28 November 2015

Answer key for CEED and UCEED Mock test 2016

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If you haven't attempted the questions yet, I would recommend you to first check post with ONLY questions and then come to check answers, then only you will come to know whether you're able to solve or not.

You can find the actual mock test here

1. Correct unfolded view of the solid is

ans) b

2. What are the common "Perceptual channels" (select as many)

a. Tactile
b. Communication
c. Auditory
d. Kinesthetic
e. Visual

ans) c,d,e
Auditory relates to spoken words, sounds etc (what is heard and said). Kinesthatics relates to Emotions, actions, movement, taste, smell ...... (something that is felt) Visual represents - what is seen like printed materials, fascial expressions, body language etc

3. Emotions, actions, movement, taste, smell ...... (something that is felt) represents

a. Auditory
b. Kinesthetic
c. Visual
d. Tactic

ans) b

4. When "Rule of thirds" is applied to a picture/image, then in many parts the picture/image will be divided

a. no divison
b. 3 parts
c. 6 parts
d. 9 parts
e. 3*3*3 = 27 parts

ans) d

5. Which of the following is/ARE considered "Impossible triangle"

a. Kanizsa triangle
b. Penrose triangle
c. Barmoda triangle
d. Color triangle 

ans) b

6. Select the correct basic types of "perspective" 

a. Angular persepctive
b. Linear Perspective
c. Aerial Perspective.
d. all

ans) b,c

7. The relation between h, d, a, where h = apparent height of object, a is the actual size, and d is the distance of the object is best given by

a) h = a*d
b) d = a*h
c) h=a/d
d) a = h*d

ans) c

8. The following image is ipads cover. Identify how many visuals represents Paris

ans) 14

Word Paris - 11 (including the word from the small projection left to the cover, might not be clearly visible, but it's design is same as the actual cover design showing the big tower, the word 'Paris' is obviously below the tower as in the right part)
Eiffel Tower -3

9. Which option represents the correct unfolded view of the given solid ? (select a,b,c,d)

ans) d

10. Identify to which brand(s) the following products belongs to

a. Sennhieser, apple
b. Samsung, Philips
c. Sony, apple
d. Beats by Dre, apple
e. Philips, Philips
f. Sony, Sony
g. Beats by Dre, Philips

ans) c
The first image is the sony's latest headphone entry "Sony MDR-100AAP", Second one is Apple's cheapest gadget - iPod shuffle. Both are my favorites :P

11. Light bulbs are usually filled with inert gas, which of the following can be used (multiple)

a. Nitrogen
b. Methane
c. Helium
d. Krypton
e. Argon
f. Xenon

ans) a,d,e,f

12. How many different colors are used in this image ?

ans) 8

13. How many font sizes are used in the visual given in (Q12)

ans) 10

14. How many times the following letters 'R', 'E', 'A', 'D' appeared in the visual given in (Q12)

R - 12
E - 13
A - 13
D - 4

15. How many triangles and semi circles (with different colors) are there in the given image

ans) 4, 2

16. How many different colors are used in the given image

ans) 6

17 - How many diff patterns are there in the given image

ans) 12

18. Select the types of biodiversity among the options given

a. Species Diversity
b. Operational Diversity
c. Genetic Diversity
d. Functional Diversity
e. Forest Diversity
f. Plant Diversity
g. Ecosystem Diversity

ans) a,c,d,g

19a.  How many triangles are possible in the given picture

a. 12
b. 9
c. 11
d. 10

ans) c

19b. How many intersection points (like A,B ....) are there, where exactly three lines are meeting

a. 6
b. 4
c. 7
d. 8

ans) a

19c. If E =C, both points are lie on the same place, then how many triangles are possible, and how many lines are sufficient to generate this pentagon image ? 

ans) 5 triangles and 10 lines

20. How many reptiles are visible in the below image

ans) 1 
Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and Tuatara are considered reptiles

21. Image shows a structure (links) in which bottom link (link joined by bottom two nodes) is fixed/pivoted to the ground. choose the correct option

a. The mechanism is rigid/static (cannot move)
b. The mechanism can move either left or right but to some angle
c. The mechanism can move either left or right
d. The mechanism is not stable, and might collapse with little disturbances

ans) a

22. For the given pulley system, if mass M2, goes down by 10 cm, choose the correct choice

a. Mass M1 goes down by 10cm
b. Mass M1 goes up by 10cm
c. Mass M1 goes up by 5cm
d. Mass M1 goes up by 20cm

ans) d
If the small pulley with mass M2 goes down by say a distance, then the rope surrounding the pulley has also moved by 'a' length, but it is on both sides, so the total rope length moved is '2a', and the mass on the other side moves in opposite direction to this direction

23. Figure shows a mechanism that helps to perform which action

a. Provide push force
b. Dig earth
c. Acts as a elevator mechanism
d. he mechanism cannot have motion

ans) c

This is the famous mechanism commonly used in elevators or anything that helps to rise things.

