26 August 2014

CEED design questions and doubts answered

Welcome back friends, In this post I've tried to give answers to some of the most commonly raised questions by CEED aspirants; so as to let you know my views about these questions. These questions were already asked by our blog readers and you may find them as comments in this blog. I collected some of those and gathered it here just to make you aware of the question as well as give some idea to you. Remember friends, these are purely my own views based on my experience and observation.

Question 0 : (2017 updated)

Hello Bhanu sir :) I have a doubt regarding CEED Exam. I wanted to know whether its mandatory to opt for the question of same domain, which I want to apply for MDes? For example, if I opt for an Interaction Design question of Part B (the question that carries 50 marks alone) and after qualifying CEED, if I want to apply for Visual Communication, then will that affect? and if yes, then how?

- Shivani Prakash

My Reply 

this is always a doubt to many of the CEED aspirants.

Let me tell, it's not mandatory to attempt stream specific ques unless you're really and confident of attaining more marks attempting that ques. If in case you feel the stream specific ques is time consuming, or even tough or difficult to attempt because of having less ideas on that, then going with the idea of 'attempt only stream specific' then you might end up getting less score.

1. First thing is clearing the exam with high score is imp.
2. Then only matters stream concern.

which one is better -

1. getting high score by attempting the ques which would fetch u gud score not bothering about the stream and the ques of which u felt easy, having idea on that, and not much time consuming?
2. getting less score by attempting stream specific ques ?

In the latter case, if by chance the attempt didn't go well, then u might end up choosing ur desired stream but in not-targeted institutes. 

In the first case, if u got a good score, then during the interviews at the target institutes, u can showcase ur interest in the stream u wished to take. You can convince them by way of the portfolio and tell them verbally, stating ur interest. I think that is the best way.

In fact, CEED is a common entrance and if u have observed prev papers, u should have observed that not all stream ques are covered every year. Do the admissions for the given stream specific ques occurs? hope this makes sense. So, prepare in general, though u can give much attention to ur desired stream but don't neglect other streams. For safer side, at least u shld be ready to answer st least two streams, in particular, Product design, the second can be UI or even VC/animation frames.

Hope this makes sense.

Question 1 :

How to develop problem solving skills and design skills (I am good at imagining things but unable to put it on paper) what should I do for this ?

- Kavya Vemuri

My Reply 

If you are good at imagining but poor at communicating things in paper, then I hope you should work on 'WAYS OF SKETCHING' - that's because when you know how to sketch (in different angles) - you would find it easy to show your thoughts.

The best thing is to practice - sketching of as many products/objects/views that may either
  • Strike your mind - imagined
  • Came across in day to day activity
Start sketching simple - simple things and then later move towards advanced imaginative sketches. Don't forget to practice perceptive way of observing things, that will improve your design skills. For people of your kind, I suggest that you better understand and work on ISOMETRIC sketching - I mean sketching the same object/product in different views, angles etc

Ok, here is my way of dealing in such situations. If say I want to design a bike, then I will 
  • First - sketch a bike by seeing (copying)
  • Doing this by taking four to five different bikes - preferably in different views/angles
  • Now memorizing the sketched images 
  • Try to sketch the memorized images by own imagination roughly.
  • Later go for my own imaginative idea or design and put them in paper
This is how I relate communication and design !

Hope this helps :)

Question 2 : (NEW)

Hi Sir,

I'm having zero sketch level, and because I know my level, I don't have confidence on me for CEED. Can I apply for CEED exam ? I need to do masters program after my B.Tech, what do you say ?

- Priyanka Tripathi

My Reply 

Hello Priyanka, 

There's nothing like zero level of sketching, everybody does have some talent in sketching. And yes confidence matters, only when you are confident and have faith that you could learn things within time, then you will succeed. Let me tell you one thing, just for doing some degree or masters you cannot choose M.Des or any program for that matter. Current education trend have diverse fields and students have immense options to choose any kind of education.

So, don't restrict yourself and don't take whatever comes in your way. Check your own interest and understand the areas where you are good at and strive to achieve that. Like say, I understood that I'm good at Engineering and so even after I have the options of joining in other fields (even M.Des), I just skipped them; instead I wished to do my passionate courses, even if it costs me some time !

All I can say is anyone can apply for CEED, but he/she should have at least a little interest in Design. And if it's just for some degree, then I'd never recommend, instead just go for some jobs !

