1 May 2015

Solutions to UCEED practice mock test-1 (model questions)


This post is an extension to our earlier post on 2015 UCEED sample practice mock test - 1; along with the answers. These two posts should give you an overall picture of the UCEED process. Although I haven't covered many question types (I will cover those topics very soon) but for now, please try to concentrate on the areas/topics that has been covered in this model test. Also, I expect you to judge your level and prepare accordingly on topics that you felt like improving from now itself. 

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sample 1) 

THE = 9
LIE = 7
FILE = 10


Solution methodology

One of our friend Pyush Shinde, came up with a simple way of answering this question :

Just count the number of horizontal and vertical lines and sum them, say for T =2, H =3, E =4

Now, THIEF = 2+3+1+4+3 = 13 !

simple isn't it, thanks to Shinde for sharing this with us,

1) How many vanishing points can be expected for the below sketch ?

a. 1 point vanishing
b. 2 point vanishing (ans)
c. 3 point vanishing
d. 4 point vanishing

Check this link, to get an idea about Vanishing points

2) Identify the correct top view for the given solid. Select the correct option for the set of pictures given next to the picture

answer - C

3) Below picture shows 20 match sticks being arranged with some alignment. How many squares are there totally ?
(this typeS of ques. has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. Four
b. Five (ans)
c. Six
d. Eight

4) What is the MINIMUM match sticks that has to be moved from the above picture to make a total of seven (7) squares ?

a. Four
b. Two (ans)
c. Three
d. Six

Check the solution in the below picture - just move the two (numbered) sticks to the place marked in the picture. Remember; you need to count the squares formed by the outer match sticks (1 square) as well as the square (at the top left corner) formed after moving the two match sticks !

5) Which letters are not correctly matching to the given typography

a. t and o
b. t
c. u and t (ans)
d. s and u
e. s,t and f 

6) Figure shows a simple sketch of a Indian moving bus. Note that the bus is symmetrical (Neglect the mistakes in hand sketching but note that windows are also symmetrical). which direction is the bus moving ?
(this types of logical ques. has MORE chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. Right to left
b. Left to right (ans)
c. Can't tell

Note that the bus front view doesn't have entry door (stepped door through which people board and get down) , so it should be on the other side (backside of the sketch). And you know. If the bus is moving from right to left, then you should be seeing the boarding door ! If not seen, then the bus should be moving in other direction (left to right). got it ?

I came across this question while watching 'Brain Games' in National Geographic channel.

7) A folded paper has to be cut along the dotted lines as shown in the below image. What will be the unfolded view after the cut ?

Answer - c

8) Can the given set of ropes form a knot ?

a. Yes (ans)
b. No
c. Can't tell

9) What will happen if the rope is pulled in the marked (arrow) direction shown below
(this types of logical ques. has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. Knot tights
b. Knot loose (ans)
c. Nothing happens
d. The rope messup

9) What is the brand name of this car

a. Jaguar
b. Rolls Royce (ans)
c. Aston Martin
d. Bently

10) The below picture shows a missing picture in the step series, select the correct option from the next set of images

Answer - C
Learn how to identify the pattern here - Step-to-step Animation movement finding guide

11) How many surfaces are there in the illustration ?
(this type of ques has MORE chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. 26 surfaces
b. 30 surfaces
c. 28 surfaces (ans)
d. 27 surfaces

Earlier, I gave 29 surfaces as answer, it's my mistake, it should be 28 surfaces, please note the change, and thanks to Sayan Kundu for making me realize the actual answer, through his comment below. Anyway here's the explanation:

Front side - 4 surfaces
Right side - 3 surfaces (excluding the slant surfaces)
Back side - 4 surfaces
Left side - 3 surfaces (excluding the slant surfaces)
Top side - 11 surfaces (including slant surfaces)
Bottom side - 3 surfaces
Total : 28

