18 January 2017

UCEED - priority topics from resource posts for last 3 days


Just three days to go and you must be in a crunch just like me :D

Anyway, earlier, I've given the priority list, in this post I will tell which headings of which post/page is required which you can skip saving time as well study the most important topics as per my analysis. Note that this is purely based on my observation and calculations and I wished to share that with you. Please don't blame me if the same pattern didn't appear this time :D

Note that I'm assuming that you can deal with English and verbal questions.

Not wasting your time further,

Notations followed

*** Very Important (recommended)
**   Important
*     Overview
0     Skip

I will give the links to the resource posts that I had shared earlier, followed by the headings in that resource page, with the notation stating whether that need to be studied or skipped. If you didn't understand this, leave a comment so that I will ty to clear further.

  • (heading)Orthographic Drawing * - Geometry, solid shapes (overview) * 
  • Observation and Visualisation skills - only study working with Geo objects (Imp) **
  • Abstract tests - All - (Very imp) ***
  • General, Mechanical and Verbal Reasoning questions ***
  • General Design Awareness study topics - Only - photography *, Typography *, Artistic tools *
  • Materials and Manufacturing practice, Mirroring, GK - skip  - 0
  • Inference from Paragraphs and pictures ***
  • Deductive and Verbal Reasoning ***
  • Inductive Reasoning and Conclusion drawing **
  • Signs, symbols and their interpretations - Only related to health,m safety, environment **
  • Data Interpretation **
  • Word/Pictogram puzzles, Paragraph summary, English comprehension, Environmental GA and Sustainability study - skip - 0
  • Indian cultural GA ***, Regarding Architecture - study only the styles, history etc, no need to memorise them all or least prefer the memorising, but study theory related to which dynasty associated with which style and which ruler etc
  • Odd man out series exercises *
  • Direction sense test *
  • Spatial and Visual Ability test samples ***
  • Other IQ tests and exercises **
  • Resource update-4 - skip - 0

  • Guide about Font ***  
  • Typography/Font related ***
  • Guide for Unfolded view of solids ***
  • GA on painting, architecture etc ***
  • GA on colors ***
  • Golden ratio, Rule of thirds **
  • General topics - only - Standard ISO paper sizes, famous books and others, image formats list,  Pablo Picasso works, perspective and non-perspective images
  • Useful Materials from D'Source web page - links in this sections have been changed, I've to look through them again, so for now, skip them

3. Post - GA on designers for UCEED, CEED and NID
  • Famous Logo designers ***
  • Indian Textile/Fashion designers list - skip - 0
  • Indian Famous Photographers **
  • Additional general topics  **
  • Free time study *** - again no need to memorise architecture

4. Post - NID-DAT Resources update 3
  • Skip the initial links related to NID
  • New Updates - GK ** - Authors, writers, (extend to world level - top list/famous)) 2015, 2016 news on disasters, politics, deaths of famous personalities, environmental calamities 
  • Free time study - skip
  • Some Facts **
  • List of some famous epics of India **
  • List of famous Indian Animators *
  • Photographers, women designers, Indian Noble prize winners * (last preference)
  • List of Indians who won Oscar awards * (last preference)
  • List of famous Indian fashion designers, List of Indian women architects  - skip - 0

5. Post - NID-DAT Resources update - New syllabus

  • Symmetry **
  • General - only Animal tracks * 

I'm still working on collecting relevant materials at this stage. Will share them in G+, SYL or my own Facebook page whenever I find some.

Video Guide - How to manage time and organize sections during UCEED exam

Best wishes :)


  1. There were 3question from paintings last year and atgeir are so many artists with such a big collection of painting.How to memorize them.
    There is a high probability of such question being asked in the multiple select question.

    1. identify the pattern that each painter follows, can't help other than that, we've to memorize just like we're preparing for history exam, no shortcut as in!

  2. Can u tell me What is the previous year cutoff and for selection how much number i have to score in the exam..... This is my first attempt in ceed exam

  3. In 2016 paper the question no 55 what is wrong with the D option

  4. Even questions like 56 57 62 70 75 in 2016 paper how r these to be studied


    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio

    2. Thankyou so much sir for doing what you do! This priority list was of great help to me in preparing for uceed.

  6. sir how should I prepare for uceed 2018 when I am left with one and half month only

    1. u have plenty of time, understand syllabus, solve prev papers n try to list the priority topics which might fetch u confident score and which appears more in no. in uceed. U can refer to the above listed topics too.


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