19 June 2014

Logo's of Indian Institutes and Corporations - 2

<< Logo's of Indian Institutes and Corporations - 1

Further, as an extension to the previous post about logo's, here another list have been given for your reference as part of CEED preparation. Thanks to the readers comments for spotting the mistakes and letting em know.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

Indian Medical Association

Indian Navy

Indian Post

 Indian Rupee

Indian Tourism

Indian Airline

Indian Water works association

Indian Railway

Institute of Chartered Accountants

International association for public transport

International Cricket Council

Indian Olympic Association


Indian Space Research Corporation

LIC India

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

National Council of Educational Research & Training

National Literacy Mission

National program on earthquake Engg Education

National Textile Corporation

National Security Guards

National Tiger Conservation Authority

National Highway Authority of India

National Institute of Design

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Reserve Bank of India

Shipping Corporation of India LTD

EMS speed post

State farms corporation of India LTD

The Times of India

Trade Union Federation of India

University Grants commission

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - UNESCO

United India Insurance

World Health Organization (WHO)

World Trade Organization (WTO)

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  1. Thank you so much. Your efforts have been of great help at this last moment of Uceed! :)

  2. Could any one tell me the possible cut off marks to obtain in Part A of CEED?

  3. how much score required in each part to confirm a seat in uceed?

    1. it depends upon the performance off all the students

  4. Sir,
    Thanks for providing with such great Information.
    But there's this mistake in the full form of NCERT - it stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training.

    1. ohh ya, it's a mistake, thanks for spotting that

  5. Sir,
    Thanks for providing with such great Information.

  6. logos are new or old .....when u uploaded it

    1. if u find it old, just don't go thru and find some other better place!

  7. This is really helpfull 👍😁


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