And yes, if you try, you could definitely improve your sketching and design skills. Last year, I came across many students whom have the same feeling like you - I mean they felt like zero level in sketching. But I observed; some of them rapidly developed their skills with their appreciable efforts and in fact many of them cracked CEED with good score. While some others kept the same feeling and so failed to master sketching (CEED level) and so couldn't get. Some of them ended up considering jobs and now they are working. It would've been better if they have done that earlier :P if they have no confidence. Faith and confidence with hard work always matters, It will take you to any heights.

So, counsel yourself, and realize where you are good at and which fields tops your 'interest list'. If you were unable to achieve the top interest, then in worst case go for the next option.

Question 3 :

I needed some clarification on a type of questions that appears in CEED. When they ask to generate three concepts of a certain product and then draw the final sketch, what exactly does that mean? Do the "concepts" have to be a version of the final product incorporating different solutions to the problem? Then, does that mean the final sketch is a combination of all these concepts?

- Ramya Hegde

My Reply 

Hello Ramya,

Well, you should notice that the actual question is 'generate three DISTINCT concepts BASED ON FACTORS', right ? 

You should have noticed that they also ask us to state some factors (usually 5 factors). According to me, they expect us to generate three separate concepts that could directly relate to your ideas/factors. The above question straightly implies that the concepts should preferably be related to the factors. So,it's always advisable to plan for concepts that would cover all the factors (or at least three !)

If I were you, I would create two concepts - each holding two factors; and the third one supporting single factor, so that in my final concept, I would be delivering all the 5 factors mentioned. 

Hope this solves your doubt.

Question  4 :

Hi....i'm Ankita. i'm preparing for CEED 2015 can you help me out how can I concentrate and what to practice in part B.

- Ankita Singh

My Reply 

Hello Ankita,

For Part - B, you should work on the following topics :
  1. Sketching
  2. Analysis of given scenario - Observation skill
  3. problem Identification
  4. Creative concept/idea generation
  5. Story framing and writing skills
  6. Comic strips and more to mention.
Remember, these requires your involvement and exposure to similar questions and so you need to practice a lot - taking day to day activities. Solving previous year question papers would give you an overall idea on what is to be studied and how !

Regarding your question on "How to concentrate and practice for CEED". The following sections of this blog will help you (following the order !)
Before going through the above sections, I would suggest you to go through this post for initial tips.

Question  5 : (NEW)

Do we need a coaching for CEED? is it must?

- Anonymous 

My Reply 

It depends, if you are a total beginner esp. in sketching, then there's no wrong in joining any coaching, but most of the times; most of the people don't prefer coaching, since everyone have some kind of design talent. In such case, the  things you need to do is
  • Practice-practice
  • Analyze and get accustomed to the pattern of exam
  • Develop creative thinking ideas by way of regular exposure and practice
  • Careful scheduling and planning to cover up all the topics of the exam etc
In other words, your level of practice is what helps u know whether coaching is absolutely required or not.

Well, do one thing

>> Try to solve previous paper, especially part - B

And get to know your own level and understand whether u can cover any of the faults within the time (3 months to exam), Single/first time attempt is not enough to realize the fact, find the faults in your design works, then make one or two more attempts with diff questions. it would give you an idea of your level and capabilities.

Hope this helps !

Question  6 : (NEW)

I am a current electronics engineering student, but very much interested in designing. I don't have any work experience as I am in third year right now. Can you please tell me during the final interview,do they give priority to those who has some work experience? also is any coaching required for CEED or NID as an engineering student ?

- Shruti Kamble

My Reply 

Work experience is not at all a matter in CEED exam, and you should note that there is no age limit for aspirants ! Those having good design skills will be given top preference than those having experience - but with less design skills. So, don't worry and just aim for cracking CEED or NID with good score.

Well, coaching is mostly not required for those having some idea on sketching and design. Little idea on these; would also allow one to develop them with self practice using proper resource, and if you are a total beginner, say you are to start sketching and design questions from scratch, then coaching might be required !

Do one thing, take one design question from any CEED previous paper, and try to attempt that full fledged, thinking that you are attempting the exam. After that, just compare your solution and the procedure you did with that of mine (that I updated in this blog). Understand your level and that will definitely help you take a decision - whether to choose any coaching or not. According to me it's not required !

