16 November 2013

Practice on Aptitude and GA questions for Part - A

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Like we were practicing everyday Part - B design questions, it's time for us to now concentrate simultaneously on Part - A questions. In this regard, I will be giving some mathematical aptitude as well as some General awareness questions/exercises for your parallel practice and study. Hope this exercises will help you. Date-wise answers can be found in comments section at the end of this page.

Let us start with some observation questions

1) Find the number of faces in the below given pictures (2 pictures)

2) Identify the material used for making this statue

3) Identify the pug mark and state to which animal it belongs to

4) Aptitude question

Suppose a water tank is in the shape of a right circular cylinder is 20 meter long and 10 meter in diameter. How much sheet metal will be used in its construction. Picture shown below

The answers for this questions will be updated the next day in the comments section below.


1) Visualize and sketch the third missing picture in the following animation series

2) Identify to which state the following dance belongs to

3) Identify the cartoon character and the texture of the animal

4) A piece of wire of 42 cm long is bent into the shape of a rectangle whose width is twice its length. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

5) A 10 meter pole casts a shadow of 5 meter. How tall is a tree with a shadow of 12 meter ?


1) A man runs round a circular field of radius 14 meter at the speed of 88 m/hr. What is the time taken by the man to take twenty rounds of the field ? (take PI = 22/7)

2) A wire can be bent in the form of a circle of radius 7cm. If it is bent in the form of a square, then its area will be ? (take PI = 22/7)

3) A building of height 6 meter casts a shadow of 5 meter, then what will be the length of the stand post which casts 10 meter shadow

4) How many squares in the picture

5) What shutter speed is used to capture the below picture (high, low, avg)

a. Identify to which brand the logo belongs to
b. Which car has the following back (indica, figo, spark, polo)


The answers for the above questions will be updated the next day in the comments section below. 

Answer for question no. 1 for 17.11.13 


1) A rectangular plot measuring 90 meters by 50 meters is to be enclosed by wire fencing. If the poles of the fence are kept 5 meters apart. How many poles will be needed for that ?

2) If one side of a square is doubled in length and the adjacent side is decreased by two centimeters, the area of the resulting rectangle is 96 square centimeters larger than that of the original square. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

3) Next 2 numbers in the series 4,8,9,27 .....

4) How many triangles are in the below picture

5) "Bangra" dance relates to which state ?

6) Count the number of faces in the below picture

7) Identify the hidden letters in the illusion below

8) Identify to which animals the following pug mark belongs to

9) Identify the material used for the following statue (plaster of paris, cement, marble, granite)

10) Arrange the following cameras from past to present (A to D)


1) Identify the famous Indian personality shown below

2) Identify the product 

3) What is the material used for making the following package product
(PVC, foam, polystyrene, polycarbonate)

4) What manufacturing process is used for making the following product

5) Arrange according to order (past to present) for the car pictures (A to D)



6) A famous historic sculpture is shown in the picture, What it is called ? and what is the material used for making it ?

7) The combination of Green and Red leads to which color
(light blue, yellow, dark blue, black)

8) A metallic sphere of radius 3 cm is melted and recast into the shape of a cylinder of radius 3 cm, Find the height of the cylinder.

9) Metallic spheres of radii 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm are melted to form a single solid sphere. Find the radius of the resulting sphere

10) A 20m deep well with diameter 7 m is dug and the earth from digging is evenly spread out to form a platform 22m by 14m. Find the height of the platform
(You may use calculator for this particular question, the main thing you need to understand is the concept )


1) Identify the tools shown below and also state for what it is used for


2) A cube (cardboard box) is unfolded and one of the following tessellation is right, please identify that

 3Below is a picture of a pentagon with a circle pattern on it, the shape is mirrored four times. Draw the correct position of the pattern on the last pentagon

4) Below is a picture of a hexagon with an arrow pattern on it, the shape is mirrored five times. Draw the correct position of the pattern on the last hexagon

5) Identify the product shown below

6) Identify the four Indian traffic signals used commonly

7) A rectangular sheet of dimensions 44 cm X 18 cm is rolled along its length and a cylinder is formed. Find the volume of the cylinder.

