both will be correct

    3. assuming that bottom black portion is stick to the ground, if option C is correct, then it is not possible to upright the solid, option C suits when the image is allowed to fold bottom words too!

    4. If only option C is correct then why did you mention none in the answer?

  11. Thank you sir.. This is really helpful, Please can you share more practice questions for uceed.

    1. You can check mock tests for CEED too, they are well applicable to UCEED, Also, today I released one more mock test, please check - CEED and UCEED 2016 Mock test - 2

  12. sir in q.no 1 i can see on 23 triangles plz cud u upload a solution..

  13. and the last doubt of this paper sir in q.no 37 can D also be correct ...

  14. Q3 cant the answer be 5 it makes sense
    suppose there are three brothers(b) so if one of those boys(b1) has two brothers he must have two sisters(s) and each girl has twice as many (b) to that of (s)
    so 3 boys and two girls kind of seems right to me

  15. Very good blog!! Really appreciate your efforts...keep up the good work!!

    What is the answer to Q 35 ?
    From the information given above, it can be validly concluded that:

    a) There are at least some automated systems that require considerable human involvement to perform mechanical operations
    b) If an organization can consistently produce a high quality product, it is unlikely that it will use an automated system.
    c) No hard automation system is more adaptable than a soft automation system.
    d) Any organization that uses an automated system has found its work to be monotonous or unsafe for employees.

  16. What is the answer to Q. 35?

  17. Thank you sir for all these mock tests and solutions..i cannot thank you enough

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    and for q37 i think A and B both are possible

    P.S. Thanks a lot for this blog it is helping me a lot.

    1. Q1, I'm getting only 24, pl. chk,
      Q37, A is not correct, if the given pattern is folded to cube and if the side with star pttern is to appear in front with side with 'X' on top, then the side with 'six dots' SHOULD be on the left side of the cube, but in option A it's shown in right side! Pl. chk

    2. sir in q.no 1 i can see on 23 triangles plz cud u upload a solution..

    3. q.no 37 can D also be correct??I had asked earlier also...

    4. q37, yes D us also possible, thank u man, and q1 I will try in free regarding upload of sol.

    5. sir, im getting only 22 triangles in Q1. if you're free can you please upload a pic of solution. thankyou.

    6. yaa, i could've done that earlier. Anyway, will check that soon

    7. Sir! finally, I got 24 triangles! thanx for not saying the answer right away. if you've done as such. i couldn't have solved by my own. thanx anyways :)

  19. is telanagana state is considered in 29 states?????

  20. Question 18, its nowhere specified time taken to cross the river, the relative speed may be 6 km/hr .the ans would be right only if it were giventhat it took 1 hr to reach other side? Isn't it

    1. Ya, assuming for 1hr case, the width is the horizontal component of speed which is 6kmph

    2. So since 1.8km is a multiple of six couldnt d also be an andwer??

  21. Hi the answer of Q11 should be black

    1. Hi, the answer is white, u can check in any color picker online.

  22. Hloo sir in que no 45
    ans is tower ..is'nt it?

    1. yes, it is, option alphabets wrongly ordered :)

  23. sir thank you for your support. can u pls tell me Q14( i think the answer should be b) and why e is not an answer to Q20?

    1. I've updated the answer for above, u can chk now and yes, for Q20, e can be answer, thanks for that!

  24. In Q5 both the images are same

  25. Please explain Q16
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