Question  7 : (NEW)

I just want to clear CEED exam anyhow ! Unfortunately I couldn't find your website last year and I completely depended on other websites and groups. But it doesn't helped me clear CEED :(

I feel happy to come across your website. So, as a beginning, can you help with some steps or so called systematic approach of learning sketching from the scratch in order to clear CEED ? Please reply.

- Mukesh Kumar

My Reply 

Hi Mukesh,

Glad you came across my blog. I tried in every respect to make this blog more applicable to CEED and I focused on topics that are only useful to CEED and fortunately it's also catering the needs of other design exams. Well, I'm already working on a post that would give a detailed procedure or what you call a systematic approach to deal with sketching - but only to exam level. I'm not interested in going beyond that level. I will be sharing that very soon. But anyway, as you've asked; here are some quick steps that I've discussed in my earlier post - How to start practicing for CEED

It's always better to start with basic sketching work. Most of you start with object sketching giving utmost care to shading and detailing. According to me, jumping straightly to the concept of detailing is not a good idea.

Sketching work has the following stages:
  1. Representation in the form of basic geometry figures like circles, squares, lines etc (this step can be skipped in most cases as many don't prefer this !)
  2. Simple outline drawing; without any concern for details or shading
  3. Completing all the parts of the drawing
  4. Giving line details like - say detailed eyebrows, curves, projections etc
  5. Finally - shading or detailing the entire sketch
As a beginner, you are suggested to concentrate mostly on the first four stages (mentioned above) following the given order. So, it's an intelligent way to start with simple basic sketching - what I call as 'line drawing' caring for the following factors :
  • Shape of the figure
  • Proportion of the sketch
  • Line quality
Like I said, I'll share a detailed comprehensive guide on this subject very soon.

Question  8 : (NEW)

Hello Bhanu Sir, I must say your blog ,links,posts are really very informative and useful. Thank you for it.

I am B.Arch graduate (Bachelor in Architecture - graduate 2014, CGPA- 8.50) aspiring for product designing. I am good in sketching and know few softwares like Autocad, Google sketch up, Revit Architecture (Basics), Archicad ( Basics), Coral ( Basics ) Microsoft Office. 

I am interested to do product designing and go in for companies like Asian paints, Nilkamal, Bajaj appliances etc. Is my qualification and software knowledge sufficient to go for product designing?

So please guide how to proceed after CEED 2015.
Waiting for your response. Thank You.

- Shruti Merwade

My Reply

Being an Architecture student, going for Product design is not a bad idea and I can say all your software skills and degree are more than enough for your future course, although Archicad and Revit softwares might not be helpful for product design courses, the remaining will help you.

But why don't you just go for further studies on architecture ? it's a good one and have good requirements too. For product design - If you are little bit technical oriented then choose IISC else the rest IIT's will do great. Okay, just keep CEED as an alternative also, but do try appearing in CEED, with first preference to M.Arch.

Do a thing, just inquire from any of the M.Arch passed out's about the opportunities and work nature that one can get after M.Arch. And yes, definitely write GATE, if say you missed getting into M.Arch, then you have the chance of applying for M.Des with your gate score also ! I don't think M.Des is suited for research compared to other masters program.

Question  9 : (new)

I see many people post very very good art and sketch works in Facebook groups - CEED 2015, CEED help and so on. I'm getting feared. I don't have that much talent and I guess, I'm not fit for CEED exam. May be I should try any other art course or something. Bhanu, reading your blog posts have been supporting my confidence. So, could you help me how to deal with this ?

- Reshmi

My Reply

Hello Reshmi,

I've come across many students facing the same trouble. Last year, many people approached with almost the same question. Well, I already gave the explanation for that in my post - Afraid of CEED ? Big mistakes to avoid while preparing

Anyway, I'm repeating the same here, just go through it

Facebook is a place where every individual likes to get highlighted (I too do), so all the great artists will be competing with one another by posting their great artistic works. But the fact is this much skills is definitely not required for CEED exam. All you need to do is to showcase your mind blowing design process with reasonable level of sketching and that's it. A very good and mind blowing sketching is never expected and in fact you can't even do that in exam. CEED is time bound and you may not get sufficient time to do all those detailing and master works.

If you ask me : 'what if I cleared CEED any how and have the same avg level of sketching, but that doesn't affect my M.Des career ?' You may ask this, but let me tell you, you have two years time solely to develop your design ability and so I don't think it's a problem of any kind. Also note that, these generation designs are mostly carried in digital works, so never worry for that. For now (CEED exam) my basic skills are enough.