Learn how to solve such questions here - How to solve number of faces questions

12) The appropriate human hand-to-leg ratio in standard drawings is

a. 60/100
b. 70/100 
c. 80/100 (ans)
d. 100/100

Check the below picture to get idea

13) Name the product shown in the picture

source : houzz.com

a. Tea maker
b. Gardening water can (ans)
c. medical solution holder

14) Identify the product shown below

a. Electric vehicle cleaner
b. Electric shaver (ans)
c. Electric cutter

15) 'Blue' color represents what ?
(little chance of appearing in exam)

a. Bright, gives light
b. Tranquillity and health
c. Productive color, preferred by men (ans)
d. Reliability, practicality

See the below pictures for further explanations

16) In a classroom of 100 students, 40 students feel alert, while 60 students feel bored, if 50% of the alert students turn bored. After that, 50% of the bored students turn alert, what is the final number of students who feel alert and bored ?

a. 20 alert, 80 bored
b. No change - 40 alert, 60 bored
c. 60 alert, 40 bored (ans)
d. 50 alert, 50 bored

Explanation :

Initial step :

Alert = 40
Bored = 60

Step-1 :

50% of the alert students turns bored. so,
Alert = 40 - 40*0.5 = 20
Bored = 60 + 20(from alert) = 80


50% of the bored students turns alert
Bored = 80 (from previous step) - 80*0.5 = 40

Alert = 20 (from previous step) + 40 = 60

17) Which of the below shown cars looks more sportive ?

Answer : b

18) 'William Addison Dwiggins' coined which design term ?
(this type of ques has VERY LESS chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. Product Design
b. Graphic Design (ans)
c. User Interface Design
d. Engineering Design

19) The below picture of 'street art' best describes which of the following ?
(this type of LITTLE chance of appearing in exam)

a. Graffiti (ans)
b. Stencil painting
c. Wall Painting
d. Spray paint art

Spray paint art is an art form using spray paint, traditionally on poster board. It differs from graffiti art in that it is predominantly performed on buildings, trains and rail property the like, as opposed to more traditional art surfaces.

20) What is the standard (ISO) paper size format of A1 ?
(little chance of appearing in exam)

a. 841 X 1189
b. 420 X 594
c. 297 X 420
d. 594 X 841 (ans)

Remember the standard A4 paper size 210 X 297, being unfolded in two parts, that will give (210+210) X 297, which is the A3 paper size, now unfold again this A3 paper, 420 X (297+297) which turns out to be the size of A2 and so on. Continue unwrapping the paper in each steps to get sizes from A4 to A0, the below picture shows the same.

Remember, the size varies from A0 to A10, to know more, just have a look at this - Standard ISO paper sizes

Additional References

21) Which of the following is a technique that is NOT related to Animation ?

a. Puppetry
b. Stop motion
c. Motion capture
d. Rotoscoping
e. Animatronics
f. Mechatronics (ans)
g. None 

Mechatronics is not related to computer animation, while the rest of the techniques are much related to it.

Answer - c

22) The following picture depicts three characters from the famous crayon comic 'Shinchan'. Identify the face expressions of the three women and state their mood ...

a. sad, tensed, angry
b. sad, happy, worried
c. Worried, happy by imagining, angry (ans)
d. worried, surprised, angry 

Check the below picture to see a list of face expressions (Save this picture for future reference)

Image sourced from - Great training blog

23) The below face expression of the women best explains which condition ?

a. You are making me Disgusted
b. I know that, don't tell me ! (ans)
c. You are embarrassing me
d. You are making me sad

24) The logo below is designed for which national program ? 

a. Vrudh sang 
b. Swachh bharath (ans)
c. National elder mission
d. National eye mission

This was the logo of Swachh Bharath designed by Anant Khasbardar from Kolhapur. 

Check more Logo's here - Logo's of Indian Institutes and organizations

25) Which of the following chair is aesthetically pleasing ?