8) An ant crawls from one corner of a room to a diametrically opposite corner along the shortest possible path. If the dimensions of a room are 3X3X3, what distance does the ant cover ?

9) There are 2 trees in a garden (say A and B) and on both the trees, there are some birds. The birds of tree A says to the bird of tree B that if one of you comes to our tree, then our population will be the double of yours. The birds of tree B tell to the birds on tree A that if one of you comes here, then our population will be equal to that of yours. How many birds are there in trees A and B ?


1) Identify the hidden animal in the below picture

2) To which state the following painting belongs to and what is the name of that state painting

3) The number of squares in the below picture

4) Imagine a 3 X 3 X 3 cube. How many cuts do we need to break it into 27 1 X 1 X 1 cubes ? 

5) A cylinder 108 cm high has a circumference of 24 cm. A string makes exactly 6 complete turns round the cylinder while its two ends touch the cylinder's top and bottom. How long is the string in cm? 

6) A creeper plant is climbing up and around a cylindrical tree trunk in a helical manner. The tree trunk has a height of 720 cm and a circumference of 48 cm.
If the creeper covers a vertical distance of 90 cm in one complete twist around the tree trunk, what is the total length of the creeper? (You may calculator for now, concept is important)

7) There are 6 people in a room. They shake each other's hands once and only once. How many handshakes are there altogether?

8) The technique of following the moving object to capture clearly the moving object with a blurred background is called as
(Aperture, exposure, chirography, panning)

9) The technique of writing with hand using writing instruments like pens, fountain pens, mechanical pencils, brushes and Stylus is called as
(Intaglio, Micrography, Penmanship, Calligraphy)

10) State the type of typographic method of writing as shown in picture
(Intaglio, Micrography, Penmanship, Calligraphy)


1) Your teacher has a total of 16 chalks. When a chalk reduces to 1/4 of its original size, it gets too small for her to hold for writing and hence she keeps it aside. But your teacher hates wasting things and so, when she realizes that she has enough of these small pieces to join and make another chalk of the same size, she joins them and uses the new chalk stick. If she uses one chalk each day, how many days would the 16 chalks last?

2) A snail can crawl 5 meters in 5 min, what will be the total distance covered by a group of 5 snails starting at the same time in 5 min ? 

3) Somu and Bhanu each have a collection of tennis balls. Somu said that if Bhanu would give him 4 of his balls they would have an equal number; but, if Somu would give Bhanu 4 of his balls, Bhanu would have 2 times as many balls as Somu. How many balls does Bhanu have?

4) An early sample, model of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from is called .......
(Product, concept, prototype, mold)

5) Car modelling is done by which type of clay ........
(Polymer clay, oil-based clay, ceramic clay, paper clay)

6) The famous Eiffel tower is made of which material ......
(Stainless steel, Mild steel, wrought iron, wood)

7) Identify the musical instrument shown below
(Sarod, sitar, tanpura, veena)

8) Identify the material used for constructing the following bridge
(steel, cast iron, wood, concrete)

9) Identify the famous monument shown below
(Victoria, Redfort, Raj bhavan, Vidhana soudha)

10) The length of top line compared to bottom line in the below picture is ......
(larger, smaller, equal, none)


Important Links

I forgot to include details about prototypes in my resource page, the questions of which are likely to be asked in the coming CEED exam. So, I therefore include the same (about modelling and prototyping) in the links below. Please have a quick look and learn the basic terms related to it.
More about Modelling clay - Link here
A detailed study about prototype - Link here
Some basics about prototypes - Link here

Note :

A Very good website for practice on "Unfolded solid geometry" (Net) type of questions shared with me by Ashita Jain in this link - here


1) A tennis championship is played on a knock-out basis, i.e., a player is out of the tournament when he loses a match.
  • How many players participate in the tournament if 85 matches are totally played ?
  • How many matches are played in the tournament if 17 players totally participate?
2) There are five different houses A to E. A is to the is to the right of B and E is to the left of C and right of A. B is to the right of D. Which of the houses is in the middle ?