Don't you want to clear CEED ? just aim on how to crack it instead of how to deal with M.Des, M.Des is a later part. By the time you prepare your portfolio you would get very good idea on the design proceedings, I bet you !

So, just don't worry, let the masters showcase their works, you just focus on idea generations and of course basic sketching. Creative idea generation have more value than ordinary object sketching in CEED. Although

NID is a different case, I guess !

Question  10 : (NEW)

Hi sir,

I am an aeronautical engineer and I am very much interested in design. I am good in 3D modelling but when I see sketches in Facebook groups I fear because i am not very good in sketching and story writing. Is it necessary to be best sketcher to appear in CEED.

Next question which branch in design will be best product design,industrial design or any other

- Siva

My Reply

Hello Siva,

Good to hear that you are interested in Design :)
Well, I've already pointed your query by giving the explanation in many of my earlier blog posts, just to note it's importance.

It's ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY to be a great/best sketcher and in fact, an average level of sketching is quite more than enough to crack CEED. Last year, I've come across many awesome artist/sketchers whom have really good talent in sketching, but honestly they failed in cracking CEED !

There are also situations/examples, where people whom are average (or below average !) in sketching cleared in CEED with very good scores. I'm the best example ! CEED is a test to estimate your design and creativity sense and sketching is the next part. So, hopefully the examiners would give higher weight-age to design idea, then only to sketching. If sketching work is that much important, then you should understand that instead of 50 marks design question in the exam, a 50 marks sketching questions should've appeared, but it never happened so. Only 15 marks sketching questions are appearing, don't you agree ?

Well, but anyway you should be able to communicate your design and your sketch work is required to be
  • Simple
  • Proportionate (with size factor) and so on.
Last year I spent; double my time to give good details to the 15 marks questions and it ended up giving very very less marks in the exam, and I gave rough sketch work for the 50 mark design question, and it gave me unexpected (more) marks. That itself proves this. So, please don't get misguided by others extraordinary work. I also recommend you to go through this post that will help you boost your confidence to at least 80% - Afraid of CEED | Big mistakes to avoid during CEED preparation

Once you complete reading this comment, I would appreciate you if you go through the above link and read it fully for your own benefit. Trust me, this post will help you solve all your doubts !

Regarding your next query, I recommend you to target for "Mobility and Vehicle design" instead of any other - product/industrial design. The reason why because you are basically a Aeronautical engineer and I hope you have very good exposure to CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), dynamics of airfoils etc. Am I right ? I guess I'm right. So, choose the design stream which is more or less related to your already exposed field - in your case, Mobility or automobile design !
You might be using your CFD techniques to design automobiles or any other vehicle for that matter.

And yes Siva,
You need to be somewhat good at Story writing. It's definitely required ! because story writing opens your creativity and whether it appears in CEED or not, I recommend you to develop your story writing capabilities. It's not difficult and in fact you got plenty of time. Just go through comic books like 'Tinkle', 'Chandamama' and similar books. You may also refer to online stories/comics/manga to improve your story framing talent.

Hope that helps !
Am I clear ? If not Please revert for sure. I would be happy to help :)

Question  11 :

Coloring of the drawing in CEED exam is it important ?

- Anonymous

My Reply 

As per me, It's not important. Even you don't get time for coloring. Main concern should be on appropriate sketching. It's better if you concentrate on simple pencil sketching with good proportions, texture and soon. 

For 50 marks design question, you should aim at great idea rather than great sketch; if both are combined, then it's well and good, if not just concentrate on great idea and give a simple but clear sketch of that. I hope that will do. During my attempt, I gave just rough sketches (3 sketches) - a very simple pencil sketch without even using eraser because of time factor, but I spent time for idea. That helped me get 20 for 50 that helped me clear CEED ! 

And yes, for User Interface design type of questions, you are advised to use colors - Learn here complete guide for User Interface Design

Hope this helps.

Question  12 :

Hi.. I would like to know is it late to prepare for CEED and NID ... and how many hours do I need to put everyday 

- Angkeetha Goswami

My Reply

It's never late to start for preparation. Most of the aspirants start their preparation before two months and some (students and working people) start even before a month !