Answer - d

Understand what it mean by aesthetic pleasing here 

26) Which of the following is not in proper perspective as in the image ?

a. Left Wall window
b. Sofa on the right 
c. Wall plate (with flower pot image)
d. Door on the back wall
e. Books on the front table
f. All are in perspective (ans)

27) What hidden word do you see in the below illusion __________
(this type of ques has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer : Liar


View the image in the direction as indicated by arrows

28) The partial view of a car is shown below. Identify the car ?

a. Ford Punto
b. Ford Figo
c. Chevrolet Beat (ans)
d. Chevrolet Cruze

29) To which animal, the following tail belongs to ?

a. Leopard (ans)
b. Tiger
c. Cheetah
d. Puma
e. Jaguar

30) Find the odd thing out
(finding odd things out type of questions have high chances of appearing in UCEED!)

a. Bikes
b. Cars
c. Trains
d. Planes
e. Bicycle (ans)

All the other options could be used for public transport system, while crane cannot !

31) Our teacher is a(n) ---- person, so she easily captivates the interest and attention of the students while she is teaching.

a. Obstinate

b. Obedient
c. Dynamic (ans)
d. Elegant

32) Teachers like ---- students who never break their rules.

a. Obstinate

b. Obedient (ans)
c. Dynamic
d. Elegant

33) Which number comes in the place of question mark shown in the below image

Source : Indiabix blog 

Answer - 19

Explanation :

The series can be split into two parts (alternative numbers like 1st, 3rd, 5th ....and 2nd, 4th and 6th .........)

5 -> 11 (5+6) -> 17 (11+6) ............

7 -> 13 (7+6) -> 19 (13+6) ............  

34) Look at the series: 26, 24, 20, 18, 14, ...... what number should come next ?

Answer - 12

Explanation :

The series can be split into two parts just like in the before question (alternative numbers like 1st, 3rd, 5th ....and 2nd, 4th and 6th .........)

26 -> 20 (26 - 6) -> 14 (20 - 6) .......

24 -> 18 (24 - 6) -> 12 (18 - 6) ........

35) A wire can be bent in the form of a circle of radius 7cm. If it is bent in the form of a square, then its area will be ? (take PI = 22/7)

Area - 121 sqcm

Explanation :

Whether the wire is bent in circle or square, it doesn't matter, the length of the wire should be same. Now find the lenth of the wire if it was bent as a circle of radius 7cm, which will turn out to be the circumference (perimeter) - 2*PI*r = 2*PI*7

Now the same length forms the perimeter of the square which has all equal side - The perimeter of square is 4L =  2*PI*7

You will get length of the side L. Now the area of the suare is L*L (squared L)

Below shown picture applies to questions from 6 to 8 

Puzzle source : sunniebunniezz

36) How many circles are there in the above picture ?

Answer - 2 circles

37) How many squares are there in the above same image ?

Answer - 3 squares

38) How many triangles are present ?

Answer - 16 triangles

39) Which of the following pictures illustrate 'Cross hatching' ?





Answer - a

40)  _________ in drawing refers to applying heavy layers of pencil until the tooth of the paper is completely filled in, and a smooth, shiny surface is created. 

(this type of ques has less chances of appearing in UCEED)

a. Bistre Ink

b. Burnishing (ans)
c. Emphasis
d. Foreshortening

Explanation :

Bistre ink is a traditional ink made by boiling wood soot. The resulting ink color depends on the type of wood burnt to make the soot.

Burnishing is most commonly used in colored pencil drawing, to create a solid area of color. Burnished colored pencil has an almost painted finish. Waxy pencils or use of a colorless blender may create a transparent, jewel-like effect.

Emphasis/Focal Point is a principle, and the area of a work that first attracts the viewer's attention. This can be drawn in various ways.

Foreshortening is a method of drawing or painting an object or person so that it seems to go back into space. This method reproduces the portions a viewer actually sees.

