30 January 2016

An Initiative for rural students welfare

Dear all,

I was thinking that I would not be able to write in this blog until next exam drive, but couldn't stop doing so, because I wish to share the following information with you. This is an out-of-exam topic, but I want you to read this so that you can take part and could be helping many with no effort!

You know very well that I have been writing exclusively on design exams. Although I'm quite happy that some of you are finding this useful, I still have one concern! Most of these design exams/streams are chosen by them whom can afford for studies to an extent - if I'm not wrong. I mean the financial status of most of you might be above poverty level and are capable of getting assistance for your educational needs somehow. I have been planning (from long) to help the most deserved students, apart from this online guidance - Those who need career guidance or a small initiative that could motivate them for studies (right from their school level), especially those who hail from rural areas. You must be knowing that most of the drop-outs are in their earlier ages, mostly in secondary school or intermediate education level. 

No wonder, I too faced hurdles for my studies. Many times, I myself thought like dropping my education in order to support my family!. But my family members are quite supportive and always did their best in supporting my education continuation (even now also :)) - specially my brother and sister! There are still a great support in my life. I was not aware of many exams (even not much aware about JEE until I/II yr B.Tech!), so, I feel I missed a lot of opportunities. But that's perfectly fine, whatever happens is the best for us :) Because of education, I now have a good life style and identity!  

Ok, coming to the main topic, like I mentioned earlier, I wish to make an one-time module (offline help - as rural students have little/no access to internet) where I myself (with any other interested friends of mine) will approach rural students (studying in secondary, intermediate, as well as Balwadis)  and make them aware of exams that are easily accessible to them in terms of financial support  that bring them opportunity to pursue or continue their education. I will also introduce them with the scholarship systems for that particular course or exam with any other additional financial assistance. The module also covers some competitive and motivational games and inspirational talks! with prizes, the expenses of which are quite negligible that I can manage myself. It's a one time module and once I frame it, then I/anyone can use the same thing for different schools/colleges.

So, here's the deal. If you find time and if you are aware of ANY exams, courses or scholarship system (for that matter)  especially for the rural people, please comment below the details. I would be very happy to see additional course information (if any) that are agricultural, self development or even Rural Development Technology related apart from regular course/exam list. 

The following details are mostly welcome

  • Exam name, type of exam, Exam details and eligibility
  • Subjects or topics that are imp - like maths, physics etc
  • Details (links if possible)
  • Financial opportunities once after cracking the exam 
  • And any other info that you know or able to get from simple net search.
  • Any otheer details taht you know about - regarding the financial support provided by Government schemes, trusts, NGO's or even foreign scholarships

Like for example, KVPSY exam is one of its kind which could help one to get into IISC for UG/PG and fully/partially funded. 

If they (rural/deserved students) come to know about the exams and opportunities, they might try to move in that direction. That's the sole motto of this module. Education is one of the several things that brings identity to a person, helps to curb their family poverty level, assigns new life style and make him/her help others! Don't you agree? I'm pretty sure you are better in knowing about the alternatives and exams than me :)

Hope you will share your knowledge with me. I will be much obliged for your help :)

(Couldn't resist sharing this awesome quoted picture of Buddha here - originally, this was one of my friend's whatsapp dp and now mine too :P)

In concern for better and moral future!
- Bhanu Chander V,


  1. Hi sir. Can you share tips and questions for NID second round (studio test).I'm selected for that but I don't have any idea about the pattern or questions.

    1. Pattern or the questions are not disclosed like NID prelims. But, as far as I know, studio test are stream specific and they include subjective and hands on (some institutes). Also, they might check your writing skills (in the form of picture composition).


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