11 October 2013

Useful website for CEED Part-A

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General Awareness

Animals and their textures 
  • A very good blog on Animal skins - here
  • A very good page about Animals and their skin textures - here
  • 20 World famous buildings around the world - here
  • Indian famous monuments - here
  • List of Indian Forts - here
  • Famous buildings and structures - here
  • Famous personalities lists - here

General ability questions
  • Quantitative aptitude online practice - here
  • A good exercise on Mechanical and spatial ability - here
  • Quantitative aptitude online practice - here
  • Go through Arithmetic reasoning and venn diagrams - here
  • Leisure study - Puzzles to puzzle you by Shakuntala Devi - here
A very good website for practicing unfolded views os solids - here

  • Uses off convex and concave mirror - here
  • Uses of convex mirrors - here
  • Uses of concave mirrors - here

Ancient India

Indian culture

A complete list of - Indian Folk dance (wiki page)

Sketch Texture

  • Superb guide on drawing a glass - here
  • Superb guide on drawing a metal - here
  • A very good web page showing glass texture - here
  • Glass pics - here
  • Water glass pics - here
  • Leisure time study - here
  • About still life sketching - here
  • Another web on still life sketching - here
  • Gesture drawing for Animation - here


More about Modelling clay - here
A detailed study about prototype - here
More about prototype types - here

Design websites

Improve your design ideas by going through this web pages
  • Design guide 1 - here 
  • Design guide 1 - here
  • A very good details regarding Aesthetics - here
Some other reference websites

Plutchi-Wheel of emotions

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  1. Is PART-A just to qualify and enter PART-B?

    1. No, from last year Part A is also accountable for the final ranking. They consider 25% I guess. So, Part A is not just for iniital screening.

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful blog sir.

  3. Replies
    1. few of them, chk ucced syllabus page in this blog and see if the topics r listed here or not


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