Learn more drawing terminology here - quizlet blog for drawing terminology

41) Select synonyms for the word 'abode' (multiple options)

a. Dwelling (ans 1)

b. Ardent
c. Domicile (ans 2)
d. House (ans 3)
e. Associate

42) A 24 cm x 24 cm square metal plate needs to be fixed by a carpenter on to a wooden board. The carpenter uses nails all along the edges of the square such that there are 25 nails on each side of the square. Each nail is at the same distance from the neighboring nails. How many nails does the carpenter use?

a. 100

b. 98
c. 97
d. 96 (ans)

Explanation :

If you start from the bottom side of the square; no. of nails required = 25

right side of the square, no. of nails required = 25 - 1 = 24
Top side of the square, no. of nails required = 25 - 1 = 24
Left side of the square, this time both the ends are already having one nails - so nails required for this side = 25 - 2 = 23

Total nails = 25 + 24 + 24 + 23 = 96

43) Below is a picture of a pentagon with a circle pattern on it, the shape is mirrored four times. Identify the correct position of the pattern on the last pentagon (1,2,3,4 or 5)

The pattern will be at Point 2 as numbered in the question

Check how to deal with this mirroring question - Working with Geometric object ques.

44) Identify the traffic signal used for

a. Load limit

b. Speed limit
c. Horn prohibited (ans)

45) Identify the product used for ?

a. WIFI adopter

b. Computer mouse (ans)
c. Paper weight
d. USB charger 

46) Select synonyms for the word 'cordial' (multiple options)

a. Defilement

b. Gracious (ans 1)
c. Loyal 
d. Polite (ans 2) 
e. Courteous (ans 3)

47) Which of the following are applications of RGB color models ?

a. CRT (Cathode ray tube) (ans 1)

b. LCD (Liquid Crystal display) (ans 2)
c. OLED (Organic Light emitting diode) (ans 3)
d. Plasma display (ans 4)
e. Printing
f. All

Printing is the application of CMYK, while all displays are usually made possible using RGB color models. RGB colors are thus additive in nature and CMYK (Cyan-Magneta-Yellow-key/black) stands for substrative color models.

48) Identify the pug mark and state to which animal it belongs to
(this type of ques has LESS chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer - Tiger

49) Suppose a water tank is in the shape of a right circular cylinder is 20 meter long and 10 meter in diameter. How much sheet metal will be used in its construction. Picture shown below

Answer - 250*PI

50) Visualize and sketch the third missing picture in the following animation series


51) Identify the cartoon character and the texture of the animal

Answer : kick buttowski, zebra

52) A piece of wire of 42 cm long is bent into the shape of a rectangle whose width is twice its length. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

Answer : L = 7, W = 14

53) A 10 meter pole casts a shadow of 5 meter. How tall is a tree with a shadow of 12 meter ?

Answer : 24

54) How many squares in the picture

Answer : 9

55) Next 2 numbers in the series 4,8,9,27 .....

Answer : its 4 sqr and 4 cube i.e 16,64

56) How many triangles are in the below picture

Answer : 9 triangles

57) Count the number of faces in the below picture

Answer : 
42 faces
Front = 9, Right = 7, back 9, left = 7, top = bottom = 5
The solid is in symmetry, so front=back, right=left and top=bottom

58) Identify the hidden letters in the illusion below

Answer : LIFE

59) Arrange the following cameras from past to present (A to D)

Answer :  B-D-A-C

60) A cube (cardboard box) is unfolded and one of the following tessellation is right, please identify that
(this type of ques has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer :  
Four possible options are available (1, 2, 5, 7)

61) Below is a picture of a pentagon with a circle pattern on it, the shape is mirrored four times. Draw the correct position of the pattern on the last pentagon

Answer :  At point 2 as marked in the figure

62) Below is a picture of a hexagon with an arrow pattern on it, the shape is mirrored five times. Draw the correct position of the pattern on the last hexagon

Answer :  At point 1 as marked in the figure

63) Identify the hidden animal in the below picture
(this type of ques has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer :  Lion

64) Imagine a 3 X 3 X 3 cube. How many cuts do we need to break it into 27 1 X 1 X 1 cubes ? 
(this type of ques has MORE chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer :  6 cuts 

65) There are 6 people in a room. They shake each other's hands once and only once. How many handshakes are there altogether?

