20 November 2013

Mistakes in ATM problem with some tips

Question :

Below is shown a typical ATM center. You are required to identify the problems associated with the given picture by imagining yourself as a regular user. The problem may be related to safety, comfort, space, location, service, aesthetics, health and more. Please clearly state the identified problems. Also give your suggestions in how to improve or come over the above problems, if possible with sketches.

Solution shared with me by one of our friend is shown below

My reply to this 

Regarding your sketch on ATM, your thoughts were damn awesome, I especially liked that concept of hiding the machine behind the wall with good display interface. But I'm sorry to point the biggest mistake you did !!! 

The picture which I gave you is outside the ATM center, and problems for that were asked. So, specifically it's better to concentrate on the problems for that given view; that is outside the ATM counter, Am I right ? It's a good thing that u attempted this question which pointed some mistakes, that u can rectify and avoid in exam hall !!! 

Some more important points that I wanted to add here (please note)

  1. It's always advisable and will be more meaningful to concentrate on finding problems "For that particular given picture" rather than finding problems for a general problem. say for example if you are given with an ATM picture and was asked to find problems associated with that, it will be good if you focus on that particular shown picture of ATM location rather than generalizing or summarizing problems for all the ATM centers. This principle applies to all problem identification type of questions like bus-stop, railway platform, college canteen ........ and any such similar type that usually appears in CEED papers.
  2. It will be more better to maintain the same view (perception, angle of view, size, proportions as well as arrangement) for better communication of problem - that might even impress the examiner !!!
  3. Most of such questions were usually asked with factors or perception of the problem, So it's always better to start with problem identification by writing the factors or perception of the identified problems in the space given, later detailing in brief the possible changes to be made (your ideas) through sketches (simple and clean).
These are some important concepts/points that I felt like sharing with you because of its importance; so that you may avoid doing similar mistakes.

You may watch this video tutorial on "Common Sketching mistakes that you must avoid for CEED practice"

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