15 October 2018

NID MDes - Faculty wise syllabus for Prelims and Mains

The below-listed topics are in addition to the regular CDAT preparation materials that are already available in this blog. 

This is purely based on my expectation. This is to ensure that you touch all the relevant topics without missing them out. However, you are free to skip them in case you find any of the topics irrelevant. The topics are chosen 
keeping in mind the interview part too, apart from prelims and mains.

This page is updated on 15-10-18, I will try to update as and when required

1. Faculty of Communication Design

Disciplines covered: Animation Film Design, Film & Video Communication, Graphic Design, Photography Design

Topics/Syllabus to be covered for Communication Design faculty streams
  • Animation frame-by-frame images
  • Animated movies director list
  • Idea on stop motion and types of animations 
  • Given an image - what mood/word it communicates, 
  • facials, expressions
  • Featured films
  • New technology introduced for animated movies
  • List of oscar nominated movies and their directors, year of nomination (especially Indian movie nominations)
  • Color technology, Video standards, specifications like 1080p etc
  • Photography standards and terminology like panning, ISO etc.
  • Photography Lens usage and applications
  • Graphic design terminology and techniques
  • Semantics, Syntax, Usability, Fonts, Form Language
  • Famous photographers and Graphic designers from India
  • Concept of Symmetry
  • Patterns and famous illusions.
  • problems on Paper cuts and image patterns
  • Non verbal questions(may not be in depth)
  • Famous photographs and photographer
  • Plastic Manufacturing process and techniques brief
  • Storytelling

2. Faculty of Industrial Design

Disciplines covered: Ceramic & Glass Design, Furniture & Interior Design, Product Design, Toy & Game Design, Transportation & Automobile Design, Universal Design

Topics/Syllabus to be covered for Industrial Design faculty streams
  • pottery, crafts basics
  • ceramic materials, 
  • types of materials, 
  • making process (hand and machinery - just an overview and knowledge on technique names for the types), uses, 
  • paper cuts and non verbal reasoning
  • evolution (old to new), 
  • India-specific or state specific typical customary designs, 
  • world wide ceramic presence and their trends 
  • Revolution (if any) etc.
  • Famous designers from India - Interior and Product designers
  • Conceptualization, Trends/renaissance (if applicable), 
  • Quick basics on views (front-top-sides)
  • Prototyping basics, terms and terminology
  • Designed/modular Products and their application/uses
  • Color codes and combinations
  • Aesthetic design
  • Comprehension and writing skills
  • Perspective
  • Automobiles company symbols. 
  • Terminology/glossary of automobile design
  • Concept of Symmetry

3. Faculty of Information Technology-Integrated Programmes

Disciplines covered: Digital Game Design, Information Design, Interaction Design, New Media Design

Topics/Syllabus to be covered for Faculty of Information Technology-Integrated Programmes
  • Terminology used in User-interface (UI) design
  • Types of UI design
  • Visual perception
  • Types of charts (information graphics types, ex. Chartjunk)
  • Data interpretation type aptitude questions.
  • Types of data visualization
  • Visual perception, illusions,
  • Concept of Symmetry
  • Kinesthetic
  • Famous Logos and the associated designers 
  • Typography
  • Comprehension and writing skills
  • Types of media
  • Non verbal aptitude and puzzles including image based aptitudes

4. Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary Design Studies

Discipline covered: Design for Retail Experience, Strategic Design Management

  • Topics/Syllabus to be covered for Inter-Disciplinary Design Studies
  • Paragraph comprehension (I believe this is very important for this faculty) with paragraphs about markets and strategy making
  • verbal and Analytical skills
  • English
  • Packaging materials and types
  • Finding differences in a set of similar images
  • Knowledge about e-commerce and retailing
  • Given a scenario/situation - make the best solutions/strategies out of the possible solutions. This could be image based too.
  • Situation test and logical reasoning
  • image composition (writing a story) and more

5. Faculty of Textile, Apparel, Lifestyle and Accessory Design

Discipline: Apparel Design, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Textile Design

Topics/Syllabus to be covered for Textile, Apparel, Lifestyle and Accessory designs
  • Types of textile materials, fabrics
  • state wise culture/trend in wear
  • weaving practices and terminology 
  • Famous fashion designers around
  • Common materials chosen for accessories
  • Good knowledge on colors and color combinations
  • Verbal communication skills
  • English Comprehension
  • Terminologies used in graphic design and more . . .


  1. Can you also help us with SOP, sir?

    1. will post tips fot making SOP with a sample, Maitryi.

  2. This year, may question papers will differ for each branch of MDes?

    1. Not branch wise but faculty wise. Yes, there will be diff Q paper for each

  3. Please post for automobile designing alsi.

  4. Any Ideas about Subjective Part Questions for Communication Design Faculty Bhanu Sir?

    1. I've included my subjective ideas in these two posts, you can refer and find the topics of ur interest. Gud luk.

  5. Is there any specific plan or schedule that we preparing for masters should follow now. Anytips or mindmap for that if you can provide beacause we are in too much stress at this point.
    And thank you for all the information

    1. this post should be of some help


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