Answer :  15 hand shakes

66) Somu and Bhanu each have a collection of tennis balls. Somu said that if Bhanu would give him 4 of his balls they would have an equal number; but, if Somu would give Bhanu 4 of his balls, Bhanu would have 2 times as many balls as Somu. How many balls does Bhanu have?
(this type of ques has more chances of appearing in UCEED)

Answer :  28 balls

The solution goes like this

Let the no. of balls with Somu be "x"
and the no. of balls with Bhanu be "y"
so as per the first statement "if Bhanu gives four balls to Somu, then both will have equal" so
(x+4) = (y-4)

as per the second statement "if Somu gives four balls to Bhanu, then Bhanu will have double than Somu ". So

(y+4) = 2*(x-4)
now solve the above two equations for x and y.

67) The length of top line compared to bottom line in the below picture is ......
(larger, smaller, equal, none)

Answer :  equal

68) A tennis championship is played on a knock-out basis, i.e., a player is out of the tournament when he loses a match.
  • How many players participate in the tournament if 85 matches are totally played ?
  • How many matches are played in the tournament if 17 players totally participate?
Answer :  a-86, b-16

69) There are five different houses A to E. A is to the is to the right of B and E is to the left of C and right of A. B is to the right of D. Which of the houses is in the middle ?

Answer : D-B-A-E-C

70) Ram noticed in a cycle stand that there were a total of 14 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 35, how many tricycles were there?

(Please check the explanation for this problem under comments section below)

Answer : 7

71) Suppose 6 monkeys take 6 minutes to eat 6 bananas, how many minutes would it take

  • 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas
  • 24 monkeys to eat 24 bananas
Answer : 6, 6

72) Identify the products shown below in the order of a,b,c


Answer : Hair comb, hand juicer

73) Three products were shown below, which has the same purpose, Identify the product  

Answer : Table lamp

74) Three products were shown below, which has the same purpose, Identify the product


Answer : Phone stand

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  1. Thanks for the answers plus i got only 57 correct and yeah please recheck 72nd question in question booklet page acc. to me its answer is 1

  2. Thank u soo much sir. Plzz keep guiding us this way which more such mock test papers.

  3. Sry sir, but I feel that, the level of questions is too low to compete for 30 seats in iitb among lakhs of students.

    1. Seems like you were able to solve all the 74 sample questions posted here and got 100% result out of this mock test. If that is really true, then you may appear even for CEED also !

      Btw don't expect the exams to be too high level. Even in CEED papers, we faced simple logical questions (apart from GK) that seems easy to solve, yet out of the time bound would drown you if you take it lightly. And, wow is it real that lakhs are appearing for UCEED ? I never knew that, even for CEED, the strength is not that much although the seats are pretty high compared to UCEED (something around 1000 - 2000) ! are you sure bro ?

    2. And yes Amit, there are two questions (from these 74 questions) that has multiple justifications, and I forget to correct them, because I was in a hurry.

      Could you please point them out to others ? I would be glad if there's mutual discussion instead of single discussion :)

    3. Amit there is difference between model question paper and real question paper hope you get it.

  4. You have specified Q9 for two succesive Questions..I had look through my answer sheet until I realized the error there..

  5. In Q62 the answer should be 1.

    1. Perfect! Was expecting some one to find, esp. Amit, but you did it.

      It is 1. I have changed that, great going, keep up the practice work and do let me know if any mistakes found :)

  6. and answer number 64 should be 4.

    1. Ya, it's a mistake, corrected that, thanks for bringing that :)

    2. its not a mistake, answer should be 6. if u cut only 4 times u get 3*1 box remaining. please check itagain

    3. Ya, bro, great find, was in a hurry coz of having exam tomorrow :P
      so that's y just considered that as a mistake, Ya, it should have 6 cuts, two on top, two cuts on say left, and two cuts on say front counting to six cuts. Thanks bro - better leave your name too, unable to mention you :)

      @Riya, please note the change and justify yourself.

    4. And thank you being active in threads !

  7. Please explain question 70?

    1. Apply mathematical expression whenever you come across such questions. The procedure goes like this -

      Let the number of bicycles be x, and the no. of tricycles be y,
      they said that the total no. of bi and tricycles were 14, so, it should give the following equation

      x+y = 14,

      then, they said that total no. of wheels were 35, we know for each bicycles, two wheels should be considered and for each tricycle, 3 wheels should be considered, so again putting this in equation form gives

      2x + 3y = 35,

      Now using both equations, u get y = 7,

      Hope this is clear now!