24. How many marble pieces are used to make this pattern ?

ans) 32

25. Match the following cultural dance with the state to which it belongs to

a. Kathakali     1. Gujurat
b. Dandya       2. Rajasthan  
c. Bhangra      3. Maharastra
d. Bihu           4. Punjab
e. Chau          5. Kerala
f. Ghoomer     6. Assam
g. Dindi          7. West Bengal

ans) (a,5),(b,1),(c,4),(d,6),(e,7),(f,2),(g,3)

26.  Identify to which brand the following logos belong to

ans) Mustang, infiniti, Aston Martin, Citreon, Acura, 

27. How many non-color pencils can be spotted in the picture ?

a. 17
b. 20
c. 16
d. 13
e. 21

ans) 13

28a. Which type of materials is/are recyclable completely or partly (select as many)

a. Coke bottles
b. Coke tins
c. Use and throw tea/juce cups
d. Tennis ball
e. Foam plates
f. Incandescent light Bulbs,
g. Card board boxes tarnished with food
h. Aquafina water bottle
i. CFL bulbs

ans) a,b,c,d,e,g,h
The corrugated cardboard in pizza boxes is itself recyclable, but like any paper product, cardboard is no longer recyclable once it is tarnished with grease or food.
Yes, tennis balls ARE recyclable. 
Incandescent bulbs can be thrown in the black trash bin, but fluorescent, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are considered household hazardous waste and must be taken to a Solvents, Automotive, Flammables and Electronics, or SAFE, center for disposal because they may contain mercury.
Both fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs use considerably less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Since all types of fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is toxic, they are not fit for disposal in the garbage.

28b. Plastic drinking water bottles are made from

a. PVC
b. Polyethylene 
c. Polycarbonate
d. Polyethylene terepthylene

ans) d, 
famously called PET, The current national recycling rate for PET is 20%

29. Select the correct order for the following shown instruments numbered a,b,c

a. Sarod, Sarangi, Sitar
b. sarangi, sarod, sitar
c. sitar, sarod, sarangi
d. sarod, sitar, sarangi

ans) b

30. How many intersections (one line crossing or meeting another line) are possible in this image

(additional exercise: If lines AB, BC, CD are removed, then how many triangles are possible)

ans) 44
At corners/noded - 6 (each having 5 intersections)
Two line intersection (inside the hexagon other than center) - 12(each contribute to 1 intersection)
Three lines at center - 1 (counts to two number of intersections)

31 Check this car, and identify the correct option to which it belong to

a. Dodge Challenger
b. Ford Mustang
c. Caroll Shelby
D. Citreon DS4 HDI Sport chic

ans) b

32. Identify to which organizations the following logos belongs to

ans) WHO, ISRO (without name)

33. How many lines of clear waves (no partial visible waves) are
clearly visible in the picture (don't count half waves)

a. 22
b. 24
c. 21
d. 26
e. 27

ans) c

34. How many times letter E is flipped downwards ? (from UCEED)

ans) 3 times

35. In color triangle, how many primary colors are used as an additive combination to make the triangle

a. 4 colors
b. 1 color
c. 3 color
d. Rainbow colors

ans) 3  
Three primary colors—red, green, and blue—is located at a corner of the triangle. Figure shows a 1775 color triangle by Tobias Mayer (a German Astronomer famous for his studies of the moon)

36. Match the following

a. Ruth Kedar              1. Graphic designer, paintern sculptor, architect
b. Herbert Bayer          2. Falling water & Guggenheim museum architect
c. Frank Lloyd Wright 3. Logo designer for 'Google'
d. Justin Trudeau          4. Canada Prime minister

ans) (a,3),(b,1),(c,2),(d,4)
Note : Herbert Bayer was an Austrian and American graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director, environmental and interior designer, and architect,

37. Alphabets (A,B,C,D,K) are used on fire extinguishers, identify which alphabet is related to which classification among a,b,c,d

a. Combustible metals (magnesium, lithium, titanium)
b. cooking media (cookin oils, fats)
c. Common combustibles (wood, paper, cloth)
d. Flammable liquids and gases (Gasoline, propane, and solvents)
e. Live electrical equiments (computers, fax machines)

ans) (A-c),(B-d),(C-e),(D-a),(K-b)

38. Identify the correct next pattern

source - Theonlinetest

ans) F
In each diagram, the black circles join together to make straight sided polygons.
Working from left to right, top row then bottom row, the number of sides in each polygon increases by 1 each time, from 3 to 8.