3) Ram noticed in a cycle stand that there were a total of 14 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 35, how many tricycles were there?

4) Suppose 6 monkeys take 6 minutes to eat 6 bananas, how many minutes would it take
  • 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas
  • 24 monkeys to eat 24 bananas
5) In which of the following cameras, lenses can be changed
     (Compact digital cameras, advanced digital cameras, SLR & DSLR)

6) The famous painting "Mona Lisa" was painted by
      (Von Gogh, da Vinci, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso)

  • Which is called "additive color mixing" (RGB, CMYK) and 
  • Which color is used as additive combination ? (Blue,black,white)
8) CMYK stands for what combination of colors

9) The art of creating logo-gram images by removing part of a rock surfaces by incising, carving and abrading is called "Rock engraving", the other name for this is
(Ideogram, Petroforms, Petroglyph, Linocut)

10) The art of writing with an instrument having broad tip or brush in one stroke (famous in china) is known as
(Intaglio, Micrography, Penmanship, Calligraphy)

11) Which lens are best used for wildlife, portrait and documentaries
      (Standard lens, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, zoom lens)

12) Identify the products shown below in the order of a,b,c



1) The length of time a camera's shutter is open when taking a photo is called
(Aperture, shutter speed, focal length)

2) A snail creeps 8 ft up a wall during the daytime. After all the labor it does throughout the day, it stops to rest a while... but falls asleep!! The next morning it wakes up and discovers that it has slipped down 5 ft while sleeping. If this happens every day, how many days will the snail take to reach the top of a wall 29 ft in height?

3) A 24 cm x 24 cm square metal plate needs to be fixed by a carpenter on to a wooden board. The carpenter uses nails all along the edges of the square such that there are 25 nails on each side of the square. Each nail is at the same distance from the neighboring nails. How many nails does the carpenter use?

4) A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 6cm × 4cm × 4cm has all its six faces painted pink. If the wooden block is cut into 96 cubes of 1cm × 1cm × 1cm, how many of these would have pink paint on them?

5) The art of representing geometric or abstract designs by using minute letters as shown below is called

6) The maximum value that can be given to any color (red, green, blue) in RGB inorder to get different colors is
(200, 250, 255, 265)

7) Find the number of faces for the given picture

8) Identify to which state the following dance belongs to and what is then name for the dance

9) Below is shown two logos; that represents two Indian banks, name the banks

10) Three products were shown below, which has the same purpose, Identify the product  

11) Three products were shown below, which has the same purpose, Identify the product



Design problem solving procedure - Walking stick

Problem Identification type - cooker example

Note :

We covered more than 10 days of practice exercises; and now less than a week is left for CEED exam. I hope; I covered most part of Design related questions expect logo making (that I couldn't find related topics because of time factor). Now it's time for us to revise everything we learnt and any other new topics. So, I will stop giving further exercises from tomorrow and if anything useful found, I will definitely share with you.

Hope my blog helped you ......
and I am sure you all do well and crack CEED with good score. 

All the best ....... :)

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  1. Answers for 16.11.13 questions

    a. 14 faces
    b. 13 faces

    2) Bronze

    3) Tiger

    4) 250*PI ( = 785 sqrt meter)

    1. How do u identify between white tiger and zebra skin? coz that one looked like a zebra skin,whihc is more defined.

    2. Hi Akhil,
      Sorry for late reply, White tiger skin don't have thick dark lines but Zebra do have. More over white tigers skin always comes with hairs which will easily distinguish them from zebra. You may even check google images if you still have doubt.

    3. hello sir
      for the no. of face... how to identify no. of face from back side eithr it is two or single piece like above eg. b part

    4. You need to check this for easy understanding - How to solve complex geometric solid for number of faces question

      You can also refer to this additional help

      Working with Geometric objects for CEED Part A

      hope this will clear ur doubts!

    5. Wouldnt it be 200*pi? 20 is the height.

  2. 2. orissa
    3.a. kick butouski
    b. zebra
    4. width 28, hieght 14
    5. 24
    am i right?

