21 February 2016

JEE Mains Paper-2 (B.Arch/B.Planning) Syllabus

Based on the previous years paper question pattern, I was able to list out the syllabus for JEE. Remember this is purely based on my observation and mght or might not be exact, but just a try to give you broad idea of topics that could be covered. I'm listing topics icluding those that is included in the official JEE brochure for your detailed reference. Useful materials and downloadable books are seperately included in the Resources page of JEE.

I - Mathematics & Aptitude Test part

I-A) Mathematics

  • Natural and complex numbers
  • vector Algebra
  • Induction theory in Maths
  • Determinants (Matrices)
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Binomial and exponential theorems, series including Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression and Harmonic Progression
  • Differentiability - Maxima, Minima and theorems like Rolls, mean value and Taylor Theorems
  • Increasing and Decreasing Function and their differentiability
  • First order differentiation and Integration basics
  • Curves - Parabola, circle, ellipse etc
  • Locus of Point intersection
  • Basic Statistics and Basic Algebra
  • Proportions

Although the above syllabus looks huge but a basic idea about intermediate mathematics is good enough to cover all the above syllabus. Those who took maths in their inter courses have advantage compared to art students.

I-B) Math Aptitude Test

Aptitude is mostly related to observation and analysis part of math which demands imagination to solve the questions

  1. Odd figure out
  2. Solids and Plane Geometry
  3. Finding correct view (front, top, back and sides) of the given 3D/orthographic image, 
  4. basic idea about projections, 
  5. types of views, orientations of images etc. 
  6. Identifying the next sequence for the given set of pattern, 
  7. mirroring of images, 
  8. manipulation of shapes, 
  9. unfolding of solids or wrapping of unfolded solids, 
  10. counting number of surfaces, 
  11. finding number of shapes or patterns etc

I-C) General Awareness (GA) Aptitude

  • List of Architects and their famous works
  • Materials used in building, sculpture, architecture including their basic properties, uses, nature and preferences for specific usage
  • GA on location and builders/architects of famous palaces, structures, buildings etc
  • Concepts on Texture
  • Basic elements of Architecture and Planning
  • GA on famous places, landmarks etc
  • Environmental facts and awareness in Architecture and design

II - Subjective part (sketching)

  • Capable of drawing the same object/plane/solid/scenario in different/multiple views with care for size and proportions. 
  • Using your creativity to use the given set of shapes or solids to create a new composition say a room in a building, offcie, worspace etc (2D or 3D) in order to optimize and effectively utilize the given dimension (space - in other words size of the room etc)
  • Drawing of patterns
  • Using your memory and imagination to draw situations, scenarios, sceneries, natural places etc

Here is 'List of colleges for JEE' for your reference

Below, I'm cpoying the image of the syllabus as declared by official JEE team from JEE brochure for your further reference


  1. can you suggest a systematic way to solve "count the number of triangles in a given figure" kind of problems systematically?

    1. Here's systematic way to solve - counting number of faces on geometry solids
      I will try to solve observation type ques (like the one you asked) in detail in future.

  2. Hey bhanu, have you got some JEE paper 2 previous year question papers or sample papers in the blog?

  3. can you tell you where to get previous years papers and sample papere for jee paper 2

    1. https://jeemain.nic.in/webinfo/QuestionPapers2017.htm

  4. Sir pl guide me what is the concept of making the 2 D composition of given geometric figures


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