39.Choose the correct folded cube

source - Theonlinetest

ans) C

40. Which of the following is a sculpture material

a. Metal clay
b. Hardstone carving
c. Terracota
d. Wathering steel
e. Alabaster
f. Granite
g. Microcrystalline wax
h. Salt dough

ans) all!

41. Observe the facial expressions numbered 1,2,3,4 and match with options given

a. Angry
b. Surprised
c. Bored
d. sad

ans) (1,c),(2,d),(c,a),(d,b)

42) Match the correct options (alphabets to numbers)

a. Eternal India
b. A suitable boy
c. A Revolutionary Life
d. A Voice of Freedom
e. The Secret of Nagas

1. Vikram Seth
2. Laxmi Sehgal
3. Nayantara Shehgal
4. Indira Gandhi
5. Amish Tripathi

ans) (a-4,b-1, c-2, d-3, e-5)

43. Who among the following are some of the greatest designers of all time

a. Charlie Parrish
b. Pierre Cardin
c. Michael Graves
d. Caravaggio
e. Rubens
f. Jonathan Ive
g. Dieter Lubs

ans) a,b,c,f,g
Caravaggio, Rubens are greatest painters, rest are well known designers 
Check more about famous designers - famous designers here 

44) one is not equal to seven, but can you move one match stick to make the equation correct ? which one ?

Sources for pictures used in this post

5 - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/189221621817779521/
6 - 17 - http://www.byhanna.com/tiles_twp0608.html
24 - amazon.com
19 - http://tiorema.blogspot.in/2013/06/coloracao-do-plano.html
20 - http://www.thebluedotpost.com/why-biodiversity-and-the-interconnected-web-of-life-are-important/
33 - http://www.byhanna.com/korsnas150ar.html


  1. sir, i think the answer to ques. 16 should be 6?? m i correct or pls tell me how it is 4.

    1. ya, u r right! thank u, I will rectify that

    2. sir i think 7 colours r in 16 th question

    3. Well,clef me chk n correct. Thank u

    4. brother can you please explain me ques38 didnt got wht u explained and thx a lot for this mock test

    5. Even am getting 7 colors
      total 7
      correct me if am wrong.

  2. Replies
    1. ya, that structure is rigid in deed! it cannot move if you give little push, that;s y option 1 suits

    2. Hello sir.
      according to mechanics if it is stated in the question that given picture is a "structure" then its already states that it is not going to have any degree of freedom,,i mean it is a solid, and rigid cannot move!!!
      so that mechanics is going to apply hear or not am confused?

    3. Ya, structure itself has no DOF, but it doesn't mean it is solid, even mechanisms having non zero DOF (are considered) are made of solids right, Don't worry abt mechanics, just chk (observe) whether the given mechanism is able to move or not with little displacement, that's it.

    4. Sir, can you explain to me how is the above structure rigid.
      only the bottom ones are fixed. rest all are free to move.
      if i push the top point downwards or upwards, wont it move?
      the bottom pts are pivoted to ground, it must mean that the bottom line is rigid, but other lines which are attached to the two pivoted points can rotate about their axis. so in the mechanism if i push the top pt downwards, the two diamond shaped formations will come towards each other.

    5. Basically the links are so connected that even if you push bottom or up or sideways, it won't move, there is always lateral constraints that will estriol the movement. Such mechanisms in mechanics are called structured, designs of which are often seen in bridges etc it is for sure static means it won't move

  3. Sir in Q.14, How did 'A' appear 13 times ? It appeared 16 times in visual.

    1. Exactly, it's 16, I chked that,
      I had my final exm today but was doing this mock test and answers yesterday!, probably did these mistakes in hurry! Thank you v much for pointing it our.

    2. sir once recheck the count of E in same... i got answer as 13... ignore if i am wrong.

    3. One more mistake from me! I must be sleeping at that time!
      Ya, it's 13, Thank u.

    4. no bro its 15 if iam correct!!

  4. Sir, in Q.15, there are 5 triangles & 4 semicircles of different colour ! If not, please explain how ?

    1. 2 triangles are colored white, what I asked in ques is "how many triangles with diff colors" so consider only 1 tiangle, ok ? and two semi circles are over lapping, coz of which part of their shape is different coloured and the color is not uniform, that's y I neglected, doesn't matter if u have done mistake in this ques. May be my questioning is not clear!