  3. 4. Ans should be width=14 , length=7

  4. dance belongs to Assam state

  5. 2) dance form is Bihu - state assam
    3) Zebra
    4) 7,14
    5) 24

  6. Please note the answers for 17.11.13

    Picture will be shown in 18.11.13 exercise above

    2) Bihu dance from Assam
    a. Kick buttowski
    b. Zebra
    4) L = 7, W = 14
    5) 24

  7. answers for 18.11 -

    1) 20 hours
    2) 121 sq.cm
    3) 12
    4) 9
    5) high shutter speed
    6) a. Mazda
    b. I think Spark.not very sure.

    1. Any tricks to find out low shutter and high shutter photography

    2. what is the speed of the normal shutter?

    3. High shutter speed photography can capture minute details of moving objects. In the above picture you can see how water was clearly captured with all details (even though it is splashing !!!). Photography with low shutter speed will have blurred image for moving objects. More about this can be found in the below link


  8. 1.20 hrs
    2.121 sq cm
    3.12 m
    5.no idea about shutter speed,,,plzz give details about that

    1. Regarding shutter speed and more about similar things, you may refer "Resources and GA study for Part-A" in this blog

  9. 1. 20
    2.121 sq cm
    5 low shutter speed
    6.1. mazda 2. spark

  10. Answers for 18.11.13 questions

    1) 20 hrs
    2) 121 sqcm
    3) 12 m
    4) 9
    5) High or fast shutter speed
    6) a. Mazda
    b. Spark

    High shutter speed can capture moving objects clearly with all details, A low shutter speed means, the moving objects appear blur, more about photography can be checked in the blog resource post for Part A

    1. can yoy explain the solurtion for 1st and 2nd questions?

  11. 1) 56
    2) 24,10
    3) 16,64
    4) 9
    8)marble ,nt sure
    9) B,D,A,C (Assuming imags in question labelled rowsie meaning images in 1st row - A,B and in 2nd row C,D)

  12. answer to question no. 5 thought not sure

    Front- 9 , right Side - 6 , left side - 6 ,Top - 5, Bottom - 5 , back -9 =(12+10+18 = 40).

  13. 1. 56poles
    2. l- 12cm b- 4cm
    3. 28, 112
    4. 9 triangles
    5. 36 faces
    6. LIFE
    7 b. leopard
    8. Plaster of paris
    9. D B A C

    1. No 5) question should be "Bhangra" Dance. I think there is a typing mistake in question.

  14. Answers for 19.11.13 questions

    1) 56
    2) L = 24 cm, B = 10 cm
    3) its 4 sqr and 4 cube i.e 16,64
    4) 9 triangles
    5) Punjab
    6) 42 faces
    Front = 9, Right = 7, back 9, left = 7, top = bottom = 5
    The solid is in symmetry, so front=back, right=left and top=bottom
    7) LIFE
    8) Wolf & Jackal
    9) Marble
    10) B-D-A-C

    1. can you give me the hint for the first question....?

    2. Hi Kalyan,
      Perimeter of the rectangle is 90+50+90+50 = 280, which when divided by 5 (because for every 5 meter a fencing pole is there) we get the number of poles
      i.e. 280/5 = 56

    3. can u please give me hintt for 7th ques?? Thanks..!!

    4. Hi Jyoti,
      I explained about illusion tricks in my earlier post, anyway you may check this link -


    5. plz explain for ques.no. 6 dated 19 november

    6. The solid has 42 faces
      Front = 9,
      Right = 7,
      back 9,
      left = 7,
      top = bottom = 5
      The solid is in symmetry, so front=back, right=left and top=bottom

      You may check more about the working - Steps to count number of faces on solids
      Hope that helps.

  15. ya..Got it Now. While counting right surface i missed bottom surface.

