19 June 2014

Logo's of Indian Institutes and Corporations - 1

It became common to ask logo identification questions in CEED exams. These questions range from Indian institute pictographs to Public and private sector corporations. That's why in this section, I will be giving many logo's for government sector companies and financial institutions as part of your CEED preparation. Go through them and memorize as much as possible.

Aadhar Card

Airports Authority of India


Air India

All India Tennis association

 All India Football federation

All India IT association

All India Trade Promotion Congress

Archaeology Survey of India

Badminton Association of India

Board of Control for Cricket in India

Border Security Force

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 

Delhi Metro

Dental Council of India

Election Commission of India

Engineering association of India

Federation of Indian chambers of commerce and Industry (FICCI)

Food Corporation India

Geological Survey f India

Hockey India

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

Indian Engineers Association

Income Tax department

India Emblem

India Trade Promotion Organization

Indian Air force

Indian Army

Indian Arts and Crafts association

Indian Association Congress

Indian Audits and Accounts departments

Indian Bank association

Indian Blind sports association

Indian Christian Mission

Indian Coast guard

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Indian Franchise Association

Indian Health Service

Indian Institute of Architects

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  1. Hey Just a pointer.
    The Election Commission of India uses this logo currently.

    PS. Thanks for all your efforts, Bhanu! this has been quite helpful.

    1. Thanks for the note Mohan.
      Appreciate that :)

    2. sir can you explain why there is a snake in the indian dental association and the indian medical association , considering it is related to people's health . how can anyone relate healthcare with snakes ??

    3. Let's not speak about such matters Dhananjay, let's focus more on preparation, we are running out of time, in fact I don't have answers to that which was created by some one earlier (logo's) might be coz of some reason!.

    4. the venom of snake holds much significance in medical field as that is used to produce many variety of medicines for various purposes hope this answered your doubt..all the best for exam :)

    5. It's based on Rod of Asclepius.

  2. The medical sign is CADUCEUS (The Staff of Hermes): An ancient symbol dating back to the Greek messenger god Hermes (the Romans called him Mercury). "In Indian philosophy and medicine the Caduceus is intimately associated with the system of energy centers called Chakras....The 2 serpents coiling around the staff [represent positive and negative forces like] the Yang and Yin of Chinese Medicine.The crossing over of the 2 serpents creates 5 energy fields in the body." Polarity Therapy

  3. One more addition : Logos representing India

    1. Thank u for sharing with everyone what you have collected :)

  4. pdf format of this and the continuation page plz??

  5. sir 8th logo is for ALL INDIA TRADE UNION CONGRESS

    1. ya, got it, but both sounds same. Anyway thanks :)

  6. Replies
    1. bro, whatever is available in the blog, go thru it, I already said, explore the blog for topics before u flood the blog with too many comments.

    2. I want to download above logo PDF
      So how it can be possible????,

  7. Is this list available in pdf form....I'm preparing for an entrance exams ..would be nice if I can download it ...

  8. All india trade union Congress(AITUC)


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