You have nearly four months duration, which is more than enough for better preparation. Regarding your query on 'How many hours', it depends completely on your level of 'design aptitude', I think on an average spending 2 to 3 hours a day will be fine.

You may check here on how to plan and proceed for preparation - Systematic way to start and practice for CEED exam

And all the best, just concentrate on your preparation - everything will turn up positive :)

Question  13 :

Any idea regarding Portfolio Creation ?. How to go about it and what should be their ?

- by Listen-To-Chane

My Reply

Hi friend,

Portfolio is like a resume, difference being - resume involves describing your skills and talent in written format, while portfolio showcase your skills pictorially (especially design and artistic skills) in the world of aesthetic design and arts. It's a way of communicating your creative works designed by you. Portfolio are the preferred formats for getting admissions as well as placements in design and art areas. 

You may include your hand works (pencil, sketching, coloring, oil paintings, creative paper works) as well as digital works as part of portfolio. As per my knowledge; one may represent their work in book, spiral bind or even in simple plain papers (A4, A3, A2 and more sizes). Its like your portfolio itself should be speaking about yourself without the need of you !

This is what I can give you about portfolio for now, hope this helped you and I will be giving a complete guide for Portfolio in the near future.

Question  14 :


I am trying to get into M.Des for product design and User Interface design. Please throw some light. Should I go for it .Is it the best institute for my further study ? and please let me know about what the % placement there ??

- Anil Spa

My Reply

Hey Anil,

Good to hear that you are interested in M.Des, Yes Product Design is a good selection and you know User-interface design is an intelligent selection. Not all choose that stream and of course it does have good future. The only thing is you need to have passion, be it be any design stream. According to me placement follows immediately after M.Des especially if you complete M.Des in IIT's. I am not sure about %.

Question  15 :

Would you have any idea about which of these rank great for interaction and communication design? I couldn't achieve IDC IIT Bombay or NID. Are the others good ?

- Mitali Bhasin

My Reply

Hi Mitali,
Since you have already missed IDC and NID, You are left with three options :
  1. Choosing most similar design streams like Industrial design or even Product design. Industrial design is more or less equivalent to IXD except for some minor difference. Even PD caters the needs of both IXD or ID. So, if you can compromise, then try to get these courses from any other IIT's, preferably IITD and IISC.
  2. Waiting one more year to give one more try ! I would recommend this only if you are say working or if you are capable of sparing some more months. I had a reason to say this, remember being a designer means you need to have lots of passion towards that stream and without passion, there won't be good future. So, if you are particularly passionate about IXD and if you have time, better to watch for next exam.
  3. Finally, Private institutes matters. I never recommended private institutes to anybody till now. I feel that getting graduation from IIT's or even NID have more value. In fact it would cost more in private institutes. If you can afford for the expenses and compromise being away from IIT, then you may definitely try for some colleges like MIT and even DJ institute. I don't have knowledge about the career prospects of these institutes. If found I will share here.
One more thing Bhasin, I used to say that design capabilities are obtained right from the childhood. It's definitely true, but it's also true that one can develop design skills in the middle. Even I started developing this recently. 

So, if you are confident, then you may go for Visual communications or any other design streams also. After all; all design streams are related to aesthetics/ergonomics ! So, choice is yours unwrap your diverse talent and choose alternatives. If you have missed IXD that's not an issue, check your interests in other streams also. You will have bright future.

Hope this help you answer your other question regarding VC also.
All the best :)

Question  16 :

Computer science student can apply for auto design ?

- Nishant 

My Reply

If you closely observe the course pattern of Auto design of any institute (say IIT B for instance), then you will find that their course structure range from simple basics to extended study - so that even a starter can work on it. I guess, there won't be any problem if you choose auto design or something provided you really have interest on that !

Question  17 :

Hi Bhanu,
I want to know the difference between M.Des and Post Graduate Diploma Program . are they both equivalent ?? can a PGDP student opt for PhD futher ????

- Darshan Gowda

My Reply

Hi Darshan,

Hmm, How can I put ? I think the difference is more or less like B.Tech and B.E ! If you are an engineering student, then you should've understood by now. Both B.Tech and B.E are same but just with the degree. Similarly, I hope both PGDPD and M.Des are more or less same, anyway both are Post graduate program's ! 

Design PG from IIT's and some other institutes were named as M.Des while NID termed the PG program as 'PGDPD' and YES those having PG diploma in Design can further opt for Ph.D in IIT's also.

