13 July 2018

Is coaching required for NID preparation ?

Let me brief here

Should you join? The answer depends on your current level and your pickup. As you must be aware; NID has both objective and subjective part, while objective might not be a big issue (assuming that you are able to self-prepare), but subjective is where one needs to be more concern. So, let’s discuss that before coming to objective preparation.

  1. If your sketching level is below average and you have no sketching hobby as such, has not tried your hands on design drawing and/or you are slow at learning and need some one’s assistance for quick learning, then that is when you must be looking for a coaching. Note that you might just be needing an art teacher or a full-fledged NID coacher depending on your status. The thing is materials for NID objective part is already available online/offline esp. in blogs (you can even gather that online) and so you can go for self-prep with a proper plan. If you see yourself good at picking up and solving previous papers or sample tests, then you may not be needing a coaching.
  2. If you have been relying on someone for education until now (teachers/guides/brothers etc.) and have never tried self-study, then maybe you need a full-fledged coaching regardless of your sketching level.
  3. On the other side, if you’re good at sketching (at least above average in object sketching minding size, shape, proportion, texture, details etc.) and if you can figure out the objective part too by yourself, then you may not be needing any coaching at all. All you need to do is strategize your time cleverly and prepare by yourself.

Note that self-preparation is what is expected for exams like design coz we can derive the pattern of ques paper and if not know, when will we learn to self-develop? Just a thought.

Given that fact that the coaching centers are charging people quite a huge sum (I’ve to say some are looting without giving proper coaching while some centers are good), even for solutions to previous papers, you should give a think whether it’s really worth spending on coaching center’s unless you find an awesome coaching center in your locality.

Anyway, below is one assessment method that I often suggest students try (spend one/two weeks before you actually decide to join):
  1. First, understand the level and syllabus of NID, especially the GA (general awareness) and the subjective (sketching).
  2. Now, since you had seen the type of subjective ques being asked, start taking some exercises by on your own and work on it. I mean do sketching for similar sample question, take your time and don’t worry if that consumes more time initially. Before even you attempt, take time - give some thinking no matter how much time it will take, because creativity is what is needed for design exams. Think a minimal, of 2/3 options and choose the best that struck ur head. Implement (draw) that. Planning for only one idea might not be the best option. I advice to have alternative ideas. You will see for urself how wonderfully it will work.
  3. In parallel, start learning the tips and tricks of sketching (MINDING size, shape, proportion, texture, details etc.) Remember, these factors are very very imp for NID unlike CEED which might not be needing these to some extent.
  4. Do this for 1 or 1.5 week, In the rest of the second week, take some similar sample ques and see to what extent you have improved. Do self accessing regarding ur improvement level. Check yourself whether you are able to pickup or not. If your learning level is healthy, then hola, prepare urself with a proper strategy, else check if ur locality has a really good institute (sketching or for NID) and you may consider joining if you find one.

In the fourth step, the ques that you should ask - 
Am I able to answer the ques ? 
Am I able to pickup the factors mentioned? and 
Am I confident enough to get some creative thoughts? 
What is my level compared to my previous attempts?

Answer this urself and you will realize whether u need coaching or not!

I had given a detailed review on whether to take a coaching or not for CEED (applicable for NID too) with some self assessment methods. You may want to give a quick look into this - Is coaching required for CEED exam? 

Here is a free PDF with complete links to a blog that would help you with free online materials - NID-DAT Complete resources links in Stuff You Look blog 

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