  5. Yes Sir, I got it ! Thank You ! :)

  6. Thank u all for pointing out the mistakes, it's embarrassing to see myself doing this many, probably coz of exams :P I will try to be careful for the next tests......

  7. Sir ! Q.no 42 , Google says "eternal india " is written by "indira gandhi" bt u have mentioned mahatma gandhi.. Plz check it out :) and Thank you for your wonderful blog :)

  8. Hi Sir,
    For question 19 A, I figured out 9 triangles but you have mentioned Optionc C (11 triangles) as correct option. Can you please help me out! :)

  9. sir plz could u explain Q 9 Shouldn't it be C and in Q 28 Coke bottles, Coke tins and Aquafina water bottle not recycleable??

    1. Actually, the ques should be which one is recyclable, thank u

    2. Sir Q.no 9 shouldn't it be C and plz could u upload more of these type of questions
      especially the solution of those which appeared in uceed 2015

    3. will try to release more mock test soon, let me deal with ceed exam students as there exm is tomorrow

  10. How much %age in mock test will labelled as good prep!bhai

    1. Can't compare with actual exam bhai, there level varies. Mock tests are to give you idea of the type of ques asked and to revise what you have learnt

  11. answer to question no. 11 shuould be c,d,e,f..

  12. How many marks are good marks for UCEED ? Please give some estimate.

  13. in question no16 is Grey not a color
    :P i am gettting one extra

  14. Replies
    1. Saurabh Dixit, the questions asks you about how many different patterns are in that image. Meaning how many different images/patterns exist. Do keep in mind that simple rotations do not add to as a new pattern or image and also keep in mind that some patterns might look very alike but might have the slightest difference between them, thus they are considered as different patterns and are not same ones at all. Hope this helped.

    2. Thank you for the explanation

    3. Thank u so much
      but i am still not able to get 12 :/

  15. what is a good mark to be ranked in the top 14 sir?
    please let me know. Thank you sir.

    1. Not sure Koushic, it varies every year depending on the max marks n competition.

  16. Darn this one felt tough was I suppose to feel that

  17. Someone please elaborate and explain the answer of question no 22

    1. acc. to figure string attatched to mass 2 is free, while other end is fixed to the centre of the pulley.If we consider m1 goes down by X cms., then the fixed end should increase by X cms. and also the string on the other side of the pulley holding mass 1 should increase by X cms. Now as mass 2 is attached to fixed end all the added string of (X+X) cms has to come from string on the side of mass 2.thus if mass 1 comes down by X cms. Mass 2 will go up by 2Xcms.Hope u got it Saurabh

  18. sir, not getting ques.24...how 32 is ans. pls explain!

  19. Sir, in Question 34... E can not be flipped downwards as it is symmetrical about horizontal?

  20. Hi, in question 8 there are images of croissants, baguettes and even wine which Paris is famous for; so shouldn't they also be included?

    1. I'm not pretty sure, as far as I know Germany is famous for wine and Mexico for baguettes. Pl correct if im wrong

  21. I cant understand ques number 38.

  22. In Answer no. 15, will there not be 4 semi circles of different colours(instead of given answer i.e. 2)?
    Please help Sir.

    1. Two semi circles are partly in one color and partly in other color. So, I didn't considered them! that's it.

    2. Sir what logic did you use for that?
      I am extremely confused..

      I am appearing or UCEED 2016, so if i come across a similar question, then should i or should i not consider the partly-overlappin semicircles?

    3. bro, I'm not understanding, why do u want to stress on a single question? It's ok, assume that the question is not clear and go ahead or otherwise if finding different colored semi-circles is the requirement, then I think 2 is fine!

  23. sir in question 9 PARIS is written 11 times and there are total 3 E.Towers so the answer should be 14.. am i right?

    1. Ya, u r right, considering the word paris in the small projected protion, it counts to 11 +3 = 14, thank u.

  24. Sir in ques 17 your answer is 12 by considering two identical patterns oftwo different colors as diffetent,, can you explain why co i think patterns of same geometry but different color must be considered as single pattern

    1. good question, I suppose what u said can be considered, thanks

  25. ques 7 ans C and D are same! :P

  26. Should 'a' also be one of the answers of ques no. 2 ?? Tactile is based on touch although it already comes under Kinesthetic

  27. sir in question no 30 i am getting 43

  28. bhanu sir q.no 12 my answer is 11 and you have mentioned 12 which one is extra

  29. Please explain question no. 17. I am confusing taking the pattern in these two 2*1 and 5*2 elements.

  30. sir, in question no. 14, there are 15 A's

  31. in question 2 ,isn't tactile also a perceptual channel as we perceive things like temperature upon touching something


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