    Thanks Bhanu for your all efforts and help :)

    1. Thanks Chaitali,

      But anyway thank yourself for practicing well in spite of your works/college, my blog is just a tool and everything depends your practice. I am telling this to everyone. Please Keep practicing in full phase and crack CEED :)

      All the best .... :)

    2. I lack a bit in maths question... as of time limit in exam its difficult to get quick strikes for the ans... could you recommend something?

    3. Hi Trupti,

      Sorry for replying lately, Anyway, as we are near to exam, it's a bit difficult for anyone to make them self quicker in maths, the only thing is by practicing. I recommend you to try higher school (9th and 10th class) mathematics mensuration problems - that is available in books and even in net. Please solve more problems. That's the only thing you can do now ..... :)

    4. yeah.. I know its too less time..
      Even they have negative marking for multiple choice so its kind of risky thing to go for.. Can't even just bluff it up.
      Hope for the less maths problems. :P

    5. If that is the case, then u should be very good at the remaining questions (other than aptitude), you should be attempting almost all the GA questions :)

    6. hey Bhanu, plzz tell me recognize material of statue??

    7. Hi Jyoti,
      Identification of material is based on your observation and idea of materials, the best way is to make yourself go through sculptors that are well know around, some things about materials I covered in my earlier post of "Materials and manufacturing process".
      But I suppose that 'recognize material' type of questions were generally asked for famous sculptors. So, it's all ways better to go through the famous sculptors and OBSERVE it. I hereby give the below link for reference,
      (I didn't included that kind of pictures in my blog because it contains some naked views !!! and I don't want to show such things in my blog)


  16. Answers for 20.11.13 questions

    1) PT Usha - she is an Indian Track and field athlete famously called as "The queen of
    Indian track and field"
    2) Hair dryer
    3) Polystyrene
    4) Extrusion
    5) C-A-D-B
    6) The sculpture is called "The Thinker" made from Bronze
    7) Yellow color
    8) h = 4 cm
    9) 12 cm
    10) 2.85 (by using calculator - but not for exam, just focus on concept)


    2. Yes, you are right friend, its 2.5 only not 2.85, I did it without calculator and so mistake happened, anyway thanks a lot for noting. Everybody please note the same.

    3. For the 10th question, the answer is 2.5 not 2.85, please everyone rectify it.

  17. hows the volume of cylinder 252*PI???
    radius will be 7, and height will be 18.. volume will be PI*(7)^2*18 = 882*PI

    1. Yup, you are absolutely right, It was my mistake. I will correct it ....... and thank you so much for bringing to my notice. Keep up the great work and if any such mistakes found please let me know :)

  18. Do u have any link regarding to identify the letters from illusions ?

    1. Hi Suprita,

      As of now, I don't have any link regarding illusions. But I can give you a suggestion. For finding hidden letters in any image one must enclose the patterned word in a box (just assume as enclosed) by exactly fitting the image outer border with lines that will help you find the word.
      You may also move the paper far form your vision (to make the picture look small) which will make you read the picture.

      The same thing has been given clearly in this blog. Check this link for more clarification


  19. Answers for 21.11.13 questions

    1) a. Gravers - used for Engraving
    b. Palette kife - used for mixing or applying paints
    2) Interestingly there are four possible options for this question. They are 1,2,5,7
    3) The pattern will be at Point 2 as numbered in the question
    4) The pattern will be at point 6 as numbered in the question
    5) Paint roller
    6) a. No entry or straight prohibited
    b. Horn prohibited
    c. No parking
    d. Overtaking prohibited
    7. 882*PI
    8. sqrt(45)
    9. 7,5 birds

    1. getting answer as sqrt(27) for ant question......if not could u plz explain?

    2. If the sides of a cube are say a,b,c, then the shortest distance traveled by the ant from one bottom corner to diagonally opposite top corner is the minimum of
      Sqrt[(a^2+b^2) + c^2], Sqrt[(b^2+c^2) + a^2], Sqrt[(a^2+c^2) + b^2]

      In reality if u assume the box to be opened, then the two adjacent faces (on which the ant travels) will flatten to a rectangle shape with the length as (a+b) and width/height as c, now the shortest distance is the straight line joining the two points, i.e the diagonal which is obtained by using Pythagoras theorem. Got it ???