    2. if we consider 14 bicycles then the no. of tyres comes down to be 28 tyres!
      therfore,total no. of remaining tyres is 35-28=7
      so these 7 tyres have to divided into tricycles
      x=7/3 (2 tricycles,1 wheel left considering the place to be a cycle shop)
      can you please point out my mistake? Thank You(great work)

    3. given 14 bicycles total no of tyres =28 tyres
      remaining no of tyres=35-28=7 tyres
      7 tyres to be divided among tricycles
      x=7/3 ,2 tricycles(considering the place to be a cycle shop(1 tyre left out))
      can you point out my error! Thank you(great work though)

  8. Shouldn't the answer of Q62 be 5?

    1. No, it's 1,
      Since the surface is mirrored five times, try to mirror it one by one basis, that should help you to get the answer,

      This guide (Question 2) would give some explanation - Working with geometric objects

    2. CAN u plz explain the mirroring of a hexagon??????

      In the guide 'working with geometric objects' it is only given about the mirroring of triangles not of hexagons!!

      PLZ reply fast 2mrw is the exam!!!!

    3. Logic is same whether it's square, rectangle or any shape, try to mirror it, you will get. I cannot give u explanation in the form of image now, as I have to deal with other doubts too!

  9. how can you say that it is liar in ques.27 ?

    1. You may nw check the explanations with images above (Q 27). Hope that clears !

    2. But the question was, what hidden letter do you see in the image , not the word...? for this type questions what to do sir...should we answer only Letter L or I or A or R...elaborate this sir please. !

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    1. I heard someone (Neha I guess) say that it's around 2000-3000!

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    1. 70 ques in a single file, kind of difficult, let me see.

  13. Answer of question no. 38 should be 16

  14. Answer of question number 38 should be 16.

  15. Sir can u upload some more practise questions with solutions.This stuff is very helpful.Actually i want to practise and i am not able to look for the right material.Plz it would be very helpful.

    1. This post itself should have given you an overall picture of the types of questions to be asked. Actually it's time consuming to compose all the questions as well as give solutions to them, but let me see, whether i can collect some questions and put that here or not. But I still feel that this questions would be sufficient. If not you may try solving CEED practice questions that I posted in this blog.

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  17. Thank You sir. Can we expect such kind of paper in uceed. Also if answer of question no 30 is bicycle the reason is not correct and i think answer can be a plane asit is also odd one out

    1. Ya, I know, that question has multiple answers

    2. That particular question can be perceived in many ways, we already discussed the same question during last year CEED exam!!!

  18. Which Maths Topics should be studied......?

    1. The topics are available in this blogs resource page, you may check there

  19. can anyone explain answer to ques 64?plz....

    1. it should have 6 cuts, two on top, two cuts on say left, and two cuts on say front counting to six cuts

  20. bhanu sir can you please give the solution of ques.6 of uceed official sample paper in which we have to calculate the number of faces.

    1. I'm about to post the complete answer key with solution. Plz wait for an hour

    2. Answer key with explanations for UCEED 2015 IITB IDC mock test is now ready. You may check this link and clarify your doubt

      Answer key to UCEED 2015 official mock test

  21. Q26, 2nd notebook on the table at not in perspective

  22. Correction over question no. 6, Nice suggestion that bus have door on left side , but a bus also have door on right side for driver. but ur figure didn't have that,

  23. Sir, the colour psychology about blue colour is different in the given link.

    1. oh, that a controversial. But according to the source that I referred above, the images depicts the color psychology.

  24. sir in q.11 ans shud be 26 as on the sides there shud be 2 surfaces instead of 3 as the vertical wall on which the triangular wedge rsts shud be counted as one....

    1. Please drop the entire math here. I mean, write no. of surface for all sides here like I did above in the ques. Let's see where u did mistake.