Hope you got the answers :)

Question  18 :

What exactly the stream Architectural and Spatial Design include.

- Shashidar

My Reply


Let me explain you in two stages. I will tell you the functionality of individual streams Architecture - is all about the design and construction of buildings or any other structural members. It also deals with the planning for design and construction. An architectural engineer plans and design the style of structures in a planned manner. 

Spatial Design - It is the design for space between the interior and exterior parts of the designed structure. In other words it holds the functionality of Interior design, general architectural design as well as landscape design

Now, club the two to get your answer. 'Architectural and spatial design' relates to designing and engineering a structure considering the interior and exterior space as well. I hope you understood this.

One more thing, being an architecture or any other civil designer (for works like spatial and interior design etc) you can be a practitioner, in other words you can stand on your own heels ! Most architectural designers does this. But as a Industrial designer, you will have less chance of opening your own practition. Remember, only those whom have very good architectural abilities would turn up as a successful practitioner !!!

I forgot to mention a thing,

To get more idea about this and to check whether you have interests in the above streams or not, just search for some examples or samples or projects in Google or in Google images. Go through some examples/projects and understand what actually the designer do as a Architecture. Do the same thing for Industrial design too and you will clearly get to know about your own interest !

Question  19 :

Kindly tell me which among these two is high paid, as well as high job opportunities. 

1. Industrial Design
2. Architectural and Spatial Design

- Shashidar

My Reply

Hi Shashidar,

Unfortunately I don't know much about job and pay prospects of the two fields. But, since both the streams seems unrelated, I strongly suggest you to look for your passionate stream, rather than just depending on pay or job prospects. Both are having good scope. Choose the one; which you are good at, the one which keeps you satisfied and encourages you to work more ! Because without passion or interest, getting into even a highly-paid job is useless, you will only end-up with frustration. I prefer Architectural and Spatial Design stream, as I'm much interested in that than ID. It's your turn now !

Question  20 : (NEW)

Hello sir..

I am interested in animation design..

I have some doubts regarding these..
  • I have done my engineering in electronics stream,this year. Is It OK with electronics?
  • How was the carrer opportunities in animation design?
  • Is animation design is same as multimedia.I mean rendering the designs in 3D-MAX,..like that?
- Prem Chandu

My Reply

Yes, you are welcome to take animation, it doesn't depend on what you did in engineering (at least to some extent). during CEED, you need to disclose certificate from principle, the format being given by CEED authorities. I hope, multimedia and animation are little different, although I don't have full idea, but animation do vary.  

Question  21 : (Latest)

Hi Bhanu,

Now I'm working in private company as Design Engineer.I am in confusion whether move on my job or Higher degree.

- Aravind Gith

I've answered the same question recently, reply is simple

'If you're being paid good in design domain and your growth is reasonable in your company, and if u find that u can switch to diff company also without much struggle, then continue with ur present work. Experience teach us better than studies, at least to some extent. So, think before leaving.'

'If the case is like you want to switch to new design field, n ur job is providing satisfaction to u both in terms of work and salary and if u find less scope for the work being done, then yes, u can think of doing higher studies.'

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  1. Those are staying in delhi they can contact me for the 7th Dec 2014 exam.


  2. hello,
    can you explain how to solve the question which asks to draw three stages of life of a product (like shaving cream or shoe lace ,etc.) ?

    1. No, unfortunately not now. I cannot cover topics related to NID now. May be any topics related to CEED exam will be taken care here !

  3. Kindly send the link of CEED ques paper 2013. I hav downloaded the answer key for it from your blog but cant find out the ques paper.

    also, it will be really nice if u could send me the links of CEED ques paper (2006 to 2012) with their answers at one place.

    1. I just found that official CEED 2013 question paper is not getting downloaded from anywhere! So, I'm just sharing the file that I'm having using drive. You can download by using the below link

      2013 CEED Question papers - Drive upload

      I fear there's no material that has both questions and answers together like you wished. You can get question paper and answer key separately here

      Solutions to CEED prev papers - SYL

  4. My daughter is studying in 11th std. She likes drawing painting, doing crafts work and have good creativity. She like to take up design as her career. She is not interested in Maths and
    Science. Which stream of design will be best suited for her? Can she try IDC IIT Bombay, without interest in Maths and Science?