    3. this question is bugging me.. its said that the ant is supposed to go to the diagonally opposite corner of space right? (since ants cannot fly) they have to go diagonally to the opposite corner of same plane and crawl to the destination, here upwards.. according to the answer you provided, my approach is wrong.why?
      please make me understand.

    4. Hi Srinath,

      The thing is the ant will crawl along from bottom point to the top diagonal by crawling along its wall. The ant will travel along two side walls, so instead of viewing that in 3D, We assume that the side wall in unfolded to the same plane as the first to from a 2D rectangle of bottom length = length of first wall + Length of second wall = a+b , and height equal to actual height of the solid cube. The shortest distance will now be the diagonal of he new rectangle.

    5. answer to 4th question is 1!!

  20. 21-11

    1) lion
    2) madhubani -bihar
    3) 15
    5) 1387.66
    6) 102
    7) 15
    8) panning
    9) panmanship
    10) calligraphy

  21. can u explain how did u solve problem no. 7,8,9 (21.11.2013)

    9 .OF 21.11.2013

    1. Hello Manish,
      For question no. 7, please note the procedure
      The given sheet is a rectangle with L=44cm and b=18 cm, so when we roll/fold along its length, it does mean that the new obtained cylinder will have height = breadth of the sheet (i.e 18 cm) and length of the sheet will now be the perimeter or circumference of the new cylinder. right ???

      h = 18 cm, and
      2*PI*R = 44 cm which will give R = 7 cm,
      now the volume of cylinder is PI*sqr(R)*h

    2. This is a kind of mathematical problem, the solution goes like this

      Let the no. of birds on tree A be "x"
      and the no. of birds on tree B be "y"
      so as per the first statement if one bird from B comes to tree A then no. of birds on A will be double of B". so
      (x+1) = 2*(y-1)

      as per the second statement "if one bird joins tree B from A, then the number of birds on both will be same ". So

      (y+1) = (x-1)

      now solve the above two equations for x and y.
      Got it right ???


  24. 22.11.2013
    1. Lion
    3. 15
    7. 36
    9. calligraphy

  25. K note the answers for today i.e 22.11.13 questions

    1) Lion
    2) Bihar - Madhubani
    3) 15
    4) 6 cuts
    5) 180 cm
    6) 816 cm
    7) 15 hand shakes
    8) Panning
    9) Penmanship
    10) Calligraphy

  26. Hi Bhanu,

    Can u plz explain answers to today's (22-11-13) Q.5,6

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Chaitali,

      Sorry for late reply. Ok regarding the 5th question, please go through the working

      The string is making 6 complete turns of height 108 cm, so for one complete turn it will cover 108/6 = 18 cm height
      now assume we have a cylinder of height 18 cm and circumference 24 cm, if you unfold/unwrap the cylinder into a plain sheet, we will get a rectangle of width = height of cylinder and length of rectangle = circumference of the cylinder

      Now the shortest length of the string is the diagonal of the rectangle which can be obtained by Pythagoras theorem i.e sqrt(18^2 + 24^2)
      which will come to be 30 cm
      so for a single turn it is 30cm, for the total 6 turns, length = 30*6 = 180cm
      got it now ??

    2. Regarding the 6th question,

      Applying the same concept as we applied for 5th, we will get the solution
      It's already given that for one complete turn of the creep, the height is 90 cm, so just like previous problem we will unfold the cylinder to a rectangle of dimensions L = 48 cm and b = 90 cm
      Finding the diagonal as sqrt(48^2 + 90^2) = 102 cm; which is the length of the creep for a single turn
      Total number of complete turns = 720/90 = 8
      So, the total length = 102*8 = 816 cm
      got it ??