  25. and sir in q.57 font and back 6 surfaces each (how 9)??and right and left 5 each (how 7) plzz explain...

  26. answer to question no 30 is bicycle as it is not a public transport. But how are bikes a public transport. I thought the answer would be planes because the rest require a surface unlike planes, they need air.

    1. That ques can be perceived in multiple wyas and we had a long discussion about this ques in CEED mock test somewhere in this blog CEED mock tests. Anyway, it's ok if u didn't find ur answer matching with what I gave for this specific ques!

  27. sir am i correct?? u didn't tell...

    1. You always try to get second set of complete solutions rather than just going through the references that I gave in the solutions/explanations :P
      Don't expect me to review every ques second time bro! The answer for that ques is 9 surfaces for both front and back surfaces.
      For explanation go thru my post - 'solving number of faces for complex solids' in this blog. If u couldn't get after going thru that also, revert then, I will check if there is any special method for you :P.

  28. ohh!!finally I got it!! this was this was the most tricky question thanks a lot sir... all this will really provide an upper hand to SYLians in the UCEED exam!!

  29. plz explain how to do 58,61 and 62 questions

    1. They are already explained here -Dealing with geometric objects

      and for the illusion part, check the 5th question explanation here - Answer key to UCEED mock test - 3

  30. Hie sir , I failed in maths CBSE exam this year . And I gave jee main paper 2 for architecture . Am I eligible ?

    1. Hello Gunjan,
      Mathematics is one of the five core subjects as listed in JEE eligibility list. So, I dont think you are eligible.

  31. Sir can u please explain me Q 58 and 60

  32. Your way of answering sample(1) is somewhat wronggg!!!
    bcoz u said TH+I+E+F = 8+2+1+3 = 13 !!
    actually..... isn't it 14????

    1. well, yes, I think I've to recheck that, for now I will from that to avoid confusion

    2. okay sir..
      hope u will give the right way of answer soon.

      only these types of questns will appear in the UCEED exam 2017???

    3. Answer is already up there, shared with us by Pyush. You can scroll and check at the top.
      These are sample questions only. UCEED/CEED/NID or any design exam for that matter doesn't follow a std section wise pattern as can be observed in other exams. But, yes, question are expected from the syllabus n topics that i mentioned. If u get time, study more topics, else stick with whatever available!

    4. tnq sir..
      anywy..this blog is realy very much useful....

  33. Sir,
    in Q. 57 in answer key how come the front faces are 9? ( like if we count the surfaces in same place as one.. it wouldn't be 9 )
    and would you please provide explanation for Q.65 ?

    1. It doesn't matter how many are coming in front or in any other side, but it only matter, coz I've followed a pattern and u might've followed some other. But, the overall final answer should be same regardless of how we did. U can chk how i did here


      N Q65
      since there are 6 people, consider 1st person, he can give shake hand to 5 of the remaining. After that throw him out, now 5 are left, consider one person, and that person can give 4 shake hands to the remaining 4 persons. Now throw this second guy also. like if u do, u get
      5+4+3+2+1 = 15

  34. can you uppload more question papers for uceed 2017

  35. plzz explain q62 sir

    1. chk here - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2013/09/working-with-geometric-objects.html

      bro, u better explore resource page instead of going only thru mock tests n expecting the explanations for them - https://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/p/uceed.html

  36. Sir, in Q 30 the answer could also be plane because the rest of the vehicles can only be used on land. In such a case where more than one options can be the odd one out, what should we do?
    Thank you for the practise Qs :)

    1. that Q can be viewed in multiple perspective, we've discussed about that at length, ur reason does applies (Y)

  37. please provide pdf of sample papers with answers..

  38. Q9
    Sir if we pull the rope in the given direction knot will get tighten right?

  39. Sir you missed Q12 from question paper.
    You gave question number as 9 for two question.

  40. Sir! Q.no 47:- Printer is also a application then the answer becomes (D)all

  41. Will the corners of curved surfaces be counted as an edge?

  42. Sir in Q33 i didn't get ur logic. There prime no is continued


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