    1. I consider NID as the best option for her instead of IDC, since she is not that interested in math. Most courses in NID suits her. Other than Mobility and animation (I guess so) she can target especially for apparel/textile design, or even graphic design. By now, you must be knowing the kind of creative works your daughter usually does as hobby. That should probably give an idea of what she is interested in. Explore the different design streams offered not only by NID's but other similar design institutes and check the level of interest of your daughter, may be that should help.

  5. Kindly send the links for the information on the following topics (was unable to find it on your blog) :
    1) Art movements
    2) world famous painters and their paintings (indian as well as international)
    3) all about indian folks
    4) world famous festivals (such as hemis fest etc)
    5)weights in a font family

    heard your exams are going on. it will be nice if you can find time soon and upload these things. you know ceed and uceed are gonna happen very soon.

  6. Hey,
    This is a question from ceed 2015, in these type of questions what kind of answer could be given? Any kind of drawing of ideas not asked so we are just suppose to write the ideas?

    Imagine that you are given a hand held magic device, which can reduce the size of any object by 50%. The reduction in size will remain effective for only three hours. To reduce the size, point the device towardan object and press the button. Illustrate two creative applications of this device. If required, support each application with a brief note of no more than 50 words each.
    Pay attention to variety, creativity, as well as innovation in the concepts.

    1. NO! not at all, their basic requirement is illustration - in the sense ur idea in sketch form, with some supportive wordings that is just as a indication/explanations of basic conept that the thing u illustrated is going to do

  7. Hi,
    I want to ask that i am looking forward to preparion for Ceed Examination because of interest in designing so my questions are
    1. Does ceed examination requires aggregate of degree above 55% because my aggregate is 54% ?
    2. is it requires command on english language? coz i cant communicate in fluent english.

    1. ya, 55% is their requirement, so u should stick to that. U doesn't need command on english!

  8. How much percentage is required to get admission in iit M DES?

    1. Admission is depended mostly on entrance tests (CEED/NID). 55-60% is the bachelors cutoff I think. It's available in brochure.

  9. when will be the 2016 ceed exam? i couldnt find the application form link, can you please post the link?

  10. Sir i'm a mechanical engineer but i want to start my career in animation design. What level of sketching is necessary for animation design. and can you share DAT question Papers for the same

    1. U can chk this,

      I was surprised, weren't you able to check the previous papers and mock tests in this blog ?

  11. sir, is there any information regarding CEED 2017 nd I hvnt prepared anything yet due to some circumstances, can I prepare in 2 months?? ? if yes thn how ??? :/

    1. CEED applications are not yet open. No need to panic, ceed preparation can be done in two months, but at least move in full phase from now to catch up with the topics.

  12. Warm greetings of the day sir,i am an NID 2017 aspirant.I am struggling for finding the right path for preparation.I was randomly preparing on subjects without any known outcome till now.Since i have found out your blog i earnestly request you to guide me with the planning part.Execution part will be fulfilled by me.

    1. Very good morning friend,
      I've gathered NID topics in this blog already. You can check them under NID-DAT menu at the top of this page. Below link will take u there
      NID-DAT complete collection in SYL
      I'm waiting for NID notifications, once it's out and once I confirm about the pattern, then I will try to give a schedule like I gave for CEED and UCEED recently. Till then try to focus more on sketching and design aptitude part. Good luck :)

    2. kindly let me know when NID notifications are available so that I don't miss it.

  13. Hello Sir, I am preparing for ceed 2017. your blog has been the greatest help. Can you give a solved example of comic strip or logo design sort of questions like you did for walking stick, pressure cooker etc.? I am not sure how to appreach them.

    1. yeah, will consider them, but before that I need to attend other posts too, as per the list I'm following.

  14. hello sir
    i am pursuing btech in mechanical engineering from an private university.
    i am good in sketching .
    currently i know about CEED and start searching about ceed.
    please give me some suggetion about this exam.
    i read your blogs and get much knowledge .

    1. Start with design and sketch practice, since you've almost a year of time to strudy. I recommend you to check this page thoroughly and understand the process. You can ping me in FB page later, so that i can help u with further topics.

      How to start and what to practice for CEED exam


      Tips for CEED design part preparation

  15. Hi Sir,
    I have completed my B.E in ECE in 2015 and now I want to give CEED exam which stream should I prefer to choose in Mdes?