  27. Hi Bhanu,

    Thanks for ur reply.. Got it now :)

  28. Answers for 23/11/2013

    1) 21 Days
    2) 5 mts ( if taken in general), 25 mts ( if each snail's distance is considered)
    3) Bhanu=28 balss Somu=20 balls
    4) Prototype
    5) Polymer Clay
    6) Wrought Iron
    7) Tanpura
    8) Wood
    9) Vidhana Soudha
    10) Equal

  29. 1) 15
    2) speed of all snails is same? if not then answer can't be determined...if same then 25.
    3) bhanu = 28, sonu = 20
    5) polymer clay
    6) wrought iron
    7) veena
    8) wood
    9) vidhan soudha
    10) equal

  30. 1.20 days
    2. 5 mts
    3. bhanu= 20 n somu = 24
    4. concept
    5. polymer
    6.wrought iron
    7. sitar
    8. concrete
    9. vidhan soudha
    10. equal

  31. Answers for today's (23.11.13) questions

    1) 21 chalks
    2) 5 meters
    3) 28 balls
    4) Prototype
    5) Oil-based clay (check the links above for more details)
    6) Wrought Iron/Puddle Iron
    7) Tanpura
    8) Wood
    9) Vidhana soudha
    10) Equal/same, its an illusion called "Muller-Lyer-ill"

    1. Would you please explain the solution for the 3rd question?

    2. I explained a similar question in the comments above dt: 21.11.13, anyway let me repeat for your sake .....

      The solution goes like this

      Let the no. of balls with Somu be "x"
      and the no. of balls with Bhanu be "y"
      so as per the first statement "if Bhanu gives four balls to Somu, then both will have equal" so
      (x+4) = (y-4)

      as per the second statement "if Somu gives four balls to Bhanu, then Bhanu will have double than Somu ". So

      (y+4) = 2*(x-4)
      now solve the above two equations for x and y.

      Now , I hope u got that :)

    3. yes got it... i was making mistake in second statement.

  32. Hi last time questions like : 'which of following is aesthetically appealing?' were asked.
    now this sort of depends on an individual right.. or do this have any specific ans or any standards defined? please help.

    1. Hi,
      Hopefully this type of questions depends on individual, but somewhere I have doubt because if they asked in exam (general for everyone) - mean it might have some logic or standard in it. I am not sure in this case. Anyway; I'm already working on related questions and topics, if any such thing found, I will definitely share in this blog.

  33. 23 nov 2013.06.03
    que.1 explanation plzzzz.....based on chalk....

    1. Hi Manish,

      Note the working as below
      1.since the teacher uses one chalk a day, so for sixteen days 16 fresh chalks she uses
      2. as stated in problem, every chalk leaves 1/4 th piece a day, so for 16 days she will have 16 pieces of 1/4th which she will join to get 4 chalks, got ? These four chalks she will use four more days
      3. As usual for four days, the number of 1/4 piece left is 4, which she joins to get a single chalk
      4. That chalk she will use the next day

      So, summing them, we have 16+4+1 = 21 days
      got it manish ?

  34. ok thanks bhanu...u r the best tutor i ever got...keep posting .i am reading ur blog everyday.best wishes..

  35. Answers for today's (24.11.13) questions
    1. 84 palyers, 16matches
    2. A is in middle
    4. 6mins
    5. SLR & DSLR
    6. Leonardo da Vinci
    7. RGB, Blue
    8. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
    9. Petroglyph
    10. Calligraphy
    11. Telephoto lens
    12. Laser Comb, Handheld mixer(Cook & Stir Blunder), Vaccum Cleaner

  36. 1.player-43 matches 34 ( i guess)
    2. A house
    3. 2 or 3 tricycles
    4. 3 mins; 24 mins
    5. slr n dslr
    6. Da vinci
    7. RGB nblue
    8. cyan magenta yellow black
    9. Ideogram
    10. Calligraphy
    11. telephoto lens
    12 a- didn't get b. grinder c. vacuum cleaner

  37. question no. 4 of 21-11-2013 ... can u tell me how do get .. position 6 .. i am always getting position 1.

    1. You may check similar working in my blog link


  38. Answers for 24.11.13 questions

    1) a. 86
    b. 16
    2) D-B-A-E-C
    3) 7
    4) 6,6
    5) SLR & DSLR
    6) Leonrdo Da Vinci
    7) RGB, White
    8) Cyan-Magneta-Yellow-Black
    9) Petrogylph
    10) Calligraphy
    11) Telephoto Lens
    12) Hair comb, hand juicer, Floor cleaner

  39. nice questions :) especially product ones.. i thought juicer as a hand blender which looks similar..
    need more practice of such questions.. thanksssss a tonnn.. :) :)

  40. Answers for 25.11.13 questions

    1) Shutter speed
    2) 8 days
    3) 96 nails
    4) 80 cubes
    5) Micrography
    6) 255
    7) 12 face
    (front-3; right-3; back-1; left-2; top-2; bottom-1)
    8) Garba dance - Gujarat
    9) Indian Overseas bank, standard chartered
    10) Table lamp
    11) Mobile phone stand

    1. please clear the second answer sir

    2. Hi Siddiqui,

      Note the working as follows
      It was said that the snail can crawl 8 ft up but falls 5 ft everyday, so relatively the snail will crawl 3 ft. Let us make a table for more clear

      Day ---------------I----II-----III-----IV-----V-----VI-----VII-----VIII
      Feet touched---8---11----14---17----20----23-----26-----29
      actual position--3---6------9----12----15----18-----21-----24

      For the first day, the snail reached 8th ft, but during night it fell down to 3rd feet, now in the second day the snail will start from 3rd feet and will reach (3+8)=11th feet, but at night it fells to (11-5) = 6th feet, like this the above table was formed

      now, we can see from the above two samples that everyday the length (feet touched) reached is added by 3 to the previous day, i.e 8,11(8+3),14(11+3) ...... like this we will get (26+3) on the 8th day which is the answer.

      Once it reaches the top, it won't slip further, right ??? I hope you got now

  41. 25.11.13
    1. shutter speed
    2. 17.98
    3. 96
    4. no answer
    5. no answer
    6. 200
    7. 11
    8. gujrat
    9. Indian overseas bank and standard chartered
    10. table lamp
    11. phone stand

  42. hii can you solve the problem which you posted on 24.11.2013 the problem is Indian Government office

    1. Hi Kaushik,
      You may think for some problems like
      1. No proper ventilation and arrangements like chairs, table, fans, lightning system etc
      2. Insufficient racks/alimarah for files and paper storage with appropriate tagging system
      3. Provision of facilities like phone, water
      4. Irregular cleaning of rooms makes the room untidy

      These are just some of my points, I wanted you to think some more points of your own and sketch your ideas neatly. You may check my blog post about problem identification for Bus-stop and similar topics to get more idea

  43. There is no need to sketch with high furniture, latest technologies like system if can fire accident occurs there should be fire alarm and water sprinkler

  44. :) You'r blog is saviour . I really wished could have found you as our teacher, as in some coaching for CEED. Heartiest thanks .
    God Bless you.
    Falak Chauhan

    1. Hi Falak,

      Thanks for the comments and All the best .......... :)

  45. can i use black pen like pigment liner with 0.1mmtip...to give a finishung touch to a drawing in the drawing section???? or we r suppose to use only pencils??????

    1. Hi Anagh,

      I am also not sure about it. I think It can be used because there is no specific mentioning about that; but for questions which demand only pencils to be used - it's better to prefer pencil ONLY. Anyway, I already put the same query in CEED Resource page. Hopefully somebody will reply to it soon. I will then comment here. Sorry for the inconvenience ..... :)

  46. hi.. regarding dances and paintings..most of them look familiar.. is there any way to distinguish between them?

    1. Hi,

      Just like the case of recognizing material for sculptors, dances and paintings need ones observation skills, It's about awareness. I don't think there is any shortcut or a thumb rule to distinguish one from other; like you said some paintings may look similar. Best way is to expose oneself to the world's famous paintings, dances and even sculptures. That might do. It's all about your remembrance !!!

  47. Sir Could you please upload UCEED 2016 solutions As early as Possible. we r Thankful to you for your interest towards people like us.

    1. Will do that soon. Meanwhile check for 2015 solutions for your practice.


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