22 September 2013

Bhanu creative and illustration works

Friends; this page is all about my own creative works. Although i'm not good at Art, I often do experiments, pictures of which are shown below. Some of the sketches shown below (especially hand sketches) were actually prepared while giving solutions to CEED previous papers. Rest of the digital works, I did to give them a try. I will be happy to see your views/comment.

My latest self-portrait drawn in Adobe-Draw iOS app

Recent tries

Tried following some pattern - Understood that it's really very hard to follow/maintain a specific pattern!  By the way, that hair style almost resembles that of mine :D

Another photo-edited version of the same work

Rough attempts

My first digital sketch work drawn in minutes

IViL back cover - I'm a part of IIT Madras social group (IViL - IIT for villages) and some of our group members prepared a book for agricultural help, for which I was asked to make a comic strip for back cover and below works are the result of that!

(Above three pictures cannot be distributed and is highly copyrighted!)

My Latest works using Adobe Illustrator iOS app

Concept - Vi-"shva'' - The combo form of Lord Vishnu and Shiva

My second experimental illustration on Adobe Ideas tool

Design Ideas for Walking-stick design problem solving

Rough sketches to get ideas

Idea Illustration for cooker problem Identification and Analysis

Idea Illustration for Bus-stop problem Identification and Analysis

still more to come !!!

I welcome your comments/suggestions for my improvement. Please feel free to comment below.

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  1. I like your walking stick design but don't you think the handle is in a shape that will be uncomfortable to hold in hands , as most of the elderly people push their upper body weight on it , and the compass on the handle should be in front rather in the back of the handle , so that the person don't have to stop while walking to look for the direction .

  2. Is mitid is best for masters in design.

    1. IITB is best FOR ID, MIT might be good but may not be the best according to me!

  3. Dear Bhanu Chander ... I was browsing for uceed and nat exam papers. found your site. Felt this is the best and only dependable source until my daughter gets admission into any one of the design courses. Srinivas , 9948482828, Vijayawada.

  4. Dear Bhanu Chander..
    As my daughter is going to college for +2.. she is not finding time to go through all the important stuff you post online . so until is comfortable in solving some papers and have some experience, can you suggest any printed book for reference which is useful even when she is away from desktop...?

    1. There are no book as such, which will cover all the topics under hood as; far as i know. But, you can ask her to prepare topics separately whenever time permits for her from her school books.

  5. Hi sir, I am mahesh

    Where I can get the details of fonts to study I am giving CEED this year.

    1. Plenty of font related materials are available in uceed, nid resource page as well as in solutions to prev papers posts that is available in uceed page.

  6. what is the difference between a symbol and a logo ?

    1. While a logo can have both images and written alphabets or numbers, symbols probably are only symbolic representation. chk more here -



      U can chk more on logo making here - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2017/01/guide-for-logo-design-making-VC-CEED-exam.html

  7. Uceed have any kind of scollarship

  8. how to get a top rank in uceed?

  9. how to get a good rank in uceed


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