    1. While giving CEED exam, you will not be asked about which stream you are applying. CEED is a general exam and the question paper covers almost all the design streams and is not design specific. Stream selection matters only during admissions (while u fill application forms for the institutes). So, for now, focus on ceed preparation.

      But, let me clear u that stream selection should completely depend on your interest/passion. The kind of designs that you have done as hobby works, until now, will tell u which field you're interested. Or if you are not sure just coz u have equal hold on all the streams, then you can do one thing: prepare for CEED and try practicing diff. design streams as per the exam pattern, by the time you give ceed exam, u will understand which kind of design ques u feel convenient in doing. Probably within the next 3-4 months upto the exam,you will realize ur true interest or streams which turn out to be easy to you. That itself will help you in choosing the stream during selection. So, as of now, don't prepare for specific stream. Aim for CEED as a whole!

  16. Hello Sir,

    I am B-tech Mechanical Engineer and have a work experience of 4years on UG-NX & AutoCAD. Now i decided to go with CEED because i seem that its a type of study or knowledge i really wants to do.
    I just want some guidelines from your side for Part-A. Sir, I wants to know from which of the study material should i take for the GK aptitude and other type of questions in Part-A?
    Please tell me the steps for Part-A preparation.

    Thanks & Regards
    Akash Sharma

    1. Hello Akash,

      glad to know your interest. I've covered CEED Part-A topics at length in this blog. For your convince I'm copying the links thru which u can go and take the topics u needed as listed in the first link -





      u can go thru the following link to know the priority topics -

  17. Hello Bhanu! Can you tell me how to attempt that font question in ceed, which asks to identify the letter which doesn't matches with rest of letter. Thid question comes every year! Can you help me out please?

    1. actually, i've given some tips in another post with several online links, probably that will provide u a detailed idea


    2. thanks a lot! You are doing an amazing job:)

  18. i m a mechanical engineer and passionate about designing specialy in automotive field. is it worth to give a dedicated to ceed preparations ?

  19. Hello Sir,
    I wanted to know the score of CEED exam. Does the CEED score offer entry to only the IITs or any other design institutions?

    Thank you.

    1. Many institutes (including privates, UPES etc) accept CEED score. You may further check this post on institutes for mdes - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.com/2013/08/preferred-institutions-for-mdes.html

  20. Sir , I'm good at drawing and imagining but the problem is I'm a BTech graduate in ECE stream but I still have a backlog that was going to be cleared in December .... Will that be a problem for selection in ceed

    1. I don't think there will be any prob if u clear it before the exam, but u need to have the min. % as shown in the eligibility criteria of the brochure.

  21. Hi Bhanu Sir
    I have some doubts regarding problems that involve imagining new interesting products made out of combination of given objects.

    My doubt is.
    Should the entire product be made of only those objects only . For example if the problem involved making new stuff from say CDs. Can I make a retractable screen entirely made of CDs? This however would need a frame for hold the CDs together.

    Similarly would a bowl made of cut pieces of CDs and resin be acceptable ?

    2. Is it better to do objects that have a function or decorative objects can also be made ?

    1. As far as I know, if not specifically mentioned to use only those objects, it's ok to create a product that holds some other items along with the specified items.
      2. usually for these kind of ques with limited no. of objects, we can make decorative only, functional product out of the objects might be too much. Keep the ideas very simple, but it should highlight the given objects in specific.

  22. hello sir, i am pursuing b.voc (interior design) which is a three years graduation course and i have applied for ceed exam. in which colleges can i apply being a 3 year graduate student.

    1. Hello Riya,
      This is a post with updated list of some institutes in india for mdes. The fact is eligibility varies from insit to insti. So, u need to go thru ur top-listed insti eligibility criteria and see to which college u r eligible.

  23. Hi sir.

    I have done my Bachelors in mechanical engineering and over time i have inclined to art. I draw comic strips at regular interval and i am considering to pursue animation design . i have this doubt that having amassed knowledge of mechanical and there being a product design stream already.Is it ok if i go with my art inclination as it helps me present my creativity or stick with product design? will any prior knowledge if any is required for animation?

    1. It's upto you - which way to go.....you can take product design or animation or even continue with your mech studies. This is ok if you feel good interest towards animation. But check which one interests you more - animation or mech?

  24. Hello Sir
    What is form sensitivity and visual sensitivity

    1. Will come cover